Work Mix by johnkeithholt

Plays is greater than 3, Energy is High, Instrumentalness is Yes, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), Danceability is Moderately. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly.

Song Artist Album
Bahai Jar - Continental Cut
Asian Chill Art Buddha Gold Vol.2 - The Finest in Mystic Bar Music 5:00
The Drums of Honshu - Buddha Deluxe Mix
Asian Chill Art Winter Chillout Lounge 2014 4:43
A Blind Eye
The Junkies Pure Intec 2 Mixed by Carl Cox & Jon Rundell 5:35
Onur Yeğin Örs 2:00
Don't Be Afraid, You Have Just Got Your Eyes Closed
múm Finally We Are No One 5:43
Companion Pass - Live on the Lido Deck
Cory Wong Live on the Lido Deck 7:10
26Hate Overthrow 4:42
Ti Chiamero 10
Okapi Pruffoli 5:25
Ewan Dobson Ewan Dobson II 3:04
pulse (v.1)
LCD Soundsystem american dream 13:42
When The Morning Comes - Sunset Mix
Love Decade When The Morning Comes 8:40
Daughter Music From Before the Storm 2:09
Dum Dum
Clemente Castillo Eureka 6:04
When The Morning Comes - Marcela's Deli Mix
Love Decade When The Morning Comes 6:52
El Entrerriano
Los Mutantes del Paraná El Entrerriano 3:08
Casi Cubana
Ann Reynolds Para Cuba Con Amor 4:19
Atoms For Peace AMOK 4:57
Burning Up - Bini & Martini Eclipse Dub Mix
Bini Burning Up 7:50
Como No Voy a Decirlo
Argenis Carruyo Se Prendió la Fiesta 2:59
Seven Eleven
20syl Motifs - EP 3:28
Von Mondo Jazz and Essentials 3:27
El Jeep
Carmelo Medina Otro Sistema 9:10
Osman Antunez Mis Raíces (Defenderé Mi Tambo) 3:42
Raum Donald 3:30
Oh Que Bueno
Carmelo Medina Otro Sistema 6:15
Make Love
Daft Punk Human After All 4:49
Arrested Development (Main Title)
David Schwartz At Long Last...Music And Songs From Arrested Development 0:19
Carmelo Medina Otro Sistema 7:22
Quién Dijo
Willy Díaz Jazz Venezolano 5:01
Sonrisa de Cristal
Francisco Fernández Soñartes 4:02
La Grey Zuliana
Gerardo Rosales Jazz Venezolano 4:54
Sr. Mac
Carmelo Medina Otro Sistema 9:14
No Necesito Un Nombre
Ann Reynolds Para Cuba Con Amor 5:13
Desde Que Te Fuiste - Remix
Daiquiri Los 80's Electrónico Dance Progressive 4:01
La Guachafita
Eric Chacón Wachafita 3:54
You'll Never Know - Extended Mix
Tencode Solarstone presents Pure Trance 6 Extended 6:22
Anthony Parasole Ostgut Ton | Zehn 5:19
Lambada do Mermão
Dirimbó Tempo Covarde 3:26
Sweely Drafted Sounds 6:14
Dress up, again - Instrumental
Tanchiky STYLEY! 4:18
Para nosotros
Roger Davidson Pensando en ti 4:54
Ven a mi
Roger Davidson Pensando en ti 3:35
Tilt - Nikko Remix
Nyquist Set:9 - Desert Selections 8:06
Frits Wentink Space Babe 5:25
Care for the Proof
Fragrance Dust & Disorders 3:48
Beyond the Sea
Relaxation Guitar Maestro Best of Relaxing Bossa Nova Spa Guitar:Smooth Latin/Brazilian Jazz Instrumental Music for Relaxation 3:45
Mr.Cop - Logical Drift Re-Mix
Gregory Isaacs Mr.Cop (Logical Drift Re-Mix) 3:07
Perseverance - Ignacio Sanchez Remix
Ignacio Sanchez Perseverance 7:28
