Beatz by christoomey

Energy is Medium, Instrumentalness is Yes, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric). Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly.

Song Artist Album
Mille lire al mese
Gilberto Mazzi The Italian Song - Succeci della Canzone Italiana 1938-1939, Volume 2 3:05
Making Mistakes
Grillo Sketches III 1:43
Swag Say
Lechez On the G Tip 4:53
Giraffe Gaucho
Emmanuel Olsson Cool Mix 2:08
He's Coming Down
Shenley Duffus This Is Dub - Rare Jamaican Ska & Reggae 3:18
What A Waste of Time
DAMH Take2 5:17
Moura Misteriosa
Amarante Best Of Bossa Vol. 2 - Aqua De Beber 4:08
Jalan Jalan
Last Drive - Original
Jamie Lloyd Last Drive EP 6:33
The Shivering Man
Bruce Gilbert The Shivering Man 5:35
Losing My Mind
Alucidnation paracosmic 6:41
Early Morning Blues
Tritone Tritone 7:28
Full Throttle - Original Mix
Cops and Robbers Keystone Kappers EP 7:16
Samba Outlaw
Mute Socialite Transparent Roads 5:21
Mound of Venus
Woodbine Woodbine 3:23
Makes Me Feel - Max Essa Remix
Afterlife Reimagine 6:32
Never Sleep
PDP Floating Dream 2:25
What If - Anime
PDP Somewhere (Reissue) 3:32
Decisive Battle, Final Fantasy VI (Acoustic Guitar)
@Mtrpires Decisive Battle, Final Fantasy VI (Acoustic Guitar) 1:52
Asia Minor
Hector Rivera At The Party 3:36
Walie Swiftness 5:26
Africans Are Real
Lamin Fofana Africans Are Real EP 3:52
Temp Luv
Karl Fitzgerald Temp Luv 3:23
Book of Kel ink blots 2:00
Jeru Jeru 3:53
An Ellington Riff
Jeru Jeru 2:50
Ching Chong
Sam McGee Grand Dad Of The Country Guitar Pickers 3:02
midnight in paris
tides. oldsoul. 1:55
Tears - Art-Core Mix
Overture Tears 5:35
Walking on Clouds
JBC Golden Days 2:03
Is It Cool
Andrés Beneath the Surface 5:27
Takadimi Tarama
Xanthoula Dakovanou La dame et la barque 2:59
Alex Riel The Adventures of a Polar Expedition 4:35
Paul's Dance - 2008 Digital Remaster
Penguin Cafe Orchestra Penguin Café Orchestra 1:46
Tropical Monster Trouble
The Beach Freaks Tropical Halloween Luau Party 3:14
Cherish the Day
Gervaso Silva Bossa Now! - Vol. 7: Sade in Bossa 3:13
Virtual Reality (feat. Somewhere Else)
Somewhere Else Outside the Box 2:27
Fact & Fantasy (feat. Somewhere Else)
Somewhere Else Outside the Box 4:00
Jive Samba
Nat Adderley Autobiography 5:22
The Horsenecks Fiddlehead 2:31
Green Isac Groundrush 4:51
Say What You Want to Say - Original Mix
Smallpeople Salty Days 8:26
Camera Obscura
Smallpeople Afterglow 5:43
Lex (de Kalhex) Cairn 2:51
Till's Blues
Mogrinos Words 4:44
Take Me Higher - DJ Megamix
Lowriders Famous Garage House Music, Vol. 3 (DJ Megamix) 7:03
Havana Nights
Adrian Conington Sacred Roots 3:58
Flying - Satoshi Fumi Dub Mix
Anton Ishutin Flying, Pt. 2 (Remixes) 6:42
Flying - Satoshi Fumi Remix
Anton Ishutin Flying, Pt. 2 (Remixes) 7:14
Raffelemusik: Hüttlinger-milz
Diverse Obacht: Musik Aus Bayern 2:32
Angry Drums
Modesto Duran & Orchestra Fabulous Rhythms of Modesto 2:35
Golden Hour
Otaam Golden Hour 2:24
Otaam Slow Sketches (Part.1) 2:00
Free Luck
Christina Schneider Violence Etcetera 1:33
With John in Mind - radio edit
Steve Heckman With John in Mind 9:23
Les Ambassadeurs Sous Le Ciel D'haïti 4:44
Dexter Morgan Bodypump - 100 New Motivating Bodypump Songs 3:05
Roberto Echo Déjà-vu 3:15
Darwin Deez Constellations 3:19
If You Could See
Moz Digi Crates Coolout : Set 1 1:22
Do It Again
Mindy Canter Fluteus Maximus 5:47
Rambling Hobo
Doc Watson and Clarence Ashley Original Folkways Recordings of Doc Watson and Clarence Ashley, 1960-1962 1:38
Super 8
Lilicub Zoom 1:17
Parc en Ciel Path Integral 4:09
Battle of the Somme
Na'Bodach An Intelagent Design 3:22
Vilaindada 4141 2:27
Night Life
Ryan LeRoy Straight Groovin' 3:05
In the Mood?
