PLYLST 1st try by fredturnerf

Energy is High, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), Speechiness is No. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 50 songs.

Song Artist Album
Nadeah Venus Gets Even 3:49
Whatever Lovers Say
Nadeah Venus Gets Even 3:12
Odile (Radio Edit)
Nadeah The Odile - EP 2:51
A Good Start
Maria Taylor Lynn Teeter Flower 4:13
One for the Shareholder
Maria Taylor 11:11 3:26
Satta a Masagana
The Abyssinians Super Best 3:27
Lend's Some Dough
Shack HMS Fable 3:51
Nuestra Playa
Emilio José El Disco del Amor 4:30
Perla Perla: 25 Sucessos 3:30
El Juego
Emanero Tres Mil Millones de Años Luz 3:54
Love Me For Me
Kyle Reynolds Love Me For Me 3:24
Fix Us
Heavy English Pop Wasteland 3:33
Beautiful Day
Hopiho Le chant du cygne 2 : The Lost Tapes 1:49
Kiffe la mode (feat. Naza & Tiakola)
Leto TRAP$TAR 2 3:11
Demon (Slamador)
Foreign Diplomats Monami 4:07
F**k U Betta - DJ Chuckie Club Remix
Neon Hitch F**k U Betta (Remixes) 5:11
Screaming in the Night
Krokus Head Hunter 6:37
Neon Hitch Weakness 2:48
MSQ No-Extra
Black Marble A Different Arrangement 4:16
Cruel Summer
Black Marble A Different Arrangement 3:44
Midnite Maniac
Krokus The Blitz 4:01
Quitame El Freno
MC Dharta Quítame El Freno 2:29
Angel Stanich Carbura! 5:05
Am I Wrong
Boyce Avenue Cover Sessions, Vol. 1 3:48
Freak Me
Silk Lose Control 4:34
Como Tú
Luciano Pereyra Como Tú 3:38
Banana Clip - Spanish Version
Miguel Banana Clip (Spanish Version) 3:22
Avenue D Bootleg 2:57
Something We Can Do
Vitamin Z Rites of Passage 5:07
Daram Ashegh Misham Ashegh
Betti Gharibaneh - Persian Music 4:33
Bia Benevisim
Mahasti 40 Golden Hits Of Mahasti 5:15
Nazi Naz Kon
Ebi Nazi Naz Kon 5:16
Rood Khooneha
Ramesh Tehroon, Ramesh 5 - Persian Music 3:59
Oh Lies
Piney Gir Geronimo! 2:41
Shabeh Eshgh
Hayedeh Shabeh Eshgh 5:10
Screaming Jets
Johnny Warman Walking Into Mirrors 5:24
The Great Pretend
Piney Gir The Great Pretend 2:55
Bemoon Ta Bemoonam
Googoosh Googoosh Golden songs, Vol 2 - Persian Music 2:54
You're Moving Out Today
Carole Bayer Sager Carole Bayer Sager 3:35
You Can't Blame Me
Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label 3:28
Coogi Sweater Nostalgia
MarcLo Nostalgia 4:11
Celui - Radio Edit
Colonel Reyel Au rapport 3:22
Dis-moi oui
Colonel Reyel Au rapport 4:01
The Chokin' Kind
The Winstons Color Him Father 2:28
Color him father
The Winstons Keeping Old School Alive 3:02
Tentación (feat. Jenn Morel)
Abrina Tentación (feat. Jenn Morel) 3:56
Kader Adamım 4:01
Wish I Didn't Know Love
Stacy Grubb From the Barroom to the Steeple 3:28
Um oh! E um ah!
Tom Zé Dois Momentos - Vol.1 1:02
Uai-Uai - Revolta Queto-Xambá 1832
Tom Zé Rough Guide To Psychedelic Brazil 3:45