Amalgamados (feat. Edwin Arellano, Jorge Glem, Edward Ramírez & Héctor Molina)
Jorge Glem C4trÍo (feat. Jorge Glem, Edward Ramírez & Héctor Molina) 4:10
Holding The Moth
Underworld Oblivion With Bells 5:29
Dizzy Fae NO GMO Mixtape 1:51
Cry for Everything Bad That's Ever Happened
Le Tigre Feminist Sweepstakes 2:41
Sky Is Falling
Funky DL February: A Rest in Beats Tribute to the Sounds of Nujabes 5:07
Get Up
Funky DL Jazzmatic Jazzstrumentals 4:19
La Valse Des Monstres
Yann Tiersen La Valse Des Monstres 2:08
Funky DL February: A Rest in Beats Tribute to the Sounds of Nujabes 3:14
Tswana Dub
Intrusion The Seduction of Silence 10:42
Crepuscular Child
The Proper Ornaments Crepuscular Child 3:04
Orestes Gomez Chimú 3:07
intro_p Transitions 7:24
Tuesday Maybe - Atish Extended Mix
Way Out West Tuesday Maybe (Remixed) 6:39
Il cuore del pianeta
Ganesh Sopra La Soglia 4:50
Subway : Instrumental
Playgroup Previously Unreleased 5:45
Yanomami - Original Mix
Lord Of The Isles In Waves 7:10
Les Baxter Classic and Collectable: Les Baxter - Africa Jazz 2:37
Stuck in the Shadow of Your Love
Etienne Jaumet La visite 6:34
Альпы-пальмы - Instrumental mix
Ilya Lagutenko Альпы-пальмы 4:24
Jazzanova Belle et Fou (O.S.T.) 4:18
Wi' Nae Wee Bairn Ye'll Me Beget
The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs 1:55
A Screw (Holy Money)
Swans Holy Money / A Screw 5:00
Follow Me to San Jose
Atom TM Erik Satin / Light Music 3:59
Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, and Jackson
Electro Head Society Ambient Grey in an Ocean of Blue 2:11
The Purpose of Life Is Love
Electro Head Society Ambient Grey in an Ocean of Blue 1:18
Going Somewhere
Lost Atom Drops for the Dosed 5:40
Jordan Rakei Wallflower 4:56
Let's Buy Happiness
Boys Noize Oi Oi Oi 4:52
Smooth Criminal
2CELLOS 2Cellos 4:10
Got to Be There
WhoMadeWho WhoMadeWho 3:40
Kojack Dub
Jah Wobble In Dub 5:01
Pasosh Бессрочный отпуск 1:28
This Little Pig Went To Market
Max Richter Taboo (Music From The Original TV Series) 1:01
A Frightening Place For Normal People
Tenement Predatory Headlights 9:35
Sound By The Pound
The Aggrolites The Aggrolites 3:48
Shaolin Satellite
Thievery Corporation Studio Album Collection 6:26
India In Me
Cobblestone Jazz 23 Seconds 13:34
Aesthetic Fashion
FrankJavCee 8-Bit 1:42
Elements for Love
DJ MNX Chilled Winter 2016 4:28
Crystal Castles (III) 1:46
Mr.Kitty Ephemeral 4:00
The Way I Feel
Doss Doss 4:26
So Damn Beautiful
FrankJavCee 8-Bit 3:06
The Way I Feel
Doss Doss 4:26
Radio Vienna
Matt Skiba Demos 2:12
Unfinished Colours - Instrumental
Parra for Cuva Mood in C 4:34
Two Armadillos 10 Years of secretsundaze 7:54
Talibanski Dub
Äl Jawala The Ride 4:03
NMHRK Dinosaurs 2:40
The Wyrm - Extended Mix
Drawbird The Wyrm EP 6:48
Heart (Saturdaze Version)
Starcadian Saturdaze 5:51
Shadows - Extended Mix
Oliver Smith Endorphin / Shadows 5:38
Entry Of The Gladiators - Remastered 2018