Ryan LeRoy Straight Groovin' 6:24
My Own Blues
Christian Willisohn Boogie Woogie and Some Blues 4:02
Beaters Mr Bongo Record Club Volume 2 7:54
Night Train
Snake Davis Band Classic Sax Solos 3:27
By My Window
Larry Lagerberg On Devil's Lake 4:00
Barn Door Slam - Basicnoise Reconstruction
Upwellings Illusory Fog 7:58
Arrows and Loops
Ari Hoenig Lines of Oppression 9:38
Little Maggie
Sandy Bull Vanguard Visionaries 4:10
The Fog (Instrumental)
Flextrumentals Trap Halloween Hip Hop Beats 1:56
Allan Johanson Norwegian Colours 2:20
Gammel Jegermarsj
Trad. Rythm, Precision and Elegance 2:11
So Much Trash
Michael Beharie A Heart From Your Shadow 3:10
Keiser Twins Emotional Strangers 4:13
To Be with You Again
Professor RJ Ross To Be with You Again 4:05
Krivo Horo [Bulgaria]
Ivan Radev Balkan Folk Dances [Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Turkey] 2:41
Spring Excursion
Ador Music letters for those who miss spring 1:30
Ole Hvam Norwegian Colours 2:46
Flying to Miami - da "Nati con la camicia"
Orchestra Franco Micalizzi The Best - Vol. 2 - Bud Spencer & Terence Hill 3:09
American Symphony: I. Fanfare
Adam Schoenberg Adam Schoenberg: American Symphony, Finding Rothko & Picture Studies 2:55
Ice Cream & Bonus Miles
Solomun Raveline Mix Session By Mousse T. 9:02
knarhcslheuk mi ttinhcsfua hcon ebah hci
DJ Phono Welcome to Wherever You're Not 6:29
Soul Singin'
Young Matthieu Inner Analysis 2:33
Canon In D
Kids Rock! Kids Rock! 2:56
Olympic Theme
Johan Sommer Rio 2016 (Olympic Themes & Anthems) 1:02
Hustle Grind Shine (Instrumental) [Remix]
Trap Nation Best of Trap Nation Instrumental Beats, Vol. 1 3:02
Son of Dorian '18 - Version 2018
Café Duo Will Play for Coffee (Streaming Version) 3:55
The Devil's Dream
Sid Hemphill The Devil's Dream: Alan Lomax's 1942 Library of Congress Recordings 3:09
The Show Is Over
EL Maryacho Jackpot 1:35
Taxi 69 - D'Après "69, Année Erotique"
Albin de la Simone Gainsbourg Vie Héroique (Bof) 1:15
Can't Hold Me Down
Fuchsberg Can't Hold Me Down 7:05
Subdued Mood
Pee Wee King Country Hoedown 2:06
When You Hear Me Call
Bobby Kent Sully Records Vol. 1 2:22
Skate Park
Damien Sebe Skate Park 2:29
I'll Get You
Fuchsberg Checkpoint EP 8:50
Smoke and Lean
The Greatest Beats Lean Trap 4:52
Lean on
The Greatest Beats Lean Trap 3:30
Vincent Bernay Easy Listening Guitar Instrumentals 2:01
Vincent Bernay Indignantly, Vol. 5 2:52
Wondrous Dragon
Vincent Bernay Stunned, Vol. 6 3:50
Tip-Toe Through the Tulips With Me
Ambrose & His Orchestra If I Had a Talking Picture of You (1929) 2:59
Enchanted Piano
Orchester Andy Novello Dream Valley 3:42
Timothy Davey Uncovered Keys 2:49
Nichtmusikalische Stadt unter Schritten
Fred und Luna Im Tiefenrausch 6:11
Mi Guajira
Noro Morales His Piano and Rhythm 2:25
cookie monster galaxy after hanabi. 3:08
Looking at Mum Objectively
Duckett Corde Raide Nulle Vers Part 5:57
Mr. Johnson Turn Me Loose
South Georgia Highballers Really the Blues?: A Blues History (1893-1959), Vol. 1 (1893-1929) 2:58
The Trombone King
