work by rhnz

Instrumentalness is Yes, Energy is Medium, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), Speechiness is No. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly.

Song Artist Album
Cognitive Dissonance
tape_hiss Cognitive Dissonance 6:39
The Hippy Boys Reggae with The Hippy Boys 3:34
Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady
Turlough O'Carolan Saitenwege - Music for Zither and Guitar 1:40
Crow Jane
Stefan Grossman Friends Forever 1:53
Lujón (Bonus)
Bongo Entp. Debut 4:45
Wolfey Jervis Pump Station 5:54
Darling Nelli Gray
Kyle Creed Clawhammer Banjo Volume One 1:30
Jusjus - Instrumental
Mr. Scruff Keep It Unreal (10th Anniversary Analogue Remaster Edition) 4:02
Garrison '64
The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet Shades Of Blue 6:02
Wun Two Waves 1:33
Moby Play 3:00
Mount Kimbie Carbonated 4:18
Summer Montage / Madeline
Justin Hurwitz La La Land (Original Motion Picture Score) 2:04
Midnight Snack
HOMESHAKE Midnight Snack 2:54
Que Pasa
Horace Silver Blue Note Trip 2: Sunset/Sunrise 5:20
New York New York
Ronald Valentino El Caballero del Piano, Vol. 2 2:53
Into the Woods
Happy Camper The Daily Drumbeat 1:08
Dig This Vibe
Various Artists Blade The Soundtrack 4:54
Charleston - Dixieland Jazz Album Version
Sam Levine Dixieland Jazz 2:31
Palma de Lounge
Sonaya Bar Music Chill 3:11
Fortnight Blunted to Deaf Vol. II 1:57
Toonorth Adomania 1:39
L.A. Streets
Beckett Outrun the Skyline 3:33
Linus And Lucy
Vince Guaraldi Trio A Charlie Brown Christmas [2012 Remastered & Expanded Edition] 3:05
Baba Stiltz Is Everything 3:12
It's Your Love
The Other People Place Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café 7:31
Garden - Calibre Remix
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Garden (Calibre Remix) 5:58
Terry Riley: Keyboard Study #1
Terry Riley Steve Reich: Six Pianos & Terry Riley: Keyboard Study #1 19:50
Chemistry - Llewellyn's Retouch
Jennifer Touch Chemistry EP 6:06
Day Dreaming
Dominant Change in Colour 2:20
Palomo Wendel Morning Glow 3:15
mt. fujitive honshu island 1:11
Palomo Wendel Morning Glow 3:33
Tivoli Skank
The Revolutionaries Drum Sound - More Gems From the Channel One Dub Room 1974 -1980 4:44
[intermission 1]
Trog'low Jazz Joints 1:36
Sally Bamba Cuba Paraiso Latin Piano 1:07
Ninjoi. Benkyou 2:40
Have A Nice Dream
Blue In Green Bust Free 12 3:11
Ecartele: Chasing the Number
Damian Marhulets Ecartele 3:27
Chai Corner
Timboletti Reaching Rujum 7:36
Prepare for Launch
POLR Barren Space 1:42
MF Eistee Houseboat 1:34
Mura Kami cruisin 1:30
Simple Love
Julio Bashmore Knockin' Boots 5:07
RLLBTS Source 1:25
RLLBTS Source 1:32
Via Flaminia
Land Observations Roman Roads IV-XI 4:47
Golden Days
Balkan Paradise Orchestra K'ataka 3:28
Squid Ethics Split Thoughts 2:04
Far Away
Tomppabeats Harbor 0:52
Swing for Ninine
Hot Club De Norvege Hot Shots 4:18
Lamont Dozier Working On You 0:55
Billets Doux
Quintette du Hot Club de France St. Louis Blues 2:57
A la gran muñeca
Carlos Di Sarli Carlos Di Sarli y Su Orquesta 2:44
Hired Goons
Evil Nine You Can Be Special Too 5:44
Two Mary's Oberek
The Happy Travelers Orchestra Polish Polka Power 2:48
Beer Garden Polka
The Happy Travelers Orchestra Polish Polka Power 2:30
Jolly Cavallero Polka
