Programming by yat.ryan

Acousticness is Not at all, Energy is High, Speechiness is No, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), Instrumentalness is Yes, Explicit is excluded. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 100 songs.

Song Artist Album
On the Run
Robert Oaks mau5trap '16 6:45
1º de Maio
Èkó Afrobeat Èkó Afrobeat 3:12
Babylon Dance
D. a. S. World Music Middle East and Orient, Vol. 1 2:08
Wet Wednesday - Original Mix
Thee Madkatt Courtship By Dawns Early Light 5:27
White Horse - U.S. Edit
Laid Back Good Vibes - The Very Best of Laid Back 5:46
XTCY 2017 - Dengelåt
Shni-Tek XTCY 2017 (Dengelåt) 2:44
False Alarm
DJ Skandalous False Alarm 3:21
Lonely City - Instrumental
Pillow Fight Pillowfight (Deluxe) 4:37
Chris Lake Y.O.D.O 4:24
Masaya Rosas - EP 6:44
Maintain - M.A.N.D.Y. Remix
Fabio Giannelli Maintain (The Remixes) 6:26
Must Be You
Celsius Moda Black (Mixed By Jaymo & Andy George) 5:10
The Seeds The Seeds 2:49
NuFunk - deadmau5 Remix-Cubrik Re-Edit
Nubreed deadmau5 - The Remixes (Deluxe Version) 6:54
What Do You Ask - Mr. Wox Remix
Elio Riso What Do You Ask (Remixes) 6:11
Mark Grundhoefer Up and Left 4:17
Surf Rider - From "Pulp Fiction"
The Lively Ones Music from Pulp Fiction (Original Recordings - From "Pulp Fiction") 3:19
Walking the Pier
Kool&Klean Volume VII 4:41
Miles Away (Interlude)
Ambitus Waternight (Vol. 2) 2:35
Flesh War
Total Control Typical System 4:40
Beloved - Oz-e Remix
Big Al Beloved 7:00
Oz-E Dreamer 7:07
Bass On Kick - Original Mix
Marcelo Fiorela My Side EP 5:27
Ain't No One Like You
Darren Kim Sail & Serenity 4:13
Tingo Tango
Daniel Heath Reality TV Scores: Comic Antics 1:42
Ganga I Dream About Trees 4:48
Clouds Mover
Leon de Mar Clouds Mover - EP 7:39
Going Down
Jaga Jazzist A Livingroom Hush 5:19
Dean Ween Group The Deaner Album (The Dean Ween Group) 4:25
Dr. John Duke Elegant 5:49
Lonely Apache
Los Straitjackets !Viva! Los Straitjackets 2:54
Tried And Tested - Original Mix
Real Carrera Tried And Tested 5:16
Stupid Boy
Stéphane Pompougnac Bloody French 4:22
Harmonic 05
Gradient Dub Harmonics 7:53
Matador Dub (Dub Version)
Etherealites El Toro 4:10
Dub Experience
St Germain From Detroit to St Germain (The Complete Series for Connoisseurs) 4:24
Tiger Lilly
Squire La Femme 7:28
Balance (Mixed)
Nick Warren Balance presents The Soundgarden (Mixed Version) 5:54
Debbie Harry
NEWMEN Debbie Harry 4:16
El capitalismo foráneo
Gotan Project La revancha del tango 6:12
Physique Pictorial
NEWMEN Soft Ware 8:14
Chemistry - Alex V Remix
K-Bana The Best of Night Drive Music, Vol. 10 7:21
Human Whistle - Dreamway Mix
Frank Borell Electronic Art of Lounge 5:18
Belki Anlarım
Ozan Barış Belki Anlarım 3:32
Salem King Night (Amazon Exclusive Version) 2:09
Apikoros - Hotel International's 'Weird Science' Remix
Eskimo Twins Apikoros (The Remixes) 7:37
More Rice
