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Song Artist Album
Love Foolosophy (with Beverley Knight) - Radio Edit
Jamiroquai A funk odyssey 3:44
Mountenz Symphony 3:19
Without You
Kurt Hugo Schneider Schneider Brother Covers 3:18
No Fear
Greyson Chance Somewhere over My Head 3:44
Save Your Goodbye
Mike Posner 31 Minutes to Takeoff 3:35
I Can't Stop Drinking About You - Chainsmokers Remix
Bebe Rexha I Can't Stop Drinking About You Remix EP 4:23
Ellie Goulding Halcyon Days 3:51
Virginia To Vegas Selfish 3:31
Let Me Love You
Campsite Dream Let Me Love You 3:11
That's What I Like
Bruno Mars 24K Magic 3:26
Sorry Not Sorry
Pentatonix PTX Presents: Top Pop, Vol. I 3:23
The One - Radio Edit
DJ Antoine Provocateur 3:14
Because of You / Let Me Love You
PLVTINUM Because of You / Let Me Love You 3:19
BIGBANG Always 3:49
Mau Nuoc Mat - Original
Nguyen Tran Trung Quan Mau Nuoc Mat (Original) 7:20
Nguoi Hay Quen Em DI
Mỹ Tâm Tâm 9 3:52
Adios Amigo - Nalestar Remix
Nexeri Adios Amigo (The Remixes) 2:40
Never Be Like You
Flume Skin 3:53
Breaking Me - HUGEL Remix
Topic Breaking Me (HUGEL Remix) 2:51
Giúp Em Trả Lời Những Câu Hỏi
Kiều Thơ Mellow Giúp Em Trả Lời Những Câu Hỏi 5:24
Ed Sheeran x (Deluxe Edition) 4:18
Good Together
SHY Martin Good Together 3:25
Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia 3:28
Firestone (feat. Conrad Sewell) - Live Acoustic Version
Kygo Firestone (feat. Conrad Sewell) [Live Acoustic Version] 3:46
Who We Are
FTampa Who We Are 3:10
Talk - Disclosure VIP
Khalid Talk (Disclosure VIP) 4:33
Chasing The Sun
The Wanted The Wanted (Special Edition) 3:18
Attention - Bingo Players Remix
Charlie Puth Attention (Acoustic + Remixes) 2:24
Silence - Festival Vocal Mix
Evan Virgan Silence 6:04
Sorry For Myself - Acoustic Version
CADE Sorry For Myself (Acoustic Version) 2:58
Rhymastic LOVE 5 4:00
The Weight
Mavrick Atlantis 3:53
Personal - Cedric Gervais Remix
The Vamps Personal (Cedric Gervais Remix) 2:43
Only One
BoA Only One 3:37
River Flows In You
Yiruma River Flows In You 3:05
Tracking Aeroplanes
The Echelon Effect Field Recordings 7:48
One Love
Blue One Love 3:27
Maluma Corazón 3:04
Somebody That I Used To Know
Kurt Hugo Schneider Schneider Brother Covers 3:11
Nico Santos Rooftop 3:17
Attention - Oliver Heldens Remix
Charlie Puth Attention (Oliver Heldens Remix) 3:22
The Way I Am - Taska Black Remix
Charlie Puth The Way I Am (Taska Black Remix) 3:15
In the Dark
Maori In the Dark 3:11
Lost on You
LP Death Valley 4:28
Meghan Trainor Thank You (Deluxe) 3:33
I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker) - From "Fifty Shades Darker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)"
ZAYN I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker) 4:05
We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez) - DROELOE Remix
Charlie Puth We Don't Talk Anymore (DROELOE Remix) 3:38
All of Me
Jasmine Thompson Another Bundle of Tantrums 3:37
Taio Cruz Rokstarr 3:23
Kanye West Graduation 5:11
Love Is Action
Tauren Wells Love Is Action 3:05
Dusk Till Dawn - Luca Lush Remix
ZAYN Dusk Till Dawn (The Remixes) (feat. Sia) 3:29
Lose My Number
James Blunt The Afterlove 3:28
Give Me Love
Kurt Hugo Schneider Schneider Brother Covers 3:12
LA Girls
Charlie Puth Voicenotes 3:17
Whole - Rob Gasser Remix
Chime Whole (Rob Gasser Remix) 3:07
Silver Rain
Rendy Pandugo The Journey 3:29
Ngày Mai Em Đi
Lê Hiếu Ngày Mai Em Đi 3:38
Virginia To Vegas Utopian 3:31
Scared To Be Lonely - Joe Mason Remix
Martin Garrix Scared To Be Lonely Remixes Vol. 2 3:27
Middle Of The Night (feat. Matluck) - Radio Edit
Rave Republic Middle Of The Night (feat. Matluck) 3:00
If You're Hearing This
Hook N Sling If You're Hearing This 2:53
Lulleaux Contact 2:21
How Do You Sleep?