US Army Field Band The Legacy Of John P. Paynter 2:21
At Least We Can Dance
Nathan G At Least We Can Dance Ep 6:39
La Isla del Encanto
Noro Morales His Piano and Rhythm 2:50
Hora Staccato
Grigoras Dinicu Kosmos 3:29
Carlos Cipa Trow 6:40
Chapter II
K-Conjog Fermati, O Sole! 1:24
Hora staccato
Grigoras Dinicu Trumpet Acrobatics 1:39
Hora staccato - Arr. Andrew Markel
Grigoras Dinicu Sapphire 1:49
The Mind Reader
Urbanity Urban Soul 4:52
Miami Sunset - Original
5 Reasons Miami Sunset EP 6:08
St. Margaret's Church
The Lloyd McNeill Quartet Soul Jazz Records Presents the Lloyd McNeill Quartet: Asha 7:24
Two-Thirds Pleasure
The Lloyd McNeill Quartet Soul Jazz Records Presents the Lloyd McNeill Quartet: Asha 5:25
Mychael Danna Exotica (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 3:34
August 10
Khruangbin Café del Mar Vol. 24 4:21
Tantra - Buddha Lounge del Mar
Zen Direction Chillout Session - Lounge Bar Chill Out Ambient, Private Music Collection 3:12
Zoltan Ban Lustrum 7:52
Am Kinem Privat + fertig 5:05
Horse Race
Jiang Cairu Gold Finger: Chinese Erhu 1:41
Tennessee Blues
Bill Monroe A Retrospective Bill Monroe 2:53
What If - Original Mix
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi The Lounge - Best Of Hotel Lobby Tracks 3:25
Battle Steeds Galloping Ahead (Zhan Ma Ben Teng)
Chen Yaoxing Famous Chinese Erhu Pieces: Vol. 2 - The Shepherdess (Zhong Guo Er Hu Ming Jia Ming Qu Xia) 3:12
Winter's Song
Bob Moses All In All 7:09
Saint Etienne
Machine Boulevard Sound Design - Party House 5:14
Allons A Lafayette
Harry Choates Jole Blon: The Original Cajun Fiddle of Harry Choates 2:40
Satori In the Corners of Clouds 5:28
False Alarm
Jonah Levine Collective Attention Deficit 5:42
Background Music for Deluxe Roasteries
Classy Cafe Jazz Music Sounds for Cool Coffee Shops 3:42
Pirajá Mood
Mou Brasil Shiva 9:44
The Farmer in the Dell - Version 2
Sleep Music Lullabies Children Songs for Adult Meditations (Audio for Ambience, Meditation, Insomnia, and Restless Children) 1:03
Love Dance of the Saroos
Joe Meek & the Blue Men I Hear a New World: An Outer Space Music Fantasy 2:33
Jockey Full of Bourbon
Aziz AlNasrallah Jockey Full of Bourbon 2:49
On the Rail
U-I U-I 7:15
Softly Softly - Original Mix
Calibre Grow 6:12
Blind walk
Cooleejeff Blind walk 6:04
Mixed Message
U-I U-I 6:41
Dans Un Baiser
Raoul Guillaume Et Son Groupe Haiti Chante Et Dance / Vive Le Football 3:17
Secret Dream
Uku Kuut Vision Of Estonia 3:57
Vision Of Estonia - Demo
Uku Kuut Vision Of Estonia 4:08
The Car And The Man (reprise)
Aaron Curtis I'm Going To Tell You 3:44
From First To Last Dear Diary 1:01
Jakokoyak Aerophlot 1:54
Crump Charcoal 6:40
Chapter 5
Gérard Spencer A Musical Franco-British Alliance 4:17
Blagmusic Greatest Hits 3:01
Hot Cross Buns Warm Up - Up Only
Blagmusic Vocal Power Collection 2 - Vocal Warm Ups from Blagmusic 0:48
Salty Eyes
Cinnamon Tapes Nabia 3:46
La Realidad
Sweet Velvet Singapore del Mar, Vol. 2 (Exotic Beach Chillout) 6:07
Dirty Talk - European Connection Instrumental
