for me 2 by 11101763518

Energy is Insane. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 100 songs.

Song Artist Album
The Diamond Man Clan Mediocre 3:10
Cardiac Arrest In D
Hillstomp Cardiac Arrest In D 2:52
I Feel So Good
Muddy Waters Can’t Be Satisfied: The Very Best Of Muddy Waters 1947 – 1975 2:55
Vinyl Is My Bible
Brother Strut First Strut Is the Deepest 3:32
Huda Huda
Tuomari Nurmio Dumari ja Spuget – Usvaa putkeen 2:54
Neptune and Mars (Instrumental)
Nick Phoenix Unleashed 4:03
Ride The Lightning - Live at Rasputin Music, Berkeley, CA - April 16th, 2016
Metallica Hardwired…To Self-Destruct (Deluxe) 6:56
Lazerhawk Redline 4:04
Peter, I Won't Drive Another Meter
Mattias IA Eklundh Freak Guitar - The Smorgasbord 4:35
Shallow Grave (live)
Annihilator Live At Masters Of Rock 7:05
Drop That Child
Various Artists Monstercat 015 - Outlook 3:44
Killing Time (feat. Isabel Higuero)
Various Artists Monstercat 020 - Altitude 4:23
The Covenant
Various Artists Monstercat 017 - Ascension 3:46
New Game
Various Artists Monstercat - Best of 2014 4:19
Move That Body
Pegboard Nerds Monstercat Uncaged, Vol. 1 3:37
Superstar (feat. Krewella)
Pegboard Nerds Monstercat 027 - Cataclysm 3:24
Pegboard Nerds Weaponize 4:14
Pegboard Nerds BADBOI 3:10
Swamp Thing
Various Artists Monstercat 023 - Voyage 4:23
They Want to Show You the Pictures
George Carlin It's Bad For Ya 4:29
Pink Cloud (feat. Max Collins)
Various Artists Monstercat 024 - Vanguard 3:35
So What
Various Artists Monstercat 014 - Discovery 4:10
Everything Black (feat. Mike Taylor)
Unlike Pluto Monstercat Uncaged, Vol. 1 3:48
Bassline Kickin (Dzeko & Torres Remix)
Various Artists Monstercat 016 - Expedition 3:22
People Refuse to Be Realistic
George Carlin It's Bad For Ya 1:10
Got Your Love
Dirtyphonics Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 2 3:56
Sight of Your Soul
Dirtyphonics Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 3 3:17
Electric Heart (feat. Ameria)
Anevo Monstercat - Best of 2016 3:21
Alien Cookies
Dirty Audio Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 2 2:50
Mountains (feat. Veela)
Various Artists Monstercat: Best of 2015 4:33
Electric Heart (feat. Ameria)
Various Artists Monstercat 028 - Uproar 3:21
Do It
Rootkit Do It 3:42
Jensation Joystick 2:49
Till I Make It (feat. Tima Dee)
Dion Timmer Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 2 3:54
Damaged - GXD Remix
Antillas Damaged (GXD Remix) 3:22
Oliver Winters Call After Dark 6:07
Call After Dark
Oliver Winters Call After Dark 7:56
All Alone (Smile Remix)
Smile All Alone (Smile Remix) 3:03
In Love Without You
Tuen In Love Without You 3:21
Love the Way You Play (Remix)
Every Green in May Love the Way You Play (Remix) 4:28
Nothin' but the TV On
Lewis Brice Nothin' but the TV On 2:44
Somos Amantes
Grupo Kvrass Dale Play 3:23
Colony - Extended Mix
Westseven Feeling EP 7:03
Violet Cold Kosmik 4:48
Prescience - Alex O'Rion Remix
André Sobota Prescience 8:52
Big Splash
Fat Joe Family Ties 4:19
Addicted to You
Aina Maro Addicted to You 3:41
Yield, Heart. Yield!