John Tucker How Do You Sleep? 3:20
Hands off My Heart - Mysto & Pizzi Remix
MKTO Hands off My Heart (Mysto & Pizzi Remix) 4:13
Charlie Puth Voicenotes 3:10
Done for Me (feat. Kehlani)
Charlie Puth Voicenotes 3:00
I Love You Like a Love Song (Cover)
Reed Deming Ridiculous 3:11
Unbreakable (feat. Miracle)
Faydee Unbreakable (Ep) 4:42
How Long
Charlie Puth Voicenotes 3:20
Get Low (with Liam Payne)
Zedd Get Low (with Liam Payne) 3:24
808 - Jack Novak Remix
Jane Zhang 808 3:00
Lost In Japan
Shawn Mendes Lost In Japan 3:20
Because of you
After School Because of You 3:58
I Forgot - MOTi Remix
Clara Mae I Forgot (MOTi Remix) 3:04
I Like Me Better - TRU Concept Remix
Lauv I Like Me Better (TRU Concept Remix) 3:09
The Way I Am
Charlie Puth The Way I Am 3:06
Make A Move
LYcKa Make A Move 3:08
For You (Fifty Shades Freed) (& Rita Ora)
Liam Payne Spring Party 2018 4:04
Because Of You
Ne-Yo Because Of You 4:26
Chasing Fire - Robin Schulz Remix
Lauv Chasing Fire (Robin Schulz Remix) 3:37
Chasing Fire
Lauv Chasing Fire 3:25
Em Gái Mưa
Huong Tram Em Gái Mưa 5:23
Attention - HUGEL Remix
Charlie Puth Attention (Acoustic + Remixes) 4:36
Treat You Better
Shawn Mendes Illuminate (Deluxe) 3:07
The Heart Asks Pleasure First / The Promise - Edit
Michael Nyman Film Music 1980 - 2001 3:11
Majk Spirit Novy clovek 4:26
Remember I Told You
Nick Jonas Remember I Told You 3:21
Done For Me (feat. Kehlani)
Charlie Puth Done For Me (feat. Kehlani) 3:00
If You Leave Me Now (feat. Boyz II Men)
Charlie Puth Voicenotes 4:03
The Way I Am - Eden Prince Remix
Charlie Puth The Way I Am (Eden Prince Remix) 3:12
F For You
Disclosure Settle (Special Edition) 6:15
There's No Way (feat. Julia Michaels)
Lauv There's No Way (feat. Julia Michaels) 2:54
Dau Chi Rieng Em
Mỹ Tâm Tâm 9 3:54
We All Want The Same Thing
Rixton Let The Road 3:45
Kiiara Messy 2:49
Are You With Me
Lost Frequencies Less Is More 2:18
Đi Đu Đưa Đi
Bich Phuong Đi Đu Đưa Đi 3:40
Lights Down Low - Latin Mix
MAX Lights Down Low (Latin Mix) 3:43
So Sick
Kurt Hugo Schneider Schneider Brother Covers 3:00
Not Over You
Kurt Hugo Schneider Schneider Brother Covers 3:44
Change Your Life (feat. Laughton Kora)
Kim Dotcom Good Times 3:15
Kissing Strangers
DNCE Kissing Strangers 3:22
Right Now
Nick Jonas Right Now 3:21
Running Out Of Reasons
The Wanted Word Of Mouth (Deluxe) 3:46
Buy U A Drank - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC
MAX Spotify Singles 2:43
Done For Me
Jason Chen Done For Me 2:54
The Wanted The Wanted (Special Edition) 3:38
Harder To Breathe
Maroon 5 Songs About Jane: 10th Anniversary Edition 2:53
Sistek Pitfalls 3:19
Dead And Gone (feat. Justin Timberlake)
T.I. Paper Trail 4:59
Through It All
Charlie Puth Voicenotes 3:26
Somebody Told Me
Charlie Puth Voicenotes 3:36
Gavin James Always 4:07
I Forgot
Clara Mae I Forgot 3:04
Dance Monkey
Tones And I Dance Monkey (Stripped Back) / Dance Monkey 3:29
Bài Này Chill Phết
Đen Bài Này Chill Phết 4:36
Conor Maynard Despacito Season 3:24
Sezairi 70's 3:30
Turn Back Time
Daniel Schulz Turn Back Time 3:43
As You Are (feat. Shy Carter)
Charlie Puth Nine Track Mind 3:55
Back Together
Loote Back Together 3:03
Khalid Talk 3:17
Snoop Dogg Signs 3:56
Broken Strings
James Morrison Songs For You, Truths For Me (International Exclusive Bundle) 4:10
Deep End - Farbenblind & NeoTune! Remix
Jannine Weigel Deep End (Farbenblind & NeoTune! Remix) 3:36
Like You
Trouze Like You 3:24
Paris in the Rain
Lone Tusker Paris in the Rain 3:21
Miss Independent - Plastic Club Mix
Moombahteam Miss Independent 3:08
Scared To Be Lonely
The Cameron Collective Scared To Be Lonely 3:48
That's What I Like - Alan Walker Remix
Bruno Mars That's What I Like (Alan Walker Remix) 3:15
You And I
Cuong Seven You And I 3:46
Kris Wu July 3:06
teamwork. Afterhours 3:25
All of Me (Tiësto's Birthday Treatment Remix) - Radio Edit
John Legend All of Me (Tiësto's Birthday Treatment Remix - Radio Edit) 4:11
No Scrubs
TLC Fanmail 3:34
She's Crazy but She's Mine
Alex Sparrow She's Crazy but She's Mine 3:39
Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman 3:22
Glad You Came
I'm Glad You Came Glad You Came 3:17
Glad You Came
The Wanted Battleground (Deluxe Edition) 3:17
It Will Rain
Kurt Hugo Schneider Schneider Brother Covers 4:06
Where Is the Love?