Klein & M.B.O. Dirty Talk 6:41
Serkan Turkoglu Zagzagel 6:34
Grupo Elias Duran Spanish Tapas Bar, Vol. 2 5:02
Grupo Elias Duran Spanish Tapas Bar, Vol. 2 4:49
Veena in Vienna - Instrumental
Punya Srinivas Veena in Vienna 4:17
Lebe deinen Traum (Radio Edit) - Karaoke Version
Bürger Lars Dietrich ALFONS ZITTERBACKE: Das Chaos ist zurück (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 3:08
Examine Major Minor 5:32
We All Fall Down - Original
My Better Half Last Time I Do That Again 2:40
Starlit Kisses
Kolby Knickerbocker Kindness Courage 1:35
Spanish Nights
Young & Rollins Esperanza 4:57
Leaks Below Sealevel
Gregory Shiff Tugboat Waters 5:30
Mychael Danna Exotica (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 3:34
Lean Back - Instrumental
Instrumental Icons Volume 1 - Platinum Beats 2:59
Connan Mockasin Caramel 1:54
12 Days of Christmas
Andrew Morgan Smith and the Lifetimers Only Gift 3:24
Ultra Zone
Yoga Mao Meditation Beat 3:09
I've Got a Dream
Jartisto Tangled (Music from the Motion Picture for Solo Piano) 3:40
La Otra Orilla
Dhafer Youssef Entre 20 Aguas A La Música De Paco De Lucía 4:32
Giumbele - Instrumental
Nelda Piña y la BOA Giumbele (feat. Nidia Gongora) 4:49
Leichtes Blut, Op. 319
André Rieu The Blue Danube Waltz: The Very Best of André Rieu 2:44
Rosh Chodesh Kislev Nigun
Zalman Goldstein, Yisroel Lamm, Avraham Fried & Nikolayev Kapeliah Chabad Centennial Symphony 2:50
Honky Tonk Swing
Bill Monroe A Retrospective Bill Monroe 2:32
Concerto for 3 Harpsichords, Strings & Continuo No. 2 in C Major, BWV 1064: 1. (Allegro)
Johann Sebastian Bach Bach: Concertos For 2, 3, 4 Pianos & Strings 6:21
Concerto for 3 Harpsichords, Strings & Continuo No. 2 in C Major, BWV 1064: 3. Allegro
Johann Sebastian Bach Bach: Concertos For 2, 3, 4 Pianos & Strings 4:43
Concerto for 3 Harpsichords, Strings & Continuo No. 1 in D Minor, BWV 1063: 3. Allegro
Johann Sebastian Bach Bach: Concertos For 2, 3, 4 Pianos & Strings 4:58
Hava Nagila
Melo-M Around the World 3:05
Blackdown Lata / Crackle Blues (Original + Burial remix) 5:13
Bow Down - Ptaki Instrumental Remix
Gigi Masin Hoshi - Remixed 4:30
SHO 5537 - Jared Wilson Remix
Snow Bone Remote Viewer 5:52
Kouzelný Let
ORM Discofil 3:48
United Sound System Distant Strangers, Vol. 08 5:19
Cielo - Original Mix
Nu About Love 7:48
Baby What You Want Me to Do - Live; Version
Neil Young Broken Arrow 8:08
Kimparkchella Love, Peace, Revolution 1:14
Under the Sea
Magical Piano Player Disney Piano Renditions 2:56
Kiss the Girl
Magical Piano Player Disney Piano Renditions 2:13
Baharın Gülleri Açtı
Ahmet Meter Kanun İle Sevdiğiniz Şarkılar, Vol.2 3:42
Dead Mouse Blues
Jonny Trunk The Inside Outside 3:40
Talkin' Baseball
Nancy Bea Hefley Take Me Out to the Ballgame 2:12
Dixie / Bonnie Blue Flag
The New American Brass Band The Civil War (Original Soundtrack Recording) 1:55
St. Andrew's/The Swallow
Sean Ryan The Best Of Irish Traditional Music 2:03
Theme (from "Mission Impossible")
The Secret Agents Mission: Impossible & Other Action Themes 2:44
