Deneme 2 by 11184608891

Energy is High, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric). Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 100 songs.

Song Artist Album
Swedish Models and Cocaine
Faderhead The World of Faderhead 4:10
Tills vidare
Sebastian Stakset Tills vidare 2:38
The World Is Mine - Theme for Cyprien
Pv Nova Faces B (2008 - 2012) 2:35
Ai Meu Nariz! (Tengo un Grano en la Nariz)
A Turma Do Balão Mágico Box A Turma do Balão Mágico 3:03
I Forget
Faderhead Atoms & Emptiness 3:53
Fresh Air
Castle Pasture Cobweb Tears 2:38
Heart Attack
Mark Sultan Filthy Rat 2:44
Talmud Beach Talmud Beach 1:54
Alekan Girl
Strange Boutique Charm 3:49
The Wizard
Talmud Beach Talmud Beach 2:49
Adventure - Bedroom ver.
[Alexandros] Bedroom Joule 4:52
Drechter Penoze 3:10
Collapsing Lives Screaming (Remix)
Dogtablet Collapsing Lives Screaming (Remix) 4:20
Tobacco Road
Tommy Youngblood Pounds of Soul 2:40
Through the Jukebox
Donice Morace Long Live the Cowboy 4:07
DODO G.O.D. 2:25
Halo Flamin Lead
Foetus Sink 4:29
Commotionn & Jayson Legacy The Exception 1137 2:56
Oh Damn!
Cytrus Oh Damn! 5:23
I'm Gay
Bobolicener Acrylic 3:29
Sober Feels
Nia Archives Sober Feels 3:20
Waldir Azevedo iCollection 2:30
Six Pack
Prison Book Club Prison Book Club 2:35
Neon Leon
Hellbound Glory Pure Scum 2:45
Love Is A Mystery
The Pleasure Company Love Is The Answer 4:31
Rolling On
Shanti Powa Rolling On 3:20
Mother's Cry
Baba B Mother's Cry 3:25
Sittin' I N I
Walt Sittin' I N I 4:01
Dub Seeds Skunk Face 4:40
Mystic Roots Monterey or Bust 3:31
Trully Madly Deeply
Green Band Summer of Love (The Greatest Love Songs of All Times) 3:37
Pretty Girls
Outlaw Nation Blood Money 3:38
Beep beep
Dubcat Som 3:02
Locked Up
Echoing Dream Locked Up 3:40
Good One
Mana Grace Good One 2:44
Pink Navel Andre's Gift & Omer Tower 2:45
Gabe Guthrie Bloom 4:00
Kevin Creel Fairgrounds 2:32
The Orange Kyte Carousel 3:12
Meant to Be
Spike Meant to Be 3:42
Hide Away
The Sentinals Big Surf 2:10
Something Left Alive
Fort Wilson Riot trIllIun 2:40
The Spills
Wizaard Starfish Buffet 4:38
Come All Ye Coal Miners
Panopticon Kentucky 4:13
Sign Your Name
Twelve Monkeys Sign Your Name 2:15
Out of My Head
Nu'u Out of My Head 3:50
Life is in the Air
Broadway Calls Broadway Calls 2:17
Phenom - Club Mix
Iris Dependence 2015 6:09
Aamulla Rautatieasemalla
Talmud Beach Talmud Beach 1:11
Pony People
Wounded Lion Wounded Lion 3:06
Narassa Tensione Dinamica 3:02
You Make Everything Better
Phoebe Katis It's Ok To Cry 2:51
Пошло все в жопу, сяду на коня (минус)
Пневмослон Первый оральный 1:56
Polka Angelo
Pat'jaune Youl 4:36
100% - Combichrist
Angelspit Krankhaus: Surgically Atoned 5:16
We Got Struck by Lightning
Stu Larsen Marigold 3:12
A cause fifine
Ousanousava Ousanousava Live 3:27
Sun Sets West
little hurricane Homewrecker 2:30
VNV Nation Automatic 7:52
Se Acerca el Frío
Caballos Montaraz 4:03
Caballos Montaraz 5:23
She Wet
Coco Swing 17 2:47
Big Drip
Coco Swing 17 1:58
Город мой
Пётр Елфимов Счастье моё - Тобольск 3:43
Guerrilla Ghost Warning 5:40
Ana imanet
Nabil Baly Othmani Amghar in 4:51
Ghoonghat Ohle Na Luk Sajna
Abida World Music 4:40
Sister Golden Hair
Vanessa Peters Mixtape 3:43
ReggieBDABoss Broken Dreams 3:41
Tchek !
Estelle Goldfarb Naissance 4:16
Boss Talc Pt. 1.5
ReggieBDABoss Boss Talc Pt. 1.5 2:48
Top of the Stars - Houze Bandits Vs. Scott Guscio Remix
Big City Angels Top of the Stars 5:21
Nyama bryag
Ani Lozanova Ani Lozanova 3:57
Dlen manin
Nabil Baly Othmani Amghar in 5:18
C4 Champion Miéntele 3:02
Lune noire
Estelle Goldfarb Naissance 3:22
Situations 2
ReggieBDABoss Broken Dreams 3:15
The Low Low
808lk 96701 3:39
Niama Briag - 2001 edit
Ani Lozanova OGLEDALO 3:57
This Is What We Are
Crsn. This Is What We Are 3:52
Sail Away
Johnny Clegg King Of Time 3:23
I Got The Spirit (feat. Datin, Raging Moses, Stefan Otto & Jered Sanders)
Tee-Wyla I Got The Spirit 4:28
The Front Fell Off
Bryan Dawe Fred Dagg Anthology 2:09
Reggae-Kolor - Dancehall
Rita Marley Reggae Kolor (Tribute to Bob Marley) 13:53
Foulden Road
Neue Grafik Ensemble Foulden Road 3:35
Mutari Momma 3:10
Pause fra pausen
Tøyen Holding Pause fra pausen 4:27
Hall St.
Infectious Organisms Human Experience 3:39
Love Makes, Pt. 1
K-Rec Love Makes, Pt. 1 3:00
Jé Santiago Hora do Rush, Vol. 1 2:35
Mughal-E-Funk Sultanat 4:09
Wake Up the Neighbours - René de la Moné & Slin Project Remix
Combination feat. Tommy Clint Wake Up the Neighbours 5:56
La Cereza del Zar (En Vivo)
Luis Alberto Spinetta Presentación ARTAUD - 1973 - Teatro Astral (En Vivo) 1:15
Venkatesh Guru 2:56
Hiphop Caution, Pt. 6
Armc el de la Voz Aspera Hiphop Caution, Pt. 6 4:25
Lokos X Cristo
Armc el de la Voz Aspera Lokos X Cristo 5:04
Evan Diem Bones 3:18
Bambui Coming From Da Surfside 4:20
Balad - by Olga Kouklaki
Yasmine Hamdan Jamilat Reprise 4:46