MR-ROCK by 21qxdvclnhz7gbix2icvkg7zq

Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), Energy is Medium, Acousticness is Somewhat, Explicit is included. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 500 songs.

Song Artist Album
Testa tra le nuvole, Pt. 0
Alfa Before Wanderlust 2:52
The Lady in Red
The Cooltrane Quartet The Lady in Red 3:47
Don't Give Me Your Number
Daryl Kim Don't Give Me Your Number 2:50
The Squip Enters
Jason Tam Be More Chill (Original Broadway Cast Recording) 1:17
Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)
Vibe2Vibe Ultimate Chart Hit Explosion 2:37
End Credits
Tokoyo End Credits 1:57
Il Giro Del Mondo
Alfa Before Wanderlust 3:33
Stomp and Grind (feat. Rico Nasty)
GRANDMA Even If We Don't Get It Together 2:59
Fast and Furious
Yung Craka Fast and Furious 1:25
Ouais ouais
Zola Ouais ouais 2:54
Bathroom Mirror / You're Coming Right? - From "La La Land" Score
Justin Hurwitz La La Land (Original Motion Picture Score) 1:22
Next to You - Mixed
Sam Evian Back to Mine: Jungle (DJ Mix) 3:00
Not Too Late
Patrick Carr You And Me 3:02
Cold Pizza For Breakfast Redux - from Cold Pizza For Breakfast
Christine Lavin Cold Pizza For Breakfast 3:07
Chosen One
Reeko Squeeze Chosen One 3:52
I've Got Christmas (When I Met You)
Eban Brown I've Got Christmas (When I Met You) 3:17
Caught In The Rain
Quarterflash Back Into Blue 4:55
I'm Gone
Sparkle Sparkle 5:14
Trail of Happiness
Bastian Steven Disconnected: Wave One 4:07
Do Your Ears Hang Low?
The Little Kids Band Music For Children Vol.1 1:21
Пришёл пить воду
Boris Grebenshikov Greatest Hits 3:46
Joshua Kadison Painted Desert Serenade 5:19
Medikul Sunglasses 2:28
Delrue Risquons tout 3:46
Haunt Me
Modern Maps Haunt Me 2:47
Tienes Que Creer en Mi - La Banda Performance
Richard Camacho Tienes Que Creer en Mi (La Banda Performance) 2:06
Play Back
Flori Hitet E Veres 2010 3:35
Ne Shpirt (feat. Elinel)
Flori Ne Shpirt (feat. Elinel) 3:18
Nightfall - Original Mix
Van Bellen Nightfall EP 6:15
After the Sun
RINI After the Sun 3:16
Don't Walk Out On Me
JW Roy A Room Full Of Strangers 3:12
I Want Another Affair
Jockstrap Love Is the Key to the City 3:06
New Born
Sinan Öktem New Born 3:21
The Streets Of Belfast
Celtic Thunder The Light Of Other Days 3:26
Black Thoughts
Jawoo Audio Memoirs 6:36
203 - Tauchgang ins Ungewisse - Teil 07
Die drei ??? 203/Tauchgang ins Ungewisse 1:45
Roger Pistola Adesiara 3:47
Quantum Theory Love Song
Aidan Moffat Here Lies the Body 2:44
Lonely This Christmas
Aidan Moffat Ghost Stories for Christmas 4:19
Kapitel 1: Winnetou I - Teil 3
Audio Media Digital Hörbücher Winnetou I (Kapitel 1 bis 3) 0:36
Toumast Amachal 3:35
Anywhere but Here
Jeff Przech Anywhere but Here 4:40
Favela Funk - Album Version 2014
Shantisan Conexão 5:21
Flaco's Farewell
Tammy Rogers In the Red 3:28
Falling Through The Cracks
Michael Hill's Blues Mob Have Mercy! 4:33
203 - Tauchgang ins Ungewisse - Teil 28
Die drei ??? 203/Tauchgang ins Ungewisse 1:47
LAZUITE Deja 4:16
Early in the morning
Clifford Scott Mr. Honky Tonk is back in town 3:16
Ordinary Day
Melanie Penn Wake up Love 2:46
Nihat Ünal Yenilirim 3:12
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Ashley Leroux Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree 2:06
Steve Chou 星空下的傳說 4:37
The Deaf School
Rudi Zygadlo Achtung! 4:55
My Neck, My Back
Dan Henig My Neck, My Back 2:12
