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Danceability is Moderately, Energy is High, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), Explicit is included. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 20 songs.

Song Artist Album
Nuestro Anillito
Pastor Lopez Colección Éxitos Pastor López (Vol. 1) 3:17
Aguas de Cristal - Sinfónico
Guaco Bidimensional 3:49
Niño Venezolano
Kiara Corre la Voz...Con los Artistas 2:49
Rico Kizomba Love (Vol 1) 4:44
La Más Linda - Remix
DJ Alesito La Más Linda (Remix) 2:02
Escape from Planet Earth
The Continental IV Dream World (Digitally Remastered) 4:13
Dirty Games
Ciprian Robu It's Complicated (feat. Lys) - EP 3:03
It's Just a Shot Away
Dick Loggins Back to the Sixties: Best of 60's Hard Rock Music Top Hits 3:45
This Moment
Ciprian Robu It's Complicated (feat. Lys) - EP 3:00
El jacal
Antonio Tanguma México Eterno 2:32
Ce Qu'ils Te Donnent
djiloul Le carré 3:49
Il est parti
Phil Barney Histoires Confidentielles 4:07
Flash Republic Danger 3:33
La Salle Du Temps
djiloul Le carré 5:09
Tout C'Que Tu N'M'As Pas Dit
Phil Barney Partager Tout 4:35
Home Is Where the Heart Hurts - Anduschus Remix
Nick & June Home Is Where The Heart Hurts (Anduschus Remix) 3:47
Killer Moves
Flash Republic Killer Moves 3:27
Schade um die schöne Fassade
Anajo Drei 2:46
All Night Long - Radio Version
Kodie Top Chart 5 2:36
How I'm Livin
Rondoe MevsThem 3:00