The Bambinis Kids Holiday Pop Music for the Road 4:32
Matt Terry Trouble 3:12
Lights Down Low (feat. gnash) - Riddler Remix
MAX Lights Down Low (feat. gnash) [Riddler Remix] 3:44
Calvin Harris Motion 3:42
High Hopes
Panic! At The Disco Pray for the Wicked 3:10
SEVENTEEN SEVENTEEN 4th Mini Album ‘Al1’ 4:13
Hit Song
SEVENTEEN Love&Letter repackage album 3:43
Ian Storm Mandy 2:56
If I Can't Have You - Gryffin Remix
Shawn Mendes If I Can't Have You (Gryffin Remix) 4:13
Em Mới Là Người Yêu Anh
MIN Em Mới Là Người Yêu Anh 3:48
Future Sunsets Youngblood 3:39
Stay in Touch
Stephen Rezza Stay in Touch 3:25
Empty Cups
Charlie Puth Voicenotes 2:50
Dancing With A Stranger (With Normani) - Cheat Codes Remix
Sam Smith Dancing With A Stranger (With Normani) [Cheat Codes Remix] 2:39
TELYKast Attention 2:52
Jack & Jack Beg 3:03
The Way I Am
Charlie Puth Voicenotes 3:06
Whenever (feat. Conor Maynard)
Kris Kross Amsterdam Whenever (feat. Conor Maynard) 2:43
Sebastian Yatra MANTRA 3:49
Tick Tock - Junge Junge Remix
Kyle Pearce Tick Tock (Junge Junge Remix) 3:37
Trời Giấu Trời Mang Đi
AMEE Trời Giấu Trời Mang Đi 4:18
Black Beatles Confessions
Alex Army Aiono The Windy City 2:45
Tình Đơn Phương
Tùng Acoustic Tuyển Tập Của Tùng Acoustic 4:42
Em Cua Ngay Xua Khac Roi
Lam Anh Chuyen Cua Lam 3:32
Jonas Brothers Sucker 3:01
Không Sao Mà, Em Đây Rồi
Suni Ha Linh Không Sao Mà, Em Đây Rồi 4:27
Nguyễn Trọng Tài 4:16
Goodbye - Original Mix
Dj Geducht Goodbye Love 4:43
Let's Go Back
Mario Chris Let's Go Back 3:29
Por Perro
Sebastian Yatra Por Perro 4:05
Fuck Buddy
FANNYPACK Fuck Buddy 2:31
Wedding Dress - English Version
TAEYANG Solar International 4:07
We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez)
Charlie Puth Nine Track Mind 3:37
The Magic Key
One-T The One-T ODC 3:48
One Direction Made In The A.M. (Deluxe Edition) 3:07
When It Feels Right
Chase White Out of My Head 3:53
GOAT Grenade 3:58
Slow It Down
Charlie Puth Voicenotes 3:10
Change (feat. James Taylor)
Charlie Puth Voicenotes 3:37
Done for Me - Syn Cole Remix
Charlie Puth Done for Me (feat. Kehlani) [Remixes] 3:09
Ariana Grande Sweetener 4:05
Jay Sean The Mistress, Pt. I & II 4:08
Reality - SPYZR Remix
Lost Frequencies Reality (Remixes) 3:10
Are You Sure? (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) - Eden Prince Remix
Kris Kross Amsterdam Are You Sure? (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Eden Prince Remix] 3:05
2u (Remix)
F4ST 2u (Remix) 4:11
Little Bit
Timeflies Little Bit 2:43
MOTi Home 2:17
Nuclear Seasons
Charli XCX True Romance 4:41
Đen Đá Không Đường - Rap Version
AMEE Đen Đá Không Đường (Rap Version) 3:16
Anh Nhà Ở Đâu Thế?