L.E.G.A.C.Y. Justus League Mixtape Volume I: NC State Of Mind 4:15
"Despacito" Parody Unplugged
The Key of Awesome "Despacito" Parody Unplugged 3:25
Te Haré Feliz
Trío Martino Doble Platino: Trio Martino, Vol. 2 2:47
Trío Martino Doble Platino: Trio Martino, Vol. 2 2:20
203 - Tauchgang ins Ungewisse - Teil 36
Die drei ??? 203/Tauchgang ins Ungewisse 1:55
Hope That We Can Be Together Soon - Radiot Edit
Toots & The Maytals Keep on Kicking, Volume 1 3:56
Para Siempre No Existe
Santero y Los Muchachos Rioflorido 3:44
Brent Faiyaz Sonder Son 4:08
Mini Conversation - Radio Edit
Toots & The Maytals Keep on Kicking, Volume 4 3:50
Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
Stella Starlight Trio The Best so Far… 2:45
Whats Going On
Timothy McNealy Sagittarius Black Collection 3:41
DJ Gimi-O SNAP 3:00
When Will I See You Again
Brother Beyond Trust 3:34
Alma, Corazón y Vida
Los Visconti Ayer, Hoy y Siempre 2:52
Tú no sabes querer
Lalo Rodriguez Lo Mejor De La Salsa Tropical 6:21
Viernes Sin Tu Amor
Vagon Chicano Norteñas Inolvidables Vol. 2 3:28
תשע בכיכר
Gazoz גזוז - 20 הלהיטים 4:26
Smooth Jazz for Reading
Smooth Jazz New York Smooth Jazz for Reading 1:32
Viernes Sin Tu Amor
Vagon Chicano Puras Para El Jefe De Jefes Vol. 2 3:32
Viernes Sin Tu Amor
Vagon Chicano Las Buenas Para Pistear Y Cantar Vol. 2 3:28
Kick Doe
Prophecy F. Bangout Bangout Season 2:06
Pudding oO A Pudding oO CD 5:01
Sweet Dill
Pudding oO A Pudding oO CD 2:57
Bunny Michael 888 2:17
Deff Trips. 3:11
Para Ganarme Tu Carino
Grupo Coral 4 Por Quererte Tanto 3:30
Nothing Else Matters
Juha Jarvinen Acoustician 1:23
Stalo Se V Městě Langtry
Irena Budweiserova Zlatá Kolekce 3:48
גן חיות
יוגב גלוסמן מישהו בדלת 4:31
Fuego Dollars 2:49
Dalua Músicas para Tocar no Carro, Vol. 1 3:17
Juhan Ongbrian Mood Swings 3:00
Dame Una Chanza
Ese Reyes Sentimientos Para Ti 3:55
Wild World
Reggae Rockers Top 40 Reggae - The 30 Best Reggae Hits of All Time 3:41
Heaven - Fer Galiano Remix
Fatih Evranos Heaven 7:22
Landy Wen 愛回溫新歌+精選 4:47
Sur La Route De Zion
Dar-k La Route De Zion 4:23
Dança Da Solidão
Paulinho Da Viola Danca Da Solidao 2:31
Lover's Leap
CHILDREN Lover's Leap 3:05
Tá Difícil
MC Talizin Tá Difícil 2:19
White Christmas
The Great Heights Band Three Christmas Classics... A Four Song EP 2:20
Apartamento 33
Amanda Coronha Apartamento 33 4:20
Vem, Eu Te Chamo
Edmir Coração livre (Canções Vocacionais) 2:48
Diagnose Beziehungsunfähig - Teil 3
Michael Nast Generation Beziehungsunfähig 2:22
Fase Vilã - Ao Vivo
Doce Encontro Fase Vilã (Ao Vivo) 3:15
That’s OK (feat.Oh Tae Seok-Obroject)
Lee Michelle Without you 3:42
JNC Intimacy 4:51
I'm Special
Rachelle Ferrell Rachelle Ferrell 6:10
Maginot Line
Geoff Berner We Shall Not Flag or Fail, We Shall Go On to the End 4:26
Cepasa Nove 3:48
La Tierra del Amor
Ricardo Bendek Refugio 3:04
Catch a Dinosaur Wading 3:33
Your Love Is King - Remastered
Sade The Ultimate Collection 3:41
Those Magic Changes - From “Grease” Soundtrack
Sha Na Na Grease (Deluxe Edition) 2:17
Cold Will Always Win
Paul Lynch Little Man 3:36
nobi ANTHOLOGY 2:29
Lilou a ses lunettes
Zut ABCD... Zut 1:44
I Am So Crazy
Swaraag Keerthan Nenorakam 4:08
Mohito - Styler Steel remix
Mike Efex Mohito 5:24
Una Última Vez
Sin Bandera Una Última Vez (Delux Edition) 4:17
Wat Weet Jij
Mano Wat Weet Jij 2:53
Desember (búinn að öllu)
Baggalútur Jólaland 3:31
'Til You Come Back To Me
