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Energy is High. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 100 songs.

Song Artist Album
Marcio Campos Techno Essence, Vol. 02 3:32
Get It
Clubbers Get It 4:40
Touch The Sky
Once Cube Touch The Sky 5:39
Beautiful People
Galck Beautiful People 4:46
Sur la route
Lost Bonhomme Pendu (Chapitre 3) 3:48
The Sound Of The Violin
Marcio Campos Work It The Bone EP 6:30
Evil Ebenezer Rambo 3:52
Lost Bonhomme Pendu (Chapitre 3) 1:50
Never Panic (feat. Evil Ebenezer)
Jyay Never Panic (feat. Evil Ebenezer) 3:42
Broken Dreams
Evil Ebenezer Rambo 3:29
Evil Ebenezer Rambo 3:08
Little Girl of Mine
The Cleftones The Best Of The Cleftones 3:12
Cumbia Negra
Tropi Carro's De Checo Hernández La Historia Continúa 2:57
Ella Se Fue Llorando
Tropi Carro's De Checo Hernández Éxitos Tropi Románticos de Sudamérica 2:53
You Are - Dub Mix
Erik Iker Schala 6:19
Lover Come Back to Me
The Cleftones The Best Of The Cleftones 2:07
The Cleftones The Best Of The Cleftones 2:25
Laws of Attraction
michael hicks Valentine St. 3:40
Better For It
Riley Clemmons Riley Clemmons 3:16
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
Harald Juhnke Was bleibt ist die Musik - Unsterblich der große Entertainer 2:34
Hold On
Riley Clemmons Riley Clemmons 3:49
Riley Clemmons Riley Clemmons 3:23
Some Love
michael hicks Valentine St. 3:36
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Harald Juhnke Was bleibt ist die Musik - Unsterblich der große Entertainer 3:29
Proton Pump
Akira Sakata Proton Pump 13:55
Akira Sakata Jikan 8:29
Yksi Totuus Suomi 3:24
Different World 2010 - Loverush UK! Club Mix
Loverush UK! Beach House: Funky Laid Back Grooves - Mixed By Love Assassins 6:47
Tyhjä nuori
LIFE Jää / Tyhjä nuori 4:03
Different World 2013 - Beat Service Extended
Beat Service Not This Time 6:57
Ei koskaan kotiin
Kalle Kinos Ei koskaan kotiin 3:58
Kalle Kinos Kalevacation - EP 4:41
Have a Smoke
The Night Wolf Have a Smoke 2:15
U Ruined it
Cysion The Icy Details 3:27
Fucking Melody
DJ L Fucking Melody 6:10
Esos Caminos de Arena
Requiebros Pensando en Ella 3:57
Waiting for Your Love - Sophill Remix
Tim Gartz Waiting for Your Love (Remixes) 3:11
Cómo Quieres Que Te Olvide
María de la Colina Punto y Aparte 4:26
Aika Voittaa
Mkash Aika Voittaa - EP 4:18
Megan Lloyd Canciones De Amor En Inglès 3:56
Candle in the Wind
Terry Peters The Very Best of Love Songs 4:11
Dirty Diana
Terry Peters The Very Best of 80's Hits 4:13
Del Alba a la Madrugá - Sevillana
Isabel Fayos Calle Betis 4:47
Arms Down
Ioni Aika Voittaa - EP 2:37
Bendita Tierra
Isabel Fayos Calle Betis 3:46
Emerge - Feemarx Remix
Theo Fraga Emerge 7:52
Body Say
Megan Lloyd Catching Feels Love Songs 3:16
Virginia Ernst ONE 3:48
Never Be the Same
Megan Lloyd Love Hits Most Wanted Playlist 3:47
Di Gracias por Quererte - Sevillana
Isabel Fayos Calle Betis 4:49
In Di Streets (feat. Mkash)
Ioni In Di Streets (feat. Mkash) 2:58
Virginia Ernst ONE 3:26
Break Free
Megan Lloyd Chart Topping Party Hits 3:34
Looking In These Eyes Now
Virginia Ernst Looking In These Eyes Now 3:30
Not a Love Song
Virginia Ernst ONE 3:02
If Not Tonight
Virginia Ernst ONE 3:23
Papi Chulo... Te Traigo El Mmmm - Original
Lorna Papi Chulo... Te Traigo El Mmmm 2:56
Qwizeen - German Valley Remix
Damien Fisher Qwizeen EP 7:21
Telescopios Inhumano 2:21
Paradiso Lado Humano 4:42
Mitchy Slick Imperial - Single 3:36
Paradiso Lado Humano 5:00
Won't Stop Bein A Blood
Mitchy Slick Yellow Tape 5:23
On The One (feat. Yukmouth)
Messy Marv Messy Slick 3:38
Trigeration Station
Mitchy Slick Trigeration Station 4:46
Diego To Da Bay
Messy Marv Messy Slick 4:01
Lucas Giarola Planeta Flor 4:34
El Susto
CHANO El Otro 2:40
Chica Indie
Lucas Giarola Planeta Flor 2:58
Piedra Mar del Plata
Lola Granillo Sangre o Saliva 4:24
Bröder Bröder 2:44
La Mente
Lola Granillo Sangre o Saliva 2:14
Las Vibraciones
Bröder Bröder 2:39
No Números
Lola Granillo Sangre o Saliva 3:23
Los Rincones
Bröder Bröder 2:52
Las Olas
Bröder Bröder 2:41
Días Invencibles
Bröder Bröder 4:18
DJ Hotday Good In Any Hood 3:52
Knock On Wood
DJ Hotday Fire Freestyles 2 2:13
Fatal Lucciauno The Message 2:33
Kill Your Darling
Summer Soul Kill Your Darling 3:36
Halal Dub
The Rootsman Eastern Sonics: Asian Underground Beats, Vol. 2 3:30
Panjabi MC Eastern Sonics: Asian Underground Beats, Vol. 2 4:42
Farewell Ferengistan
Banco De Gaia Songs from the Silk Road 6:13
Misra Pahadi Dhun
Narasinhalu Wadvati Kalyana Mangala Naada 15:19
Panj Pind
Panjabi MC Desi 4:42
Menak Lel Donia
Mohamed Chahine Menak Lel Donia 4:21
Bas Too High To Riot 4:01
Karnım Aç
Peyk Teslim Olma 3:59
The Glorious Land
PJ Harvey Let England Shake 3:34
Bir Ayda Unutursun
Sehabe Deli Raporu 3:09
Gabriella Cilmi Lessons To Be Learned 3:27
Ecco la felicità
Cosmo Disordine 4:03
Cosmo Disordine 2:29
Crazy - The Voice Performance
Melanie Martinez Crazy (The Voice Performance) 3:32
Ethic Entertainment Tarimbo 2:54
Lewis Capaldi Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent (Extended Edition) 3:30
I Knew You Were Trouble
We Came As Romans Punk Goes Pop, Vol. 6 3:38
Falling Blind Comets 4:40
My Attention - Radio Edit
Jetique My Attention 3:17