Work Mix by johnkeithholt

Plays is greater than 3, Energy is High, Instrumentalness is Yes, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), Danceability is Moderately. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly.

Song Artist Album
Solstice - Roald Velden Remix
Vince Forwards Solstice 7:09
Club Sandwich
Django Club Django Club 3:01
My Escape - Original Mix
Chaty My Escape 9:09
Gorilla Glass - Kosmas Mix
Ricky Ryan Gorilla Glass 7:26
Xelema - Uj Pa Gaz Remix
NoGain Night Breakfast 7:07
Pied Piper
Roger Martinez Pied Piper 6:56
Line - Italo Brutalo Remix
Viktor Talking Machine Line EP 5:50
You & I - Original Mix
Ludwix You & I 7:56
Accordi Disaccordi Accordi Disaccordi 3:00
Swing 48
Adrien Moignard Selmer #607 2:44
Adrien Moignard Selmer #607 3:31
Billet Doux
Adrien Moignard Selmer #607 2:32
We Won't Stop - Alex Morelli Remix
CHELAKHOV We Won't Stop 7:44
Rap a Verse - Neal Porter Remix
Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Rap a Verse '16 5:33
Endless Summer
Behrouz Summer Sampler 2015 6:18
Deep Desires
Arrojas The Best of Lounge & Chillhouse 3:04
Arrojas Azimuth 6:19
Sissoko's Voyage
Marcus Strickland Nihil Novi 4:39
Tocca Me
Marga Sol Awakening (Chillout Deluxe & Finest Lounge) 4:27
The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band 21st Century Molam 3:44
Second Part: The Sacrifice: Glorification of the Chosen One
The Bad Plus The Rite of Spring 1:43
Turi Turi Ye
Rossi Chillounge, Vol. 3 3:14
Melting of Snow
Ryo Nakamura The Best of Ryo Nakamura 5:48
Palanquin Bearing Monkey
Yoshinori Hayashi Uncountable Set 6:09
Saw You - Moonwatch3r Summer Remix
Suonare Saw You 6:42
Revolve - Moonwatch3r Night Remix
Boruch Revolve 6:01
Revolve - Moonwatch3r Night Remix
Boruch Tiburón Beach Club Formentera 4 Sunset & Sundance Mix 5:32
Last Bang
BBLK Watermark EP 7:48
Marius Circus Veggepysj 5:46
Vincent Earth, Vol. 5 3:33
Herneise - Original Mix
Boral Kibil Herneise 7:58
Herneise - Original Mix
Boral Kibil Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris 7:14
In Pieces
Deep In Calm Deep Discoveries 5:34
Soul Good
Zbonics Time to Do Your Thing 3:58
Did you Ever See a Lassie
Baby Relax Music Collection 12 Peaceful Tracks to Relax Your Baby and Help Children Sleep 2:07
Pacific '93
Sunsailor Hibernation 5:39
One More
Mad_Us Re:Stored Issue 10 8:30
Feel Like This - Original mix
Gabriel Boni Feel Like This 5:39
Yellow Dog Blues
Ben Pollack The Ben Pollack Orchestras 1928-1938 2:36
Frequency (Omatix Remix)
The Tea Street Band Frequency EP (The Remixes) 6:50
Nowhere City
Deep In Calm Tour De Traum XV 7:12
The Cissy's Thang
The Soul Seven Cold Heat 2:22
BOg Shila 8:35
Felix Ayerza End of 2017 5:48
Supersonica - Basel Mix
Lineki Supersonica 6:51
Dance of Joy
Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra Imbarca 4:01
Beautiful Girl - Instrumental
Sosim Boys My Golden Life (Original Television Soundtrack, Pt. 1) 3:20
Neon Shoals
Maricopa Pastel Love - Part One 6:00
14 Steps
Ancient Future World Without Walls 4:33
Berah Oudja - Remix
Tikki Masala World Beat 5:57
School's Out - Manfredas remix
Mugwump Unspell Deluxe Edition Remix EP 5:55
Disco Maniac
Tirogo DJ-Kicks (Moodymann) [Mixed Tracks] 1:56
Our Own Choices
Maxime Dangles Skryptöm 10Y 6:38
Caballero Phonograph 3 (Compiled by Ruls) 7:40
Philosophy Roots
Ekstendia Roots 9:10
Bring Me Love - Coochie & The Blue-Veined Hooligans Remix
Cedric Vian Bring Me Love Remixes 6:11
Eco Ballad
STJ Two Point Zero 4:16
Stella Path - Rafael Cerato Remix
Chaty The Distance Between Us 7:21