Circus Band The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus (Expanded) 0:55
Little Brown Jug
Glenn Miller The Complete Glenn Miller and His Orchestra 2:48
Tempête magnétique
College Heritage 5:10
Before We Run
Yo La Tengo Fade 6:14
Before the Bridge
Future Islands On the Water 3:58
Tantric Romantic
Abbe May Kiss My Apocalypse 3:32
Saudade - Wellenrausch Remix
Las Von Saudade 8:53
One Person - Extended Mix
Benatural Chilled Winter 2016 3:15
Är Ni Fröken Pehrson? - Suite Cubana
Bebo Valdés Bebo de Cuba 0:29
Diabla - Heavenly Mix
Funk D'void Soma Records 20 Years (Silicone Soul DJ Mix) 8:52
Armik Bolero Gypsies-New Flamenco Vol. 1 5:20
Jesse Cook Frontiers 3:34
Woman Like Sasphone
Lord Kitchener Lord Kitchner Sings Calypsos 2:47
City Rider
Weathertunes Chilled Winter 2016 4:20
Env Electronic Super Joy, Pts. 1 & 2 (Original Soundtrack) 2:34
Fried Chicken
Jonathan Geer Cook, Serve, Delicious! (Original Soundtrack) 0:58
Le quart de ton
Chapelier Fou 613 5:40
Sea of Meditation
Samuel Orson The Greatest Planet on Earth 4:11
Kiln Sunbox 8:13
Chinese Checkers
Booker T. & the M.G.'s Stax Profiles - Booker T. & The MG's 2:27
For True
Trombone Shorty Funky Jazz 2:53
It's Gonna Be Alright
Steve Cole Funky Jazz Party 4:02
Kyrie (From "Death Note")
Yoshihisa Hirano Anime Songs of Death and Funeral 0:59
Heroes - Homework Re-Interpretation
David Keno Heroes / Villains 6:59
High Roller
Kamaal Williams Back to Mine : Jungle 3:00
Original Dixieland One Step
Muggsy Spanier Mahattan Masters 1945 2:51
Zero Point Field
The Transhumans Herdersmat Part 1-7 5:55
Cote D'Azur
Thomas Lang Something Along Those Lines 6:06
What I Got - Instrumental Version
Sublime Sublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition) 2:51
toe Hear You 3:23
Wounded Knee
Primus Pork Soda 2:25
Le Boulevard Montmartre (feat. Oddisee)
Mello Music Group Mandala Vol. 2, Today's Mathematics 4:26
Peep Show
Hanni El Khatib Savage Times 2:46
Morning After
Harco Pront Jibberish 0:28
Side To Side - OHYEAH Remix
Les Loups Side To Side 5:21
Soweto Disco
The Movers Next Stop Soweto 4: Zulu Rock, Afro-Disco & Mbaqanga 1975-1985 4:06
El Pillete
Astor Piazzolla Grandes Del Tango 18 2:22
The Hippest Cat In Hollywood
Horace Silver Now Playing Jazz 6:42
Solus Satya Yuga 3:32
Jacques Mal Chance (Il N'a Pas de Chance)
Squarepusher Big Loada 0:48
Galop Mauresque
Gypsy Flamenco Masters The Gypsy and Flamenco Lifestyle, Vol. 1 3:29
Orgullo Criollo
Astor Piazzolla Grandes Del Tango 18 3:05
Expect Delays (feat. Ulrich Schnauss)
Color Therapy Mr. Wolf Is Dead 3:32
Alucidnation Aural Architecture 4:57
The Touch - Nite Sprite Remix
Mitch Murder The Touch 6:29
Behind the Mask - 2018 Bob Ludwig Remastering
YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA Solid State Survivor 3:36
Pony Boy
The Allman Brothers Band Brothers And Sisters 5:51
Sueño en Paraguay
Chancha Via Circuito Amansara 3:53
Bera nay wassa
Sidi Touré Sahel Folk 6:56