Wesoly Bolek & His Orchestra Funny Polkas With Wesoly Bolek 2:32
How Many Bullets - Prince Fatty Dub
The Last Poets Understand What Dub Is 4:29
Getting' Outta Town - Instrumental
Big Walter Horton Can't Keep Lovin' You 2:50
dark HORSE
The Shanghai Restoration Project Zodiac 4:24
A Calf Born in Winter
Khruangbin A Calf Born in Winter 3:29
Underwater Light Reflection
Laurence Vanay Evening Colours (Deluxe Edition) 4:08
Chocolate Cosmos - Uquine DaybyDay Remix
Uquine Chocolate Cosmos Remixes 5:21
The Quest of Enigmatic Dreams
Old Man's Child In Defiance of Existence 0:52
El Rancho Rock
The Champs Go Champ Go 2:16
High Heel Sneakers
Harold Alexander Are You Ready 10:13
Zone+ Balkan 7:34
Fountains of Gold
New Madrid Yardboat 3:05
Sigueme, si puedes
Alejandro Scarpino La madrugada (1944-1945) 2:11
Morning Of
The JuJu Exchange Exchange 4:27
Idling in the Music Box
L'Oeuf Raide Dans le même panier 3:51
Weekend at Santa Cruz
Michael Seyer Bad Bonez 2:50
Funky Soul - Original Mix
Lionel Indies Looking at the Sea 6:31
Fine Jung Thing
The Electric Flag The Trip 7:23
Mick Avory's Underpants - Mono Mix
The Kinks The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society (Deluxe Edition) 2:17
Hello Psychaleppo Toyour 4:26
Trio en Si bémol majeur, Op. 16, No. 1: Trio en Si bémol majeur, Op. 16, No. 1: III. Presto
Johann Schobert Schobert: Quartet, Trios, Sonatas 3:07
Corazón Partio
Stars Magical Orchestra Baladas Instrumentales 5:34
Dollar In the Teeth
The Upsetters A Live Injection: Anthology 1968-1979 2:35
Los Violines Románticos De Cuba Boleros Instrumentales 2:52
Exit - Sebastian Mullaert Remix
Wissam El Amir Crossing Wires 002 - Compiled And Mixed By Timo Maas 7:16
La Gloria Eres Tu
Los Violines Románticos De Cuba Boleros Instrumentales 3:36
No Me Quieras Tanto
Los Violines Románticos De Cuba Boleros Instrumentales 2:46
Scarlet Begonias - Live at TD Garden, Boston, MA 11/17/17
Dead & Company TD Garden, Boston, MA 11/17/17 (Live) 11:00
Cold Rain and Snow - Live at Playing In The Sand, Riviera Maya, MX 2/17/18
Dead & Company Playing In The Sand, Riviera Maya, 2/17/18 (Live) 10:05
Knowmadic bumps 1:10
Otis In The Dark
Otis Spann Otis Spann Is The Blues 4:37
Vereda Tropical
Los Violines Románticos De Cuba Boleros Instrumentales 3:12
Deep River Blues
Gene Maltais The Raging Teens Vol. 2 4:13
Amadou Balaké Bambara Mystic Soul: The Raw Sound of Burkina Faso 1974-1979 (Analog Africa No. 10) 4:46
Champion Chill' Em All 4:25
Sá Marina
Rodrigo Braga Piano Bar (Nacional 1) 2:32
Fushou. Gimme some Moor. 1:12
Longing Summer
Omoh Omoh Is Leading Nowhere - EP 4:07
Where I'm Coming From - Instrumental
Funky DL Cool Classic Jazzstrumentals (Volume One) 4:55
xxweesh Morning Gorgeous 1:45
Big Siota
Josh Oliver Part of Life 2:20
I Ain't Got No Lovin' Baby Now
Bowling Green John Cephas Living Country Blues USA, Vol. 1 4:50
Sierra Hull Weighted Mind 2:08
Return - Original Mix
Eme Kulhnek Meet 7:10
A Little Bumpin'
Lee Ritenour Wes Bound 4:29
H.M. Blues
Larry Carlton The Jazz King: The Musical Compositions of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej 5:53
Sorry About the Carpet
Agar Agar The Dog and the Future 6:08
Liquid Soul
Chris Standring Love and Paragraphs 6:07
Why Not Blues
Tristan Mélia Trio No Problem 3:42
Airgoid Meall - Original Mix
