Programming by yat.ryan

Acousticness is Not at all, Energy is High, Speechiness is No, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), Instrumentalness is Yes, Explicit is excluded. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 100 songs.

Song Artist Album
One More Chance (Electronic Drums & Lazardi Remix)
Gabriel Robella KULT Records Presents: One More Chance 5:21
Simon from Stockholm
Psilodump Kanske Lite 6:42
Some Friday Flavour
Geode Smokin Sessions, Vol. 24 4:32
Geode Smokin Sessions, Vol. 23 4:06
Like You - Supermayer Mix
Gui Boratto Natura Viva in the Mix With Melody Stranger 7:38
Radiance - DTALM Remix
New Horizons Radiance (Remixed) 6:05
Home Away from Home
Janne Haavisto You Are Here 3:55
Searching for Mr. M
Janne Haavisto You Are Here 3:39
One Thousand & One Nights
Darin Epsilon Textures Volume One 7:36
Best Kept Secret
Dimitry Liss Best Kept Secret 5:11
Eye Of The Storm feat. Onallee - Archie Hamilton VIP Remix
Archie Hamilton Eye Of The Storm feat. Onallee 6:09
Bingo’s Blues - Remastered
Kari Larne Blues Band Love Records – Kaikki Singlet 1 2:52
Warbler - Fort Romeau's Spirit Guide Mix
Atish Warbler 7:25
To The Moon & Back
Toonorth Chillhop Essentials Fall 2018 2:36
Keep Smiling - Youssef Chen Remix
Marko Ruberto Keep Smiling 5:39
Latin Eleganza (A Dawn Away)
Paradox Interactive Cities: Skylines (Relaxation Station) 3:41
Here We Are
String Player Gamer Undertale: Strings of Determination, Vol. 4 4:06
String Player Gamer Undertale: Strings of Determination (Complete Edition) 3:36
Los Santos At Night
Tangerine Dream The Music of Grand Theft Auto V, Vol. 2: The Score 1:43
The Way It Use to Be
Ewan Rill Dark Rill 7:14
The Rhyme Experience (Airglow)
Paradox Interactive Cities: Skylines (Relaxation Station) 3:48
Club Therapy - Remastered
Chris Lattner Reflections 7:33
Two Delinquents Chrome 6:38
Welcome To Bullworth
Shawn Lee Bully [Original Video Game Soundtrack from a game rated "Teen" by the ESRB]. 2:05
Enemy Approaching
String Player Gamer Undertale: Strings of Determination, Vol. 4 2:56
Scarlet Overkill
Heitor Pereira Minions (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 1:07
Walker's Theme
Gerald Albright Play - Smooth Jazz 4:01
Madison Avenue
Dick Walter Nice and Easy 3:01
Pushing Onwards
Magnus Pålsson Pppppp 3:41
Back In Venice
Jesper Kyd Assassin's Creed 2 (Original Game Soundtrack) 1:33
Things Are Getting Bad
Oak Not Afraid Anymore 5:52
Earthly Conditions (feat. Sainkho Namtchylak) - Rick Pier O'Neil Remix
Hemisphere Earthly Conditions (feat. Sainkho Namtchylak) [Remixes] 7:38
Deck the Halls
Franz Xaver Gruber Non Stop Christmas Dance Party Christmas 2:25
Adeste Fideles
Franz Xaver Gruber Non Stop Christmas Dance Party Christmas 2:35
Test Flight
Joel:K Samurai 6:48
Longa Shahnaaz (feat. Tracy Bonham) - Instrumental
No Blues Ya Dunya 2:29
JYOCHO 綺麗な三角、朝日にんげん 2:37
Holiday today
Stand High Patrol Midnight walkers 4:25
Ses Etme - Mehmet Aslan Remix
Athena Ses Etme (Remixes) 4:57
Serial Fields - Live
Moriarty Echoes from the Borderline (Live) 3:03
Crash Course
La Mverte Through the Circles 5:22
Smoking With Her
Mounika. How Are You 2:21
I'm a Dreamer - Thomas Dieckmann remix
Bonetti I'm a Dreamer 7:12
Cultam Ferry
Lee Burton Wax Collection 7:36
Sitting Bull
DJ Spank BOF Yamakasi 1:19
Wheats Connections EP 4:09