Lost Train - Original Mix
Alex Philipp Lost Train 6:58
Go Down - Original Mix
Alex Philipp Go Down 7:52
Forbid Rising stars 4:48
Beatin' the Heat on the Street
Vision Heat The Chosen Themes - Program II 3:03
Copilot - Main Instrumental
Petey Pablo Copilot 3:35
Summer Breeze - Original Mix
Be.Lanuit Island Moods (Déepalma Ibiza Classics) 4:05
Brock Berrigan Two AM 1:58
Milosh Meme 3:59
Fall in Love
Te'amir LA Soul 4:07
Little Little
Bagagee Viphex13 Little Little 5:33
A Different Life
Olivier Heim A Different Life 3:14
Saravah Soul Saravah Soul 3:07
Friday Child
J.E Nikki Beach (Summer Vibes) 3:38
Juana Molina Cosoco 4:57
Get Dressed
Jeff Parker The New Breed 3:48
Bimoko Magnin
Super Djata De Bamako The Original Sound of Mali 5:01
One Day In My Garden
Amon Tobin Bricolage 5:43
The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band Planet Lam 4:24
Play It Back
Dr. Lonnie Smith Evolution 14:04
Takadoom - Bambook Remix
Jenia Tarsol Back To Life 7:01
Ibiza Summer Nightlife
Floyd & Jones Lounge Bar Music Club Pink Buddha Voodoo Cafè 2: Lounge Music At Blank Isla del Mar Martini Chill Lounge Collection 4:16
Lam San Ra - 2016 Version
The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band Planet Lam 6:31
Tolga Çebi İşler Güçler Dizi Müzikleri 1 2:00
Friday Child
J.E Ibiza 2017 6:48
Luna de Alegrias
Stereo Dub Soul Stereo Sound System 4:07
Just Stay Right There
Makaya McCraven In The Moment 2:42
Virtual Loves (Sexy Instrumental Music)
Floyd & Jones Lounge Bar Music Club Pink Buddha Voodoo Cafè 2: Lounge Music At Blank Isla del Mar Martini Chill Lounge Collection 4:56
All Night Long (Emotional Songs)
Floyd & Jones Lounge Bar Music Club Pink Buddha Voodoo Cafè 2: Lounge Music At Blank Isla del Mar Martini Chill Lounge Collection 5:26
Lounge Four
Lyonel Bauchet Sensual Lounge Affair: Selected Lounge and Chillout Vibes for Love 4:21
Heartless - Original
Divided Souls Heartless (Original) 6:48
Leaving Home
Indian Ocean Kandisa 6:49
Marcus Miller Renaissance 7:39
Mr. Clean
Marcus Miller Renaissance 5:01
Slippin' Into Darkness
Marcus Miller Renaissance 9:15
Yoshinori Hayashi Ambivalence 5:35
La fête sauvage - Prins Thomas Remix
Todd Terje & The Olsens The Big Cover-Up 7:49
Son Of Macbeth
Marcus Miller Afrodeezia 6:11
I Feel Space - Andrew Weatherall's Unreleased Dub
Marius Circus I Feel Space (andrew Weatherall's Unreleased Dub) 8:14
Dancing Sunsets
Marius Circus Dancing Sunsets 6:24
Fabri Lopez Feelings 7:36
Fuckin Slow
Steve Osaka Erotic Affairs Vol. 4 - 24 Sexy Lounge Tracks for Erotic Moments 4:08
Robert Miles Remember Robert Miles 6:02
Freedom Music - Manoo Instrumental Mix
Irfan Rainy Freedom Music 7:18
Robert Miles Dreamland incl. One and One 6:02
You Can't Win
Martin Frawley Undone at 31 4:29
Nothing More
Savon Yours Truly 3:28
And You Wont
King Sinth Tropical House 3:46
Andrew Huang Lo-Fi 1:40
Theme (From "Battlefield 1942")
London Music Works The Essential Games Music Collection Vol.1 2:35
Morusque Honey Rose 1:50
The Shake
Ursula 1000 The Now Sound of Ursula 1000 5:51
THEESatisfaction awE naturalE 3:46
Come Away with Me
Moon King Voice of Lovers 4:35
Kaze No Densetsu
All That Jazz Ghibli Jazz 2 3:34
Die Katapult Kristall Reinheit 2:05
She Welcomes The Spring - Instrumental
Renkas Christabella 4:24
Gold Weave
Organic Grooves Black Cherry 6:22
Sotomayor Salvaje 4:23
Maria También
Khruangbin Maria También 3:10
Come Away with Me
Moon King Come Away with Me 4:35
Nihilist Kite Flyer
Loving Nihilist Kite Flyer 3:02
Lies - Mixed