Quiet Autumn - Remixed From Within a Pile of Leaves
Dj Cutman Deltarune Remixes 2:02
Fennec Free Us of This Feeling 4:37
Demon Castle Study / Castlevania - Akatsuki no Minuet -
Castlevania Sound Team Castlevania Akatsuki no Minuet & Akumajo Dracula Sougetsu no Juujika Original Soundtrack 3:05
Dil Withers Canto 2:29
Before the Bridge
Future Islands On the Water 3:58
Victor Wooten The Music Lesson 1:50
Come Down
Hugo Jay Spent 5:00
Crockett's Dream
Time Travel Retrowave Singles, Vol. 2 3:50
Mr. Sosa Orion 4:48
Only You
Superior Motivation Only You 4:03
Life Like This
Kurt Vile Life Like This 4:04
The Sun & The Neon Light
Booka Shade The Sun & The Neon Light 4:29
Gimme Gimme Your Love
Don Carlos Prophecy 6:00
mudd echo(Being Borings Remix)
Wonder Headz wonder wanderer 4:55
Disco 3003 - Original Mix
Chris Wayfarer Disco 3003 6:43
Van Syla Compilation 2009 - 2012 5:15
Small Things
Lali Puna Faking The Books 3:40
Our World
Twin Peaks Our World 3:20
Nobody's Watching
Steady Holiday Nobody's Watching 3:05
Love Underlined
Metronomy The English Riviera 5:57
Dívka S Jablky
Mahagon Mahagon 3:15
My Bloody Valentine
The Crime CTSessions, Vol. 8 5:37
Green Meadow
The Deceptions Tall Tales from Green Meadow 0:34
All Around and Away We Go
Mr Twin Sister Color Your Life 4:34
Dash After Dash
Kim Matt & Kim 3:40
Close but No Cigar
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio Close but No Cigar 3:30
Behind Your Back - Remood Remix
Chris Wayfarer Behind Your Back EP 6:45
Soundscapes for Chill Out
Peaceful Autumn Instrumental Jazz Sublime Sound for Reading 2:33
TK Pulsar
Tú No Existes TK Pulsar 3:31
Kamigakari - Takashi Watanabe Remix
Takashi Watanabe Kamigakari 7:23
HMS Dubai
Questionmarq Electric Calm V.6 4:00
February 2 Love (Instrumental)
A June & J Beat January to October 3:37
El Cable
Mario y sus Diamantes 50 Años de Éxitos 3:01
El Cable
Mario y sus Diamantes Aquellos Éxitos, Vol. 1: De Colección 3:01
We Are Free
Get Well Soon Vexations 4:17
Voodoo People
2CELLOS In2ition 2:45
Los Pasteles - Instrumental
Manuel Rojas Música Instrumental Venezolana 3:22
DJ Onionz Space Slave 7:19
Baltimore Chop Feel 8:23
Strixx Abroad 4:24
Pool & Mandarines
MrShada BBM Dancefloor Summer 2011 3:25
Summer Visions
MrShada BBM Dancefloor Summer 2011 4:28
Piano Sobre Mi Pia
Pray For Rain The Linguini Incident 3:28
Trying Your Luck - Hubie Davison Remix
Aleksandir ARS003RMX 5:23
Pattern Translator
John Tejada & Arian Leviste Palette Recordings 20 (The Early Years) 4:48
Genetic Pagan
John Tejada & Arian Leviste Palette Recordings 20 (The Early Years) 6:19
Casa Valentín (Tangos)
José Antonio Rodríguez Adiós Muchachos 5:35
La Pasión según San Marcos: 23. Soy Yo (Confesión)
Osvaldo Golijov Golijov: La Pasión según San Marcos 2:25
Eyes Be Closed (Star Slinger Remix)
Washed Out Eyes Be Closed (Remixes) 2:48
Hey Break It Down - Stayhigh Remix
BSN Posse Drifting 4:12
