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Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), Energy is Medium, Danceability is Moderately. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted by least popular. Limited to 20 songs.

Song Artist Album
Roma Dune Elegy Of The Machine 3:36
Hotel Suite
Casey Veggies Fresh Veggies 2 3:36
valentina cy Bad 2:54
Flightless Bird
Alexa Melo DEMOÏTIS 4:18
Kevin Hart I'm a Grown Little Man 0:20
Kenni and the Jets
The Fearless Flyers Tailwinds ... 4:09
Bomb A**
Foxy Brown Chyna Doll 0:59
Kejo Do You Know Who I Am 3:58
Dave East Karma 3:26
Fuck you
The Official (Karaoke) Karaoke Lil Wayne Greatest Hits 4:24
Giving Up
Nickelus F Heathen 0:35
Love To Ball
Freeway Fave 5 3:06
Trey Songz - Sex Ain't Better Than Love (Vocal Melody Version)
Ultimate Tribute Stars Future Sounds: 50 Modern Hits 4:23
Luxury Addiction
Protocol Lounge Evidence of Contemporary Music for Bars and Aperitif Parties 3:03
Just a Moment (Eternal)
Rashad thaPoet And Then What (Thoughts from the Other Day) 3:16
Dancing All Night Long
Relaxing Piano Music Oasis Glass of Red Wine in Jazz Restaurant: Selection of Greatest Smooth Jazz Music for Elegant Restaurant & Cafe, Romantic Piano Melodies, Top Instrumental Songs 3:19
Air Is...
Mickey Factz Y 2:36
Come Close to Me
Ameritz Top Tributes Come Close to Me: A Tribute to COMMON & Mary J. Blige 3:39
Dial Tones Instrumental
Jonathan Kyle Drake Dial Tones Instrumental 5:35
Zach Farlow Over 'Til It's Over 3:16