Rachelle Ferrell Rachelle Ferrell 6:16
All I Want Is You
Transient The Ethereal Tribute to U2 4:18
City Lights
Joey Alexander Countdown 5:45
Blue Jean Beguine
Duke Ellington Ellington, Duke: Duke Ellington - The Forum, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (8 February 1954) 4:09
Last Night in Wichita
Joe Whiting This Life 3:47
24. Zu Margarine schleichen
Die drei ??? House of Horrors - Haus der Angst 1:46
Dawn Knock Three Times 3:07
Do for You
Stunt Straight Drop: The Bricctape 3:21
Viernes Sin Tu Amor
Vagon Chicano Las Que Canto Cuando Me Subo Al Carro Vol. 2 3:28
YUNG BOI Ziploc 2:37
Trey Christie Toxins 3:00
MiyaGi & Endspiel Умшакалака 4:28
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Alternate Version
Bobby Darin Darin 1936-1973 (Expanded Edition) 3:39
Time Off - Live
Art Blakey Ugetsu 4:55
Third Grade
ticofaces Third Grade / Butterflies 1:14
Mademoiselle Melody
Pierre Terrasse French Pop Songs 2:50
David Cutter Music Sessions - 2 0:58
Emin İgüs Uslu Şarkılar 3:21
Coma Carole Anne
Fictions Riviera 3:38
Stressed Out
Alyssa Poppin Stressed Out 3:07
Emperor TZZZARRR Cyanolover 2:44
Kınayı Getir Aney
Özcan Akın Oyun Havaları 2012 (Sazlı, Sözlü, Orglu) 2:34
Zeitgeist The Last Sweet Days Of Isaac 1:22
Total Control
Studio B Total Control 4:00
Sambanella - Play Time
Francis Lemarque Sonorama ! 4:50
Cumbia del Cuervo
Super Grupo Colombia Espectaculares de Los Guacharacos de Colombia y Super Grupo Colombia 2:47
La Charanga 76 con Hansel y Raul Encore 5:13
Midnight Marauders - Dub Version
Joe Dukie Ten Years Who Cares? 6:41
Midnight Marauders
Joe Dukie Midnight Marauders 7:10
La Charanga 76 con Hansel y Raul 12 Exitos Originales 4:34
IFT PROD Chithappa 4:14
Sobremesa Eterna
Karmasound Probabilidades 3:08
Deux dix cent
Odezenne O.V.N.I (Orchestre virtuose national incompétent) [Edition bonus Louis XIV] 2:33
Part of the Game
Velveteen Part of the Game 3:15
Girl On the Billboard
Jim & Jesse Diesel On My Tail 2:36
Navidad Sin Ti
Jaymir Villancicos Violentos, Vol.1 3:42
Feel The Sun
Ian Lovatt Rise And Shine 2:58
Who I'm With (feat. C Plus)
The Jacka 100 Lbs and Bricks of Bo 4:07
Saturn Never Sleeps Yesterday's Machine 4:20
(Hallo) Mr. Wake-Up Man
Beglomeg Elske Livet Fantastiskt 0:41
Blue 42
Jon Santana Blue 42 2:59
Star Girl
IQ Star Girl 3:30
I'm Okay
Nato Poppins Thank You for Listening 4:26
Salí de la Esquina
Lefty Sm Salí de la Esquina 3:33
Niqo Nuevo Eastside Junge 3:16
Call Me On My Flip Phone
Liltrxptendo Caq 2:52
Vasten auringon siltaa - Alle porte del sole
Katri Helena Parhaat päältä 3:36
Los Humildes 21 Exitos Versiones Originales 3:00
Sants Innocents
Umpah Pah Bamboo Avenue 3:17
A Vaca Ta Magra
Donas A Vaca Ta Magra 2:57
The Village
Yoann Laulan Dead Cells (Original Soundtrack) 4:55
Golden Rule
The Sometimes Island Bad People 4:03
Will Brock Rainbow-Music Rnb Soul - Vol. 02 4:12
Going West
Des All Stars Trombone Man - Rico: Anthology 1961-71 3:26
Leo Fayos Looking 7:20
So What
Louis Banks Miles From India 8:09
Driving To Amsterdam
Khan Space Shanty 9:23
Clint Eastwood
Breakfast at Your Place Under the Covers 2:22
Michael Blaze Moonlight. 2:28
Chocolatico & Caramelito
Lola Canciones Infantiles, Las Vocales, Los Colores & Mas 1:57
In Your Dreams
Katie Toupin Magnetic Moves 3:49
Sia Tolno Guinea: Songs, Rhythms to Dance and Lullabies 1:24
Someone Elses Exes
Steve Dowling & The Obliviates Austerity 5:04