Deep Collective Café del Mar Chillhouse Mix 5 5:16
Etheric Signal - Original Mix
Santi Mossman Etheric Signal 8:53
All Green Seasons
Vibrasphere Mountain High 7:22
Snake Charmer - Chase the Lazer Remix
Desert Dwellers Recalibrated, Vol. 2 4:50
Namaste (Relaxing Music from Asia)
Bollywood Buddha Indian Music Café Taste of the Orient Buddha Chill Lounge: Sexy Lounge Music & Indian Chillout, Asian Fashion Wine Bar Music Café & Exotic Chill Lounge Cocktail Party Music (India del Mar collection) 4:30
DJ Kaan Gokman Buddha-Bar XV 3:31
Stove Is The Meat That Fell Out 2:19
Can You Feel It
The Miracles Club A New Love 5:10
Church Song
The Miracles Club A New Love 4:31
Warhead - Steppa Mix
Krust Warhead / Check Dis Out 8:33
Higher Energy - Logic Lab Remix
Jackie Mayden Sensoria Selected Vol 1 Mixed By Paul Williams 5:14
Visco (Manuel Sofia's 2009 Past Eleven Remix)
Dartek Visco 8:58
On Giving Up
High Places High Places vs. Mankind 3:25
Cultiu #1
Esperit! Ilíada 3:33
Speedy Recovery
Speedy West For the Last Time 2:18
Blue Waters
Holögrama Waves 4:42
Daniele Baldelli Cosmic Temple Chapter 3 5:18
Dark Star
Henri Bergmann Dark Star 4:56
Jascha Hagen Heroin 8:40
Rock To The Bit
The Youngsters Phoenix EP 6:25
Love Speakeasy
Reflection Eternal Train Of Thought 1:38
People of All Nations - Andrey Loud Remix
K-Klass People of All Nations 6:35
Last Dance - Kincaid Remix
Henri Bergmann Last Dance 6:18
All Night
Parov Stelar The Princess 2:46
A la vora del mar
Litoral #1 3:29
Burnout (vs Strange Loving) (Radio Edit)
Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse Burnout (vs. Strange Loving) 3:26
Alvum Motus
Kid Bunka Magensaft 2:35
At Jazz Club
Konducta Beats At Jazz Club 3:26
A Night in Baghdad - Original
Mustafa Ismaeel Babylonia 7:05
Eye of the Storm
Shook Spectrum 4:36
Platilleros Del Paují
Los Crema Paraiso El Debut 4:35
Unkown Places (Tony Casanova Remix)
Gabriel Vitel New New World 7:25
Speak To My Heart - Featuring Marcus Anderson
Bob Baldwin Never Out of Season (2013) 4:37
Movie Box - Original Mix
Ost & Kjex Dirty Mind 6:48
I Know You're There - EK Club Mix
Bonnie Bailey Songbook Volume One 8:02
Ibiza Ritter
DJ Fett Burger Red Scorpions 7:15
Red Scorpions
DJ Fett Burger Red Scorpions 4:59
What the Cat Dragged In
X-Ray Dog Bury the Bone 1:58
Baseball Gregg Vacation 3:03
Superpitcher Here Comes Love 6:44
Course Correction The Tunguska Event 6:31
Rhyw Biggest Bully / Felt 6:00
Good Enough
Frantzvaag Good Enough 6:54
Gentle Chain
Jeals Flux 5:53
Black Casaba
D-Operation Drop Liberation Ep 4:00
Willrijk Melting Blues 5:30
Pour moi la vie va commencer
Purple Avenue I Love Johnny 3:50
The Second
Derrick Hodge The Second 5:41
Alien Folk Urbanaire - Beat Tape
Kankick Seeing Spirits 1:44
Make Love
Daft Punk Human After All 4:49
On the Road
Guitarra Chill Out Guitarra e Dança Flamenca (Músicas de Fundo) 5:22
Siriusmo Mosaik 2:47
Any Other Way
Market Market 4:37
Licence to Dream
D.K. Love on Delivery 4:43
Mystery Dub
D.K. Mystery Dub EP 5:20
Senseque Seaview - EP 5:33
Senseque Obsession Lounge, Vol. 3 5:15
Cabeza Pelá (feat. Carlos Tales)
Candeleros Candeleros 2:37
Shore Breezin'
Kankick Acid Massive Musical 1:57
4 The Love - Satoshi Fumi Mix
Ricky Ryan 4 The Love 7:42
Tulipe Noir
Definition Falling EP 6:34
Antequera Summer - Original Mix
Stergios Antequera Summer 9:01
Child Sunrise - Urmet K Remix
Nopi (UA) Loveaway 6:31
The Mess
Ondo Fudd Eyes Glide Through The Oxide 7:37
Aqua - Dj Ghe Remix
Andre Zimma Remixes 4:50
D.K. Distant Images 4:26
Teeth - Extended Mix
