Joy by jansing

Energy is High, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric). Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 30 songs.

Song Artist Album
Skyline 3.0 - Tesla, Denis Marshall Remix
Ivan Demsoff Skyline 3.0 7:33
La Cumbia del Milagro
Loquera Tradición La Cumbia del Milagro 3:26
Inseyed - Original Mix
Robben Cepeda Inseyed 7:35
Shining Lights - Dub Version
Matt Flores Shining Lights 6:30
Ritmo Nacional (King Doudou Remix)
Astros de Mendoza Astros de Mendoza Remixeado 3:51
Solo Mía
Jey El Exagerao Solo Mía 3:33
Vamos a Vencer
Cesar Roncallo Vamos a Vencer 3:06
Freestyle par Opee
Opee Freestyle, Vol. 2 1:41
No Joke - Gardener of Delight & Zouzoulectric Remix
Jojo Effect True Sky Heroes 3:37
Metri Christ Zenith. 2:19
Rockstar Flying Eagle Partying 3:36
Kmbeatz Puerta 2:13
Rockstar Flying Eagle Bank 3:42
Looking Up to You - Instrumental Reprise
Michael Wycoff Love Conquers All (Expanded Edition) 3:56
Rejjie Snow The Moon & You 2:53
Человеку нужен человек
Кот Балу Верность и вечность 3:07
Don't Let Me Fall
Fran Von Vie Don't Let Me Fall 9:01
Do It
Chloe x Halle Do It 2:56
Little Game We Play
Subway My First Time 2:48
in the afternoon
Josef Salvat modern anxiety 3:18
Gangsta Life
Ñengo Flow Gangsta Life 5:17
Falsos Caprichos
Quinteto Ternura Quinteto Ternura 2:51
Heavy Rotation
Slide Five People, Places & Things 7:01
Maya Karin Getaway 3:30
If He's So Great
The Resonars Bright and Dark 2:56
Wouldna I
Nazar Drago Wouldna I 2:25
Tuomo Quarantine Music 1 5:14
Puestos Pa' la Reta
G. Lo Puestos Pa' la Reta 1:39
Whoa Kemosabe
The Lique Whoa Kemosabe 3:48
Tama Spirit of Africa 4:54