Vannorte Plum 2:41
I Didn't Know
Skinshape I Didn't Know 3:38
Bekle Beni
Berkant Bekle Beni / Ben Sen O 2:23
Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas (Finale)
Matthew Sklar Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas (Original Television Soundtrack) 0:21
NANG Ralph Hardy Presents: Growing Pains 2 2:30
Pstgrd Bust Free 8 4:09
Frenchie B Tips 3:41
Historia de un Amor
Danny Frank Boleros de Oro de la Sonora Matancera 2:44
Bahia Bay
Esperanza La Esperanza 4:38
Luna De Octubre
Rondalla Voces de México Las Mañanitas Con Mariachi 2:50
Queso Suizo
Northsiders Queso Suizo 3:01
Viva Mi Desgracia
El Mariachi México Pedro Infante, Cien Años Sus Canciones Instrumentales 2:52
Bob The Bear
Rhys Muldoon I'm Not Singing 2:38
Spring Vale
Fujitsu Spring Vale 1:38
Bob Marley & The Wailers Talkin' Blues 3:06
Arslanbek Sultanbekov Dombira 2:40
Мой Косай
Arslanbek Sultanbekov Dombira 2:57
Stai con me (featuring Grazia Di Michele)
Fred Buccini Via con me (The Best Italian Love Songs) 3:16
These Are The Days Of Our Lives
Dream Queen Killer Queen- Tribute To Queen 4:03
Zobra's Dance
Delphi Performers The Very Best Of Greece 2:56
Love Isn't Anybody's Fault
BC Camplight How to Die in the North 3:09
MANOID Truth 6:12
Te Voy a Enseñar
Fama En Grande 3:37
Miron Rafis RedLine 3:17
Bring Me Love
Miron Rafis RedLine 3:11
Beat Dealer Feelings 1:57
Los Pamperos Gotas De Llanto 2:30
The Closest Ghost
Jean du Voyage The Closest EP 3:35
Jóvenes Insignes
Vil Urbe Animal 3:17
Bobby Forrester Bobby's Blues 7:38
Catboys Konzertkartenproblem (Teil 1)
PJ Masks Los geht's Pyjamahelden 3:02
Stay Alive
E. Mak Supply & Demand 2:40
Gangsta's Paradise
Joe Ray Totally 90S 3:59
Desert Ode 2010
Dom Thomas Synthetic Soul & Other Junk 1:51
Zelijah HMU 3:01
Say yeah!
Kaled Pan Say yeah! 2:41
Mi Jeva
Jlanny MI Jeva 5:05
Take It Easy
Mask Take It Easy 2:28
This Christmas
Kurt Elling The Beautiful Day 4:33
Kalla Sohna Nai
Akhil Kalla Sohna Nai 2:36
I Try
Anna Sofia I Try 3:32
Tu m'fais d'l'effet
Tel Quel Le jour gît au beau milieu de la nuit 5:22
How to Carry On
Wildflowers I Won't Waste This 3:22
Curious George
George Stewart Balancing Act 6:36
HYUKOH through love 5:23
satomoka Merry go round 3:40
Dove Sei?
Alfa Before Wanderlust 4:17
Lagoa De Aluá
Ednardo Ednardo 2:52
Yumi Matsutoya DA・DI・DA (ダ・ディ・ダ) 3:48
The Moods Merry LoFi Christmas 1:39
Troy Roberts Days Like These 10:12
Fiji Blue Home 2:40
Soul Cry The Love Chronicles 3:47
Besuche eines Gehenkten, Teil 8
Sherlock Holmes Die neuen Fälle - Fall 01: Besuche eines Gehenkten 4:36
Hotel California
Juha Jarvinen Acoustician 2:44
Estrellita Dónde Estás Canciones Infantiles Y Música Para Niños 2:56
Time To Move On
Sparkle Sparkle 4:03
Jack And Jill
The Little Kids Band Music For Children Vol.1 0:59
Take Me To Heart
Quarterflash Take Another Picture 3:32
Give It Up
Bastian Steven Disconnected: Wave One 3:23
Spacekees Autobiografie 0:49
Spacekees Autobiografie 2:31
Canhão de Paz - Acústico
Bloco do Caos Canhão de Paz (Acústico) 3:50
Ik Zen Zoe Blij
Barbara Dex Zo Zien We Je Graag 2015 3:20
17 Años
Segundo Rosero Pero Contigo 3:00
Aidan Moffat Here Lies the Body 3:35
Tu Verdad
Gianluca Flotando (Remix) 3:33
Kapitel 1: Winnetou I - Teil 10
Audio Media Digital Hörbücher Winnetou I (Kapitel 1 bis 3) 0:44
Fitzgerald Kusz Fläiß Fluß 2:03
Will You Be There
Timothy McNealy Funky Movement 4:05
許嵩 你若成風 2:52