Lord Of The Isles In Waves 6:40
Khruangbin The Universe Smiles Upon You 4:11
Planxty Davis
Nathan Salsburg Third 2:35
Nostalgia - Rhythm Version
Piero Umiliani La Ragazza Fuori Strada 3:28
Phone Call from the Future
Selling On Reflection 4:24
Mystic Brew
Vijay Iyer Historicity 4:56
New South Africa
Béla Fleck Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn 4:33
Don't Let Me Down
Harvey Averne Never Learned To Dance: Anthology 1967-71 2:50
The Carioca
The Nighthawks Cheek to Cheek 3:06
Put Your Head On My Shoulder
The Gino Marinello Orchestra Instrumental Romance 2:13
Vaknar I Parken
Torolf Stendik HEL-TXL EP 6:48
Pobre Gente de París
Russ Conway Chansons de France. Musique traditionnelle française 2:10
Phase Eins - Instrumental Mix
Bumich Phase Eins 6:12
Your Personal Healer (Hydraulic guitar by JuJu) feat. Juju - Original Mix
Move D Hydrophonic EP 8:26
The Sea Ranch Songs: Creatures
Aleksandra Vrebalov Aleksandra Vrebalov: The Sea Ranch Songs 2:57
Mimoun Marhaba
Mahmoud Guinia Marhaba 8:18
Adam Ben Ezra Pin Drop 4:05
Elevating Mind
so. mind Born to Live 6:50
The Harry Lime Theme
Russ Conway Party On 2:17
Jean du Voyage Mantra 3:44
Tokyo Nights
Joss Moog Tokyo Nights 6:21
Mulatu Astatke New York - Addis - London: The Story of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975 6:08
Xavier Cugat Xavier Cugat 2:44
Static Orphans
The Barr Brothers Sleeping Operator 2:04
The Viking March
Chris White Souvenir Music from the Worlds Columbian Exposition of 1893 2:26
Pixl Pyrmd Pyrmd.Skeeem 2:37
Parasol Woods
Manu Delago Parasol Peak (Live in the Alps) 4:48
New Soul
The Shady Ukulele Band Hawaiian Ukulele Hits 3:18
LA Priest Inji 3:17
Safety Shoes
Kirk Knuffke Arms & Hands 2:33
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in C Major: III. Andantino
Antonio Salieri Piano Concertos 5:04
Kinetic 2 - Ramón & Eduardo Amezcua Remix
Braulio Lam Kinetic (Remixes) 6:55
Concertino bianco: 3. Con anima
Georgs Pelēcis Into Silence: Pärt | Vasks | Górecki | Pelēcis 2:53
Augustus Pablo The Messenger 3:16
TOSHIO MATSUURA GROUP Loveplaydance (8 Scenes From The Floor) 9:06
Our Love
Rich Vom Dorf Our Love 5:51
Bet Green
Dav the Ninja In Peace 3:39
Up and Down
Issam Rafea Life as Is: The Blending of Ancient Souls from Syria & China 3:55
Bibi Tanga & The Selenites 40° of Sunshine 1:46
Funky Lovers
Piero Piccioni Camille 2000 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 1:57
Piero Piccioni Camille 2000 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 3:41
Mexican Dream
Piero Piccioni Colpo Rovente - Red Hot Shot (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2:01
Spring Divide - Original Mix
Takkyu Ishino Cruise 7:27
Marc Mac Red Tape Instrumentals 2:12
Nothing but the Blood of Jesus (Instrumental Version)
Strings Best of Praise on Strings 2:13
The Emagrate Critical 1:25
Bunny Hop
Ray Anthony & His Orchestra 1949-1953, Vol. 3 2:13
Danubian Breeze
The Lushlife Project Budapest Eskimos 6:31
Kosaken - Patrouille
Helmut Zacharias Der Mann mit der Geige 3:04
Niconé Kaniyoka Ep 5:18
Voyage (Instrumental)
SoulChef Instrumentals After Dark 3:09
Wonderland Bossa Nova Band
Chris Mazuera Monstera 1:56
Up and Running - Acoustic Version
Béla Fleck and the Flecktones Tales From The Acoustic Planet 4:25
Donde Vas?
