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Instrumentalness is Yes. Uses only songs I've liked. Sorted randomly.

Song Artist Album
Water Ripples
Enno Aare Enno Aare 3:07
Evolutionistically Yours
Józef Gatysik Evolutionistically Yours 2:40
The Giant
Dilia The Giant 3:03
In This Moment
Gavin Luke In This Moment 2:46
Courte promenade
Max Rossiter Courte promenade 1:20
Karim Blau Sylvia 2:57
Walk Towards Silence
Kasper Schill Versus 3:12
Two steps too often aside (Early Variation I)
Stray Ghost Two steps too often aside (Early Variation I) 4:38
Diamond Music
Tim Neumark Biography - Solo Piano 3:51
How did it Happen
Tom Holding How did it Happen 1:53
Where's My Love - Piano Solo
SYML Where's My Love (Piano Solo) 4:34
Mae Ji-Yoon Vibrations 2:53
Above & Beyond Flow State 2:11
Massimo Natali [IT] Nobody's Home 2:58
En ensom vals
Leah Dreyer En ensom vals 2:34