AMEE Dreamee 3:37
Fifth Harmony Reflection (Deluxe) 3:08
Chill Beat - Lofi Hip Hop
Lofi Hip-Hop Beats Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats 1:38
Anh Đánh Rơi Người Yêu Này! - Thật Tuyệt Vời Khi Ở Bên Em Ost
Andiez Anh Đánh Rơi Người Yêu Này! (Thật Tuyệt Vời Khi Ở Bên Em Ost) 3:27
Maroon 5 Memories 3:09
Between us - Korean version
Soobin Hoang Son Between us 3:06
Let Me Love You
Adam Katz Let Me Love You 2:52
Braaten & Chrit Leaf Burn 2:37
New Hope Club Welcome To The Club 3:44
At My Place (Baby You Don't Have to Rush)
We Go Running At My Place (Baby You Don't Have to Rush) 3:43
Rain Check
Eventide Rain Check 4:17
Some Say
Nea Some Say 2:55
Forget Me
Sir Posh Forget Me 3:15
For the First Time
The Script Science & Faith 4:12
Way Back Home (feat. Conor Maynard) - Sam Feldt Edit
SHAUN Way Back Home (feat. Conor Maynard) [Sam Feldt Edit] 3:12
What Do I Know?
Ed Sheeran ÷ (Deluxe) 3:57
Beautiful Now
Zedd True Colors 3:38
Mesmerizing - Official HockeyLoverz 2017 Anthem
CAJOR Mesmerizing (Official HockeyLoverz 2017 Anthem) 3:24
Conor Maynard Xmas Box 2:47
Đen Đá Không Đường
AMEE Dreamee 3:01
Arensky Shallows 3:09
Gangnam Style
Jayesslee Gangnam Style 3:02
Charlie Puth Voicenotes 4:23
Nguoi La Oi ! (Solo Version) - Original
Người Lạ Ơi - Masew Remix
Chau Dang Khoa Người Lạ Ơi ! 5:07
Một Bước Yêu Vạn Dặm Đau
Sasha Tan MTL Dại Khờ 4:03
Người Lạ Ơi - Hoaprox Remix
Chau Dang Khoa Người Lạ Ơi ! 4:31
Shawn Mendes Señorita 3:10
Name Tag
Nivicious Name Tag 3:16
Coming Home
Diddy - Dirty Money Last Train To Paris 3:58
Far East Movement Free Wired 3:31
Super Far
You’re Pitiful
Teman Bahagia
Jaz Teman Bahagia 3:28
Lighthouse - Andrelli Remix
Hearts & Colors Lighthouse (Andrelli Remix) 3:38
Jax Jones Play 3:06
Don't Wanna Wake Up
Capital Kings Don't Wanna Wake Up 3:47
No Air (feat. Chris Brown)
Jordin Sparks Jordin Sparks 4:24
I Really Like You
Carly Rae Jepsen Emotion 3:24
Shawn Mendes Illuminate (Deluxe) 4:01
I Don't Wanna Die
The Fleurist I Don't Wanna Die 2:26
Summer's End
Hiroshi Yamazaki Your Tale 3:33
Calma - Remix
Pedro Capó Calma (Remix) 3:58
Hate How Much I Love You
Conor Maynard Hate How Much I Love You 2:55
Pedro Capó Calma 3:00
Charlie Puth Attention 3:31
Keep Me Jealous
The Sam Willows Take Heart (Japan Edition) 3:07
Used To Have It All - Sonny Bass Remix
FÄIS Used To Have It All (The Remixes) 3:45
Thousand Years
Bars and Melody Generation Z 2:54
Chua Bao Gio Me Ke
MIN Chua Bao Gio Me Ke 4:18
Chua Bao Gio Me Ke - Ngày Thứ 8 Của Mẹ
MIN Chua Bao Gio Me Ke 4:18
Castle in the Sky
Adon Castle in the Sky 2:51
NEIKED Sexual 3:08
I Hate This Part
The Pussycat Dolls Doll Domination 3:38
Francesco Yates Francesco Yates 4:01
Nevada (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)
Vicetone Nevada (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff) 3:28
i'm so tired...
Lauv i'm so tired... 2:42
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Nathan Sykes Unfinished Business (Deluxe) 3:38