Madlib Beat Konducta Vol. 3 & 4: In India 2:05
Real Underground Soul Sound
Vida Blue Crossing Lines 7:57
Sex, Drug, Dance
BNZO Agbadza 7:43
Needle Skipping Beat - Bonus Track
Omid Afterwords3 3:41
Rain Forest
2unes Straight At You 4:19
Corruption - Damien Fisher Remix
Peter Wei Dynastie 7:05
The Main Squeeze
Jimmy McGriff Killer Jazz Funk From Groove Merchant Vault - Return of Jazz Funk 3:37
No Givin'
Mak No Givin' 4:17
Beauty Of Silence (Inpetto Remix)
Andrea Doria Andrea Doria pres. Love Codes 1 8:24
Ohm Suaa - Remixed by Martin Morales
Sainkho Namtchylak Buddha-Bar: Best of Electro - Rare Grooves 4:39
It Was Amazing - Original
The Disclosure Project It Was Amazing 6:15
Silicon Scally Projections 5:35
Comb Over - Original Mix
James Talk BBQ Trax 6:40
Oh I Wanna Be - Yuriy From Russia Dub Mix
Miwa Oh I Wanna Be 8:15
Spring Tank Fire
Quantic 1000 Watts 3:51
Leo Kottke The Essential Leo Kottke Collection 2:04
Dancing Darbuka
Atilla Engin Turkish Delight 1:48
Caress Me Sweet
Joy Wellboy Yorokobi's Mantra 4:33
The Sun feat. Graham Candy (LCAW Remix)
Parov Stelar The Sun Remixes 6:12
In Flux
Pete Dafeet In Flux 7:14
Devonwho Luz 2:43
Sunflower Blues
Henry Vestine Kings Of The Boogie 2:44
Ray Barretto Fania DJ Series: Gilles Peterson 5:05
Deep Love
Jac N' Jill Crazy Deep 5:14
Fixed Income
DJ Shadow The Private Press 4:49
Toy Square
Yello Toy 3:08
River On
Wollion River On 6:18
Vá Lá
El Salvador Cuca Monga, Vol. 1 3:29
Uzi (Pinky Ring)
El Michels Affair Enter The 37th Chamber 3:11
Where Do We Go - Rogier & Stage Van H Remix
Lyam Mathew Where Do We Go (Rogier & Stage Van H Remix) 8:08
Watch Me - Original Mix
Pierpaolo S Watch Me 5:40
Roff - Original Mix
BOT The 7 Days Of Dirtybird 5:15
Meant to Be
Kool&Klean Volume VIII 4:55
Tania Vulcano Acid Weeks Ep 7:14
I Got It
Dj House Penthouse Beats 2:00
Where Are We Going? Pt. 1
Octo Octa Where Are We Going? 7:31
Mucho Swing - Instrumental Version
Solangel Fernandez Mucho Swing 3:26
I Tutti - Original Mix
Lex Green Mahayana EP 6:30
Outta Control (feat. Hamza) - Instrumental
KC Rebell Maximum (Deluxe Edition) 4:26
Bootsy's New Bass
Pure Colors Chromafunk 2:36
Crossing the White Line - Gorge Interpretation
Francys Crossing the White Line 7:30
Reputation - Yakine Bring Back Remix
Djebali He4t It 6:42
DrPepper - Instrumental
Ahu Atlas EP 7:24
Tennesee Twist
Nono Söderberg Twisting Standards 2:18
Just-Joelle Subjekt Selekt 3:23
Amor Tranvia
Brian Benson Boca Noche EP 6:18
The Pillow
The Upsetters Return of Django: The Best of The Upsetters 3:11
Fools Garden - Original Mix
Amol Reon Fools Garden 6:19
6AM - Original Mix
Shameless (AUS) 6AM 4:47
Carol of the Drum
Kory Caudill Christmas with Kory Caudill and Friends, Vol. 2 5:09
Once There Was Minimal - Miro Pajic Remix
John Jogurt Once There Was Minimal 6:57
Korine Uncrossed 3:45
Navigo - DJ Deep Remix
Marina Trench Signature, pt. 2 6:40