Eve Biōn Observing the Beautiful Forms 3:00
For Those - Naked Version
Peer Du For Those 5:15
Eyes Be Closed (Star Slinger Remix)
Washed Out Eyes Be Closed (Remixes) 2:48
Felix Dames Indications Of Decay 8:56
Weirddough Elevatormuzik, Pt. 2 1:39
We Are Free
Get Well Soon Vexations 4:17
Life'S Track Venere 4:34
Villain Accelerate Maid Of Gold 4:04
Stranger In My Heart
Trippy Universe On The Horizon Dressy 5:29
Disneyland Parade
Syd Dale New Edition Birdland (Love Isn't Just For The Young Volume 55) 2:48
Hugo Jay Tape Two 6:42
Seven - Maxime Dangles Remix
Oxia vs Gino's & Snake Seven Remixes EP 7:00
Witches Pit
Frank Basile Sextet Pepper Adams: Complete Compositions, Vol. 4 6:35
Alien Break Down (ToeJam & Earl)
The OneUps Volume 2 4:32
Locha_E_Ulfat (Originally Performed by 2 States)
Bollywood Boutique Bollywood Boutique #13 4:47
Star Position
DUB SQUAD Mirage 11:05
College House
Nick Keller Dick Figures Season 4 Soundtrack 3:11
Kraz 2000
Dataprocess Cosmic Trance Vol. 1 3:03
Hombre Sin Nombre
Tommy Guerrero No Man's Land 2:23
Snake Charmer (Heads Up)
Madlib Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes 1:26
Box Top (Cardboard Dues)
Madlib Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes 1:40
Time Travel Retrowave Singles, Vol. 2 3:07
Upside Down (Karaoke Version) - Originally Performed By ATeens
A-Type Player Pop & Rock Karaoke Hits, Vol. 197 (Karaoke Version) 3:18
Alien Break Down (ToeJam & Earl)
The OneUps Volume 2 4:32
Carry on (Instrumental)
Scott & Brendo YouTube Songs, Vol. 1 (Instrumental) 3:17
Rabbit Seed
Earth, Wind & Fire Open Our Eyes 0:30
Zabic K.
Elektryczne Gitary Kiler-ow 2-och 3:05
Inspector Norse (Pepe Bradock Remix)
Todd Terje It's It's Remix Time Time 6:25
Back to the Future
Infected Rhythm Back to the Future 3:55
Murder Weapon
16BL Murder Weapon EP 10:01
Sorry About Your Irony
El Ten Eleven El Ten Eleven 3:18
Bleak House
Fairmont Grizzly 6:13
Cocoa Butter
Statik Selektah Well Done (Instrumentals) 4:44
EYE Metamujer 3:28
Wyszkow Tonie
Elektryczne Gitary Kiler-ow 2-och 2:12
Flutes - Demo
Hot Chip In Our Heads (Expanded Edition) 6:32
Boy Funktastic Ana 3:28
Murder to the Mind (Instrumental)
Tash Sultana Instrumentals 4:18
Jens Buchert Electronic Space Lounge - One 5:19
All Wrapped Up
New Jersey Kings Party to the Bus Stop 3:22
Ginji Between Nothing 2:45
Holographic Universe
Thievery Corporation AOL Music DJ Sessions Mixed by Thievery Corporation 3:42
Pa Tino
Mr PC Ska Jazz International Connection, Vol. 1 5:08
Go Brooklyn
Dominik Pointvogl Playa Grande 5:37
Rosabelle Believe
Dominik Pointvogl Rosabelle 4:30
She's Got Rainbows in Her Guts
Disasterpeace Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake 1:07
La Repuesta (The Answer)
Nelson Rangell 100 Latin Jazz Classics 4:18
I Ain't Gonna Waste My Time
Wiley Barkdull Hey Honey 2:14
Paul Speer Oculus 2:21
Lederrick Human Host, Vol. 2 2:40
Suspiros de Iberia
Tomatito Flamenco para Tus Ojos 4:41