Late Night
Rogue D Total Black EP 5:17
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Reset Robot Rebellion 7:58
Magic Carpet
Oi Va Voi Travelling The Face Of The Globe 4:33
Picture Us
Francis Harris Leland 9:55
Fairuz Derin Bulut Patlantis 3:40
Fairuz Derin Bulut Patlantis 3:00
Psychosis - Instrumental
Dope D.O.D. Branded 3:11
Meteliksiz Tur
Farazi Kalbinden Vur 1:44
Jungle Flower
Ali Kuru Egzotik 2:50
The Traitor
Menahan Street Band Daptone Gold II 2:42
Be Real (Rap Beat Mix) - Hip Hop Instrumental
Black Mo Beats 24-7 Hip Hop & Rap Beats Vol. 1 (Rap Instrumentals) 3:02
Champions (Uplifting Hip Hop Beat Mix) - Rap Instrumental
Don P Beats 24-7 Hip Hop & Rap Beats Vol. 1 (Rap Instrumentals) 4:22
The Spirit
Gene Farris This Is My Religion 7:13
Rap Instrumentals 019
Various Artists Rap Instrumentals 3:18
Cigarros - Guitar Hip Hop Beat Mix
Fx-M Black Beats Jazz Beats & Chill Rap Instrumentals 3:28
Vergleiche a la Boss - Instrumental
257ers Boomshakkalakka (Spotify Version) 2:54
Aus dem Weg - Instrumental
257ers Boomshakkalakka (Spotify Version) 3:30
Bir Kulaç Daha Atsam Karadayım - Enstrumantal
Sagopa Kajmer Kötü İnsanları Tanıma Senesi (Enstrumantal) 2:39
Hamjam - Pushin Wood Soundsystem remix
The Soul Session Remix EP 4:12
Uthea - Original Mix
Species K Uthea 7:07
Up Late
Rick Wade In Mah Mind 6:00
Downtown Irony
Proleter Curses from Past Times EP 4:27
Llovizna - Luciano Remix
Francisco Allendes Llovizna (10th Anniversary) 10:33
Great Cock And Seagull Race (Dixon Van Winkle Mix) - 2012 Master
Paul McCartney Ram (Archive Collection) 2:34
The Woohoo Revue Moreland's Ball 4:35
Black Mantis
Rigopolar We Are One 6:22
Ayaş Yolları
Özdemir Erdoğan Gitarıma Türkü Öğrettim O Söyledi Ben Dinledim (Enstrümantal) 3:22
Unidos para la Musica - Cosa Nostra Remix
David Vendetta Progressive House Tunes Vol.7 7:51
Antispace Yoga Vibes, Vol. 3 3:34
Rainsong - Mood Edits Unreleased 2008 Tracking Dub
Jonny White 5 Years Of No.19 6:55
Fabio Orru VA 8:07
Little Helper 359-3
Da Lex Dj Little Helpers 359 6:23
On My Mind - Version One
Royal-T On My Mind 6:29
Lali Puna Being Water 3:31
Fufanu dialogue iii 2:45
Moon In Aquarius
The Beat Escape Life Is Short the Answer's Long 5:19
Shoemaker Levy 9
Hierophants Spitting Out Moonlight 3:00
Subliminal Cuts
Fujiya & Miyagi Subliminal Cuts 3:32
Black Mesa East
Usurp Anticitizen 6:23
The Friendly Faith Plate
Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories Portal 2: Songs to Test By (Collectors Edition) 2:59
Back to School - Funk Edition
Kahoot! Back to School (Funk Edition) 1:29
Heimat - Original
Kollektiv Turmstrasse Rebellion Der Träumer 4:03
Lobby Music (Original Soundtrack)
Kahoot! Lobby Music (Original Soundtrack) 2:24
Ill Humans The Disruption of Binaries 4:08
Frank (just Frank) The Brutal Wave 4:28
Memoria Cravings 4:22
Both of Us
Idealism Chillhop Raw Cuts 2 1:53
Walking with Elephants
Ten Walls Now That's What I Call Music! 89 5:20
Sleigh Ride (Dance Version)
The Cheeky Monkeys Christmas Kids Party 2014 4:04
The Horse (Stereo)
Cliff Nobles The Phil-LA of Soul Singles Collection 1968-1972 2:40
Dreaming of Another World
Andreas Scholl Dreaming of Another World 4:05
Time Is Tight
Booker T. & the M.G.'s Soul Six Pack 3:14
Funky Mule
Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm A Black Man's Soul 3:22