PLYLST by 11136676817

BPM is less than 100, Instrumentalness is Yes. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 50 songs.

Song Artist Album
CP Unit Orelius 6:08
True Nature
Arush Mandal Meaning 2:41
Jimmy Smalls Let's Get Lost 3:56
Here Be Dragons
Oded Tzur Here Be Dragons 8:29
Party Animals - Live
Eric Vloeimans' Gatecrash Party Animals (Live) 8:26
Asleep in the Sun
Calamine What We Forgot To Remember 1:58
Keyboard Sonata in B Minor, K.197/L.147/P.124: Andante
Domenico Scarlatti Scarlatti, D.: Keyboard Sonatas 6:03
Back in the Days
AK420 Loungin 2:45
It'll Soon Be April
SLAACEE Mirrors 2:11
Yauwe idle 2:21
Triple Double
LESKY Triple Double 2:43
Fractite Quicky 1:19
Palm Trees
Loop Schrauber Palm Trees 1:37
Hope (Title Theme)
Justin E. Bell The Outer Worlds (Original Soundtrack) 7:45
Garth Stevenson Flying 2:23
Önigirisu Someday 2:07
What Color Is the Sky
_91nova What Color Is The Sky 2:49
Garth Stevenson Flying 2:02
Bang The Floor
Mr. Scruff Ninja Tuna with Bonus Bait 3:43
Nothing to Forgive
Thierry David Hypnosis 2:25
Northern Lights
Mark Rich Northern Lights 1:53
Mark Rich Northern Lights 1:47
Violet Dreams
Matt Large Next Year in Rio 3:15
Lou Chanel Seesaw 1:39
it was foggy this morning
loftii it was foggy this morning 2:40
DAO Her 2:03
Knowsum Sechs 2:07
El Jazzy Chavo Fantasia 2:33
Garth Stevenson Flying 3:57
Heads - RAMZi Remix
Eric Copeland Trogg Modal, Vol. 1 (Remixes) 4:29
Glyph II - Julia Kent Rework
Michael A. Muller Lower River Reworks 4:08
Ae Fond Kiss
Trad. arr. Mhairi Hall Ae Fond Kiss 3:39
Nomo LP 8:02
The Mandalorian (From "Star Wars: The Mandalorian")
Beyond The Guitar The Mandalorian (From "Star Wars: The Mandalorian") 2:58
Radioactive (arr. piano)
Music Lab Collective Radioactive (arr. piano) 1:47
Concerto Grosso: I. —
Errollyn Wallen Spark Catchers 5:07
O Que Será
Brad Mehldau Brad Mehldau Trio: Live 10:37
Kua Nalu
Fernández 4 No Fear 7:16
Garth Stevenson Flying 6:57
Desde el aire
Leo Fernández Desvelo 5:26
Manto de Carne Pospuesto 3:46
Coisa Nº 10
Moacir Santos Ouro Negro 3:03
Limoges – The Market
Kristjan Randalu Mussorgsky Pictures Revisited 3:52
Piano Sonata No.8 In C Minor, Op.13 -"Pathétique": 3. Rondo (Allegro)
Ludwig van Beethoven Beethoven : Sonates Pour Piano n°8, 13, 14 & 23 5:04
Kundalini Moods
Kundalini: Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation Kundalini: Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation 3:19
Dewey Square
Ernesto Jodos Light Blue 4:18
Lago de Forma Mia
Hernán Jacinto Camino 3:40
Purple Star
Deep Sleep Music Collective Sleeping Music: Calm Music to Help You Sleep, Natural Sleep Aid and Relaxing Piano for Sleep Music 2:02
Singing Birds with Soothing Brown Waves - Loopable
Sleep Baby Sleep Soothing Brown Noise Waves and Calming Ambient Combinations (Loopable and without Fade) 1:33
Luv Sic, Pt. 3
Funky DL February: A Rest in Beats Tribute to the Sounds of Nujabes 4:24