Theme 10
Frits Wentink Two Bar House Music & Chord Stuff, Vol. 3 5:59
In Love Again
Discandy In Love Again / Endless Romance 2:33
Doing The Gorgonzola
Danny Polo & Swing Stars And Friends 3:05
Whatever - Strings
Oasis Definitely Maybe (Remastered) [Deluxe Version] 4:53
China Boy
Danny Polo & Swing Stars And Friends 2:56
Ethanai Kaalaam - From "Arasakattalai"
P. Susheela P. Susheela - Birthday Special - Tamil 3:08
Soul Rebel
Bob Marley & The Wailers Soul Rebels 2:52
Kitchen Pass
John Williams Jazz Guitar 3:25
Late Night
John Williams Jazz Guitar 3:47
Friday Blues
John Williams Jazz Guitar 3:41
Five Pieces for Cello and Piano, Op. 25: V. Scherzo
Yuri Shaporin 1948: Russian Works for Cello & Piano 1:59
The Harry Lime Theme (From "The Third Man")
Gertrud Huber The Third Man 2:21
Juan Serrano Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 3:04
The Harry Lime Theme - Orchestral version
Gertrud Huber The Third Man 2:35
Want to Be Us - Instrumental
Syndicate Sound Labs Boat Instrumentals, Vol. 1 3:10
Witches Brew
Twink Think Pink (Expanded Stereo Edition) 2:58
The Electric Flag Spotlight 3:43
I Found Out
The Electric Flag Spotlight 6:44
Never Be Lonely Again
The Electric Flag Spotlight 3:20
I Should Have Left Her
The Electric Flag Spotlight 4:06
Future Joust Follow The Trail 2:57
The Ferryman
Total Control Typical System 2:45
Just Like John
Canadian Staff Band The First Ten Years 4:05
Dovercourt Citadel
Canadian Staff Band In Quiet Confidence 3:47
For An Angel - Original Mix
Lost House Rhythms For An Angel 4:29
Lullaby of Birdland
The Earl Palmer Trio Great Jazz Drumming 2:32
Here's a Toast
The New Jazz Collective PM Jazz Series: In Appreciation 3:38
Meller Rollins
Alamein Rhetorical Question EP 3:02
Mom's Advice - Original Mix
Out Law Mom's Advice 7:28
Electric President The Violent Blue 3:23
Lisbon Antigua
Donny & The Royals Shaken Not Stirred 2:09
The Beast
Donny & The Royals Shaken Not Stirred 2:39
Loss Of Something
Art Crime A Constant Lack 5:26
Dungle - Original Mix
Polder Girdle Way 5:36
Keyboard Trio No. 25 in G major, Hob. XV.25, "Gypsy Rondo": III. Rondo all'Ongarese - Presto
Darren W. Chamberlain. Playful Piano: Baroque 3:45
Dave Swayze Last Flight To Paris 10:26
YLEM Paper Chain Sampler, Vol. 1 5:37
Wang Wang Blues
Mal Hallett and His Orchestra Hot & Rare (Hot Tunes from Rare Bands and Recordings) 2:51
Wang-Wang Blues
Mal Hallett and His Orchestra Edison Hot Dance Obscurities, Vol. 3 3:04
Orchestral Suite NO.2 in B Minor BMV. 1067
World Pregnant Music 임신 ♫ 태아를 위한 음악 3:18
Heart Condition
The Softies It's Love 2:22
Emerald City - Sublevel / LADM Vocal Edit
Johnny Dangerous Mix The Vibe 7:56
Joy to the World
Percy Faith & His Orchestra & Chorus The Music of Christmas (Expanded Edition) 2:04
Torqued Tango
Holly Anderson You Can Dance! - A Contemporary Collection of Ballroom, Tango, Salsa, Hip-Hop & Jazz 2:03
Livin' Large
Holly Anderson Madison Avenue Swing: A New York Jazz Lounge Experience 1:02
I Got'cha
Greenflow Spend My Life With You 5:10