A Certain Frank Nothing 4:35
Cubano Chant
Jo Jones The Essential 4:03
Lanner in Havana
Chateauhaag Good News 5:19
Stuck on You (Instrumental Version)
Love Songs Instrumental Versions of Current Popular Songs: Like I'm Gonna Lose You 3:02
Cotton Mill Blues
Wilmer Watts & The Lonely Eagles Paramount Old Time Recordings, CD A 3:02
Banjo Sam
Wilmer Watts & The Lonely Eagles Paramount Old Time Recordings, CD A 3:07
Paxton Fettel A Night in Torquay EP 5:35
Slumberville Lucid Dreams 2:46
Doc Brown's Cakewalk
Evan Christopher The Ragpickers 3:44
Cataract Rag
Evan Christopher The Ragpickers 3:11
Rubber Plant Rag
Evan Christopher The Ragpickers 3:37
Only for You
Hz. Gems from Japan, Vol. 1 1:47
Ciribiribin (They're So In Love)
Harry James Best Of The Big Bands 2:28
Darlin' Pal(s) of Mine
Missy Raines Royal Traveller 2:27
Everyone Wants a Part
Eu Bolos Everyone Wants a Part 6:30
Val Is Back
Val Bennet Val Bennet EP 3:18
La Cucaracha
Cantovano and His Orchestra Bailes de Salón : Cha-Cha-Cha - Los Mejores Bailes (Ballroom Dancing) 3:05
The Equator
Tortoise TNT 3:42
Land Loop
Nobody Soulmates 0:33
Qui sait
Ezéchiel Pailhès Divine 3:28
Sugar Maple
Noam Pikelny Universal Favorite 3:55
Sub Sub Full Fathom Five 2:55
Oboe Concerto in G Minor, Op. 9, No. 8: III. Allegro
Tomaso Albinoni Albinoni: Oboe Concertos, Vol. 1 4:03
Slumberville Lucid Dreams 2:03
Be Yourself
Mack Browne & The Brothers Shaft 2:41
Slumberville Lucid Dreams 2:15
Modern - Hishou Version
Yoshida Brothers Hishou 2:26
1.3 Courante
Peter Gregson Bach: The Cello Suites - Recomposed by Peter Gregson 2:26
Ibuki - Hishou Version
Yoshida Brothers Hishou 6:29
Er Suonone
Margot Er Suonone 5:53
A S T R O Bored 2:11
Afro Exotiq Imbizo 6:24
Good Night
Cosmic Cycler Special Night 3:16
I Am The Light
Rev. Gary Davis The Complete Early Recordings Of Reverend Gary Davis 3:02
Today I Started Loving You Again - Classic Country: Charlie McCoy Album Version
Charlie McCoy Classic Country: Charlie McCoy 2:43
Arco Saw
Matti Salo Quartet Tetraktys 2:05
Drinks by the Sea
The Mauskovic Dance Band The Mauskovic Dance Band 3:40
Jaeden Camstra Kids' Menu 1:12
Plaid Hawkmoth 4:48
Show and Prove
Es-K Trust The Process 2:26
Look at Me Now
Kool&Klean 21 Songs Smooth Ride Pack 4:48
El Baile
HP. Hoeger Café del Mar Sunset Soundtrack 3 4:32
Kevoe West Strictly Spezi Business 0:44
Eric Lau Examples, Vol. 2 2:10
Eric Lau Examples 2:06
Joy Years
My Empty Phantom Collection of Memories, Vol. 1 2:39
Savage Victory
Thee Oh Sees Drop 4:07
Man Mountain
Blue States Man Mountain 4:34
El camino negro
Tommy Guerrero Road to Knowhere 5:08
Too Ugly All That Spinach 1:41
linanthem figures in the garden 2:11
