PLYLST by 11136676817

BPM is less than 100, Instrumentalness is Yes. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 50 songs.

Song Artist Album
Daily Basis (Percocet Stripper Joint)
ForeignLifeMusic Foreign Life 2:48
June 1974 Inner Self 5:09
Matchbook Romance Stories And Alibis 1:34
Frazee, Mn
Phil Cook This Side Up 2:45
Decultivate Östra Torn / Decultivate (Split 12") 1:22
Trompetas de Oro
Eznar Beats VÍA 3:41
In Slow Motion
Josh Homme In the Fade (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 0:34
Enviable Moon
Yoga Soothing Sounds 3:05
Tim Lööv Rockaholic 0:36
Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)
Robin Alciatore Moonlight 6:03
Averse et éclaircie
Nature Sounds - Sons de la... Randonnée nature 12:48
Gymnopedie No. 1 (Satie)
Robin Alciatore Moonlight 3:08
Glinka: The Lark
Robin Alciatore Short Stories 5:40
Anto Dust Songs of the Sea 4:38
You Call It Madness But I Call It Love
Russ Colombo Top 50 Classics - The Very Best of Russ Colombo 3:49
Russ Colombo Top 50 Classics - The Very Best of Russ Colombo 3:06
Daiquiri Time
Francia Jazzline Orchestra Jazz Ocean Resort 3:11
Creep - Acoustic Cover
Radiohead Relaxing Classical Playlist: Sophisticated Lounge 3:10
Die walküre
Olga Samaroff The World's Greatest Pianists, Volume Two 4:25
Guglielmo Tell - G. Rossini, Trancr. Per Fiati V. Gambaro (Armageddon)
Orchestra Rossini Quartet Classical Soundtracks Collection - Great Movie Themes, Vol. 2 10:59
Found Peace
Ovaeon Found Peace 2:36
Tales of a River Spirit
Ovaeon Tales of a River Spirit 3:45
Zygomatic Bones for Days
Manet Devour 8:02
Norwegian Horror Saga
Manet Devour 5:19
The City
Pablo Pico Marona's Fantastic Tale (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2:54
Becoming the Mantis
Dissipate Tectonics 4:07
Gentle Touch
Dan Chadburn Love Themes for Solo Piano 3:27
Vibrant Exchange
Yoga Soothing Sounds 3:12
Country Doctor
Burning Witch Crippled Lucifer 10:18
Drive Motors the Sound of Powerful Cars in the Race (Sfx Effects Sound of a Lot of Cars Sonido De Coches De Carrera)
Jokes Live Sound Studio 50 Unpleasant Noise 0:35
Death Notice Death Bells Sounds (Ringing of Bells Sonidos De Campanas Tocando Luto)
Jokes Live Sound Studio 50 Unpleasant Noise 0:35
Thoughts of Them
Willebrant A Knight on a Boat 6:24
Habitual Haze
goosetaf Habitual Haze 3:12
Heal the Mind Sooth the Senses
Stuart Jones Massage 3 - The Therapy Room 10:58
Carol Of The Bells
David Benoit Christmas Jazz 3:41
Nongo Mechanical Ocean 3:57
I Said Something Wrong Didn't I
one//holy The Pink Album 1:23
one//holy The Pink Album 2:29
New Day
Cory Lavine Out of the Blue 3:04
Nathan Reed Chill Out Saxophone 2:38
What a Wonderful World
Nathan Reed Chill Out Saxophone 2:22
Some Children See Him
Dave Grusin Christmas Jazz 5:30
Project 408
Unknxwnof17f RED Pill 4:21
Everybodys Gotta Learn Sometime
Joss James Late Night Piano Lounge - Classic Nightclub Piano Moods 3:52
Content With the Incubus
Perfidious Doom The Illusion Within Creation 3:56
Desecrate the Brethren
Perfidious Doom The Illusion Within Creation 2:45
Veni Immanuel
Adi Yeshaya Classical Christmas 3:50
Wait for Me at the Port
Jose Reinoso Spread Love as Much as You Can 3:28
The Colors of Autumn
Adi Yeshaya Relaxing Massage 6:21
Priest in the Laboratory
White Suns Totem 5:56