Working Men's Club Teeth 5:46
Child Sunrise
Nopi (UA) Loveaway 8:33
Just Here
Juloboy Just Here 5:48
Celeste - (Jaap Ligthart Remix) [Mixed]
FOTN Global Underground: Select #4 (Mixed) 3:36
Sometimes It Goes One Way - Original Mix
Gab Rhome Farewell At The Gates Of Dawn 7:18
Guitar Solist - Original Mix
Roberto Albini Soulful House Essentials, Vol. 15 5:38
My Door
Freddie Sunshine My Door 2:33
Bae Bae
Kid Tarô Homecoming 2:19
Sunset Riddim
Partillo Productions Feel so Good 3:12
1 For My DJ - Raydar Ellis Remix / Interlude
Brandee Younger Revive Music Presents Supreme Sonacy (Vol. 1) 1:18
Letienne Dark Matters 7:33
Kintar El Camino 6:59
Haywyre Two Fold Pt. 2 3:15
I Know
Red Licorice Red Licorice 2:23
Clock Strike Zero
Derrick Hodge The Second 4:49
Transcendence - Radio Edit
Mitchell Coleman Jr Transcendence 4:07
Bird on the Wing
Sungazer Sungazer, Vol. 2 3:56
Bad Kids To The Back
Snarky Puppy Bad Kids to the Back 5:45
L&G Psychedlic
Almunia New Moon 5:53
Philipp Kempnich Changes 7:30
Nattvandring - Original Mix
Rune Lindbaek Sondag 4:24
All I Need - Instrumental
Dana Blade All I Need 3:18
Cello Wars
The Piano Guys The Piano Guys 3:31
Flott Flyt
Diskjokke Staying In 6:41
Judgement Day
Lee Perry & The Upsetters I Am the Upsetter - The Story of the Lee "Scratch" Perry Golden Years 4:22
Salewa - Mollono.Bass Remix
Renga Weh Salewa 5:45
Don't Feel The Prescence - Original Mix
Hunter/Game Paradise Summer Sampler 6:32
Rejoice - Delirious Sax Mix
Roberto Albini Rejoice (Delirious Sax Mix) 4:52
My Freedom Has No Price
Kognitif Soul Food 4:01
Bring it On
Michael Manson Up Front 4:46
Dağlarda Dans
Hey! Douglas Marşandiz 3:47
Everyone Goes Down the Spiral Staircase
Simulation Everyone Goes Down the Spiral Staircase 4:26
Clockwise - Arone Clein & Rio Dela Duna Remix
Cedric Vian Club Affairs (Volume 6) 8:15
Hot Destinations For A Cooler You
Telephones Café del Mar - Balearic Grooves 2 5:53
Out of Me
Jonny Sum Hush Cuts, Vol. 1 5:47
The Groove
Twilight Circus Dub From The Secret Vaults 4:18
Exquisite Livin'
Grumpysnorlax Nurse Joy 1:19
Seoul - Luiz B Remix
Luiz B Seoul 6:54
Four Sided Pebble
Unknown Mobile Mixed Use 5:51
Social Compromise
Suonare Summer Compilation, Vol. 2 6:40
Three Forks Of Sandt
Clark Kessinger Legends Of Old-Time Music:Fifty Years Of County Records 1:23
Ocean Daze
delt Ocean Daze 2:05
Glitter - Original
Bastards Of Funk Glitter / Bam Bam 7:29
Lonely Days - Hunter/game Remix
Blond:ish Lonely Days 6:37
Compoforest - Black Light Smoke Remix
Fugitiv Compoforest 5:56
Matt Coldrick Easy Moods 3:02
Origins - Intrinity Remix
Soundslogic Tallulah / Origins 6:09
Incontrolable - Original Mix
Acumen Selador 5th Birthday, Pt.2 8:56
Street Lights
Pavle Popov Electronic Pieces 5:26
Sick and Tired
Soweto South West Town 5:05
How We Breathe - Matchy & Bott Remix
Gabriel Pivaro How We Breathe (The Remixes) 5:43
Dream - George Whyman Remix
Gabriel Pivaro Dream 5:44
Now This How We Do It
Solsonics Jazz In The Present Tense 2:48
Tonight (Best You Ever Had)
Tony Saunders Uptown Jazz 4:05
Uptown Jazz
Tony Saunders Uptown Jazz 4:04
Sea Cliff Drive
Tony Saunders Uptown Jazz 4:34
Bigger Than Outside
Tony Saunders Romancing the Bass 4:52
foodman ODOODO 2:51
How It Used To Be
Renaldas How It Used To Be EP 8:00
Downside Dub
Ollie Collins A New Direction 3:35
Stupid. Nothing.
Dot.s Stupid. Nothing. 3:56
Chicks Chums
Tony Grey Elevation 4:38
Maria También
Khruangbin Con Todo El Mundo 3:10
Bottom's Up
Victor Bailey Bottom's Up 5:52
The Flying Nun
9 Lazy 9 Sweet Jones 3:02