Merci Bon Dieu
Charlie Rouse Bossa Nova Bacchanal 5:57
Relaxin' At Camarillo
Anthony Wonsey Trio Blues For Hiroshi 4:25
Universal Unfolding
Lenny Ibizarre Ambient Collection Vol. 4 5:34
Mexicali - Timboletti Remix
Polo & Pan Mexicali (Remixes) 6:50
Hide It
GwaiLow Distance 1:56
Raw Fat & Dirty
Greedo The Dark Passenger / Raw Fat & Dirty 8:14
Sento - Pt. 2
Meitei Komachi 3:00
Mind Dub - Timboletti Remix
Sabo Vibe Quest Remixes 6:38
Space-Wars (feat. Sporting Life)
Onyx Collective Space-Wars (feat. Sporting Life) 4:20
Bible Belt (Cass+Mangan Play Early) - Cass+Mangan Play Early
Tom Mangan Bible Belt 7:24
Life, Liberty And The Prosciutto Happiness
Guy Klucevsek Accordance 3:37
Samba Tomora
Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal Musique de Nuit 3:51
Fielding Dawson in Franz Kline's Studio
Nico Muhly Black Mountain Songs 5:06
Shaddho Dub
Lokkhi Terra Banglarasta 3:31
Percy's Independence
Harry Griffiths Percy's Independence 3:51
The Lo Life
Radio Homework Lo Fi Hip Hop Chillwave Vaporwave - Best Relax, Chill and Study to 24/7 3:51
Vdol Po Rechenke
Volen Sentir Café del Mar Ibiza - Sol y Luna 7:22
If Music Was That Easy
Skalpel Transit 3:22
Boys are Sad
Radio Homework Lo Fi Hip Hop Chillwave Vaporwave - Best Relax, Chill and Study to 24/7 3:24
Nostalgia 77 Measures 4:17
Mountain Greenery
Peter Nero New Piano In Town 2:34
Da Creator
Pulshar Inside 4:50
Terekke Improvisational Loops 2:07
Thunder Clap
Deniz Kurtel The Way We Live Singles 5:09
Call me now
Heiko Voss Two Sides 5:04
Polvo - Original Mix
Dinky Take Me/ Polvo 8:42
I See Lights [Mix Cut] - Karmon Remix
Jimmy & Fred Armada presents Deep House Essentials #002 (Mixed Version) 7:07
Laika & Strelka Dance Machine 6:31
Johnny Pearson Y Su Orquesta Playas Somnolientas 3:15
Kana Kassy
Ali Farka Touré Ali & Toumani 4:10
Frivolous Meteorology 7:01
Bouncing With Bud - Live At Palais Des Congres, Paris / 1999
Keith Jarrett Trio Whisper Not 7:31
Chris White Souvenir Music from the Worlds Columbian Exposition of 1893 1:51
Don't Be Mad - Judy v’s SAVE! Remix
SAVE The Light 5:37
Richmond Light Infantry Blues
Robert Browne Hall Black Dyke Mills Band: World Famous Marches by Rimmer, Blankenburg and Hall 2:10
Dunlap Commandery
Robert Browne Hall Black Dyke Mills Band: World Famous Marches by Rimmer, Blankenburg and Hall 2:14
El Puente Sobre El Rio Kwai - BSO
Malcolm Arnold La Isla De Los Sonidos: La Ciudad Sin Luz 3:37
Perception - Original Mix
Minicied Mind Keeper / Perception 6:15
Ata una cinta amarilla al viejo roble
Johnny Pearson Y Su Orquesta Playas Somnolientas 3:30
Atraente - Arr. by Marcus Viana
Chiquinha Gonzaga Chiquinha Gonzaga 2:19