ef Ceremonies 11:50
The Next Chapter (ABGT350)
Mat Zo Group Therapy 350 Live from Prague 4:46
Bird's House
Blutch Gratis 7:24
My Brother - Extended Mix
DJ Oliver My Brother 6:49
Wata Igarashi Kioku 5:51
Rain on the Leaves
Sounds of the Jungle Soothing Jungle Sounds 3:05
Barcelona - KVR Remix
Brother Leo Barcelona (Remixes) 3:06
Stellar Evolution
I Built the Sky The Zenith Rise 4:40
Higgs Electron (with Paracas Topara)
Cybereign Cybereign presents: Mutation Translation 6:02
Mansur Ark Fark 3:44
Recordando el Ayer
Playa Verde Playa Verde 4:07
John Phillips Pussycat 4:14
Bicycle Song
The Springfields Singles 1986-1991 2:55
Erica's Word - Rough Mix
Game Theory The Big Shot Chronicles 3:51
C-Mon & Kypski The Jazz Compilation 4:58
The Platform
Dilated Peoples The Platform 4:37
Belief Must Come First (Motivational Speech)
Fearless Motivation A Life Worth Remembering (Motivational Speeches) 3:43
Party people
Alex Gopher Party People - Volume 2 4:10
Smokin' Jack Hill Nobody 2:56
BTS Skool Luv Affair 3:58
Drive - Live
Joe Bonamassa Live at Carnegie Hall - An Acoustic Evening 6:18
Dust Bowl - Live
Joe Bonamassa Live at Carnegie Hall - An Acoustic Evening 4:55
Dingy Situations
Municipal Waste Slime and Punishment 1:39
Premature Autopsy
Entombed Left Hand Path 4:28
Our Little Blood
Poema Arcanus Transient Chronicles 7:05
Black bloc
Achab Un Monde Formidable 4:06
Let Your Dragon Fly
Pet The Preacher The Cave & The Sunlight 3:51
Bridges Burning
The Mission Gods Own Medicine 4:08
Spahn Ranch (Charles Manson)
Church Of Misery Early Works Compilation 8:21
Salvation & Drug
Amore Ad Lunam Salvation & Drug 4:18
La Pregunta - Desde PR Live
J Alvarez Desde Puerto Rico Live 4:09
No Stress
Laurent Wolf 10 Years Armada 3:21
Momentum - Edit
Audiotricz HARD with STYLE Certified ONE 2:54
Let Me See Ya - Edit
Bass Modulators HARD with STYLE Certified ONE 4:33
You Got Me Rocking - Edit
Frontliner HARD with STYLE Certified ONE 3:12
Wargames - Edit
Technoboy HARD with STYLE Certified ONE 3:08
Wild Skin - Edit
Raxtor HARD with STYLE Certified ONE 3:24
Mayday Parade Monsters in the Closet 3:31
Skeleton Hands Wake 3:56
Chords Of Life - Extended Mix
Tenishia Memory Of A Dream (Extended Mixes) 6:38
Crash & Burn - Extended Mix
Tenishia Memory Of A Dream (Extended Mixes) 6:30
Greatest Day - Progress Tour Live / 2011
Take That Progress Live 3:54
Hold Up A Light - Progress Tour Live / 2011
Take That Progress Live 4:27
Chips On My Shoulder - NSED
Soft Cell Non Stop Erotic Cabaret (Deluxe Edition) 4:28
Traveling Wilburys The Traveling Wilburys Collection 2:30
Last Night
Traveling Wilburys The Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 1 3:51
Klaatu Endangered Species 4:11
Set The World On Fire
Klaatu Endangered Species 4:15
Shushumna Tango
Cyrille Verdeaux Solar Transfusion 5:23
Journey Into the Centre
Cyrille Verdeaux Solar Transfusion 8:14
Satori 101
In Each Hand A Cutlass The Kraken 5:48
Madball's Got Our Back
International Superheroes Of Hardcore Tip Of The Iceberg & Takin' It Ova! 1:09
Taking Tips from the Gallery Gang
Bound Stems The Family Afloat 4:20