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Danceability is Moderately, Acousticness is Very likely, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), Energy is Medium, Explicit is excluded. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted by most popular.

Song Artist Album
Muse Absolution 3:48
Love Yourself
Justin Bieber Purpose (Deluxe) 3:53
Who You Love
John Mayer Paradise Valley 4:09
At Your Best (You Are Love)
Aaliyah Age Ain't Nothing But A Number 4:51
Via con me
Paolo Conte Best Of Paolo Conte 2:46
Your Mother Should Know - Remastered 2009
The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour (Remastered) 2:28
Tee Shirt - Soundtrack Version
Birdy The Fault In Our Stars: Music From The Motion Picture 2:39
Jamila Woods HEAVN 2:02
Ameba Loops 1:54
take me there
potsu just friends 3:10
Carl Aqua Space Cocoon 2:35
Do Sétimo Andar
Los Hermanos Ventura 3:46
Frad Nostalgia 2:22
Jasmine's Fuji
June Jissle No 18 1:16
Hue Honey Hiraeth 1:36
Hang on
Nalim Complex Channel Collective Tapes Vol. 3 1:12
sky to you
luvwn sky to you 1:29
Bird Man
Bertholet Bolo Stories 1:16
4:20 PM
Bluedoom 4:20 PM 1:39
SINY Shinigami 1:35
Arcade Mode
L'Indécis Second Wind 1:47
Married in a Gold Rush (feat. Danielle Haim)
Vampire Weekend Father of the Bride 3:42
Power On
James Blake Assume Form 4:06
Paul - Skit
Paul Rosenberg Kamikaze 0:35
Real Friends
Camila Cabello Camila 3:34
The Game of Love
Daft Punk Random Access Memories 5:22
Stay the Night
The Internet Hive Mind 4:21
Everlong - Acoustic Version
Foo Fighters Greatest Hits 4:10
Let My Baby Stay
Mac DeMarco Salad Days 4:08
Never Going Back Again - 2004 Remaster
Fleetwood Mac Rumours 2:14
Dueto a Través del Tiempo
Marco Antonio Solís Coco (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 1:45
El Mundo es mi Familia
Marco Antonio Solís Coco (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 0:50
The World Es Mi Familia
Anthony Gonzalez Coco (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 0:50
Big Thief U.F.O.F. 3:41
Brand New Key
Melanie Beautiful People: The Greatest Hits of Melanie 2:24
On My Own
Whitney Light Upon the Lake 2:14
Be Yourself
Frank Ocean Blonde 1:26
Never Going Back Again - 2004 Remaster
Fleetwood Mac Rumours (Super Deluxe) 2:14
Dinero Tiene Cualquiera
Maluma 11:11 3:26
Miracle (feat. Dan Caplen)
Macklemore GEMINI 3:44
Meghan Trainor THE LOVE TRAIN 3:35
You Get
Cat Power Wanderer 3:43
Jukebox And A Bar
Eric Church Desperate Man 3:12
Piazza, New York Catcher
Belle & Sebastian Dear Catastrophe Waitress 3:03
Shorty Don't Wait
A Great Big World Is There Anybody Out There? 4:11
Diván du don Las Cositas Claras 3:58
Les jours tristes - Instrumental
Yann Tiersen Amelie from Montmartre (Original SoundTrack) 3:03
I Don't Know What I Can Save You From
Kings of Convenience Quiet Is The New Loud 4:37
Paris - Acoustic Version
Sofia Karlberg Paris 2:33
as time goes by
Kuranes bad habits 1:44
Lewis Capaldi Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent 2:59
Walter Palmeras
Taburete Tres Tequilas 3:35
Maddy La Nuit
Flavien Berger Contre-Temps 3:30
Another One
Mac DeMarco Another One 2:40
I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Cry In The Club Rn
cbakl Genpuku [vol. 1] 1:27
Supersonic Rocket Ship
The Kinks Everybody's in Show-Biz 3:30
One Of These Things First
Nick Drake Bryter Layter 4:50
Valerie - Live At BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, London / 2007
Amy Winehouse Back To Black: B-Sides 3:53
Heartbreak Hotel
Elvis Presley Elvis 30 #1 Hits 2:07
Mrs. Robinson
Simon & Garfunkel The Collection 4:02
Martha My Dear - 2018 Mix
The Beatles The Beatles 2:28
Broken Bones
KALEO A/B 4:05
Utrus Horas
Orchestra Baobab Pirates Choice 8:43
Gotta Have You
The Weepies Say I Am You 3:19
Once In a While - Acoustic
Timeflies Once In a While (Acoustic) 3:51
Power Over Me - Acoustic
Dermot Kennedy Power Over Me 3:20
Like To Be You (feat. Julia Michaels)
Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes 2:39
RLLBTS Source 1:43
Pacific Road
90sFlav Collection II 1:33
Koralle Lost 1:54
Walking Back To Georgia
Jim Croce You Don't Mess Around With Jim 2:51
Wild World - Acoustic Version
Joanna Wang 為愛做的一切 3:45
When We Drive - Acoustic Version
Death Cab for Cutie When We Drive 3:32
El Paso
Marty Robbins Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs 4:19
Saddle Tramp
Marty Robbins Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs 2:03
The Master's Call
Marty Robbins Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs 3:05
nomads of the sea
santpoort mudflat hikers 2:25
Ballad Of The Alamo
Marty Robbins More Greatest Hits 3:40
Ameba Loops 1:32
Autumn Vibes
HideMySoul Autumn Vibes 2:17
Halfway to Nowhere
Chelou Halfway to Nowhere 3:08
Just For Tonight - Acoustic
James Bay Just For Tonight (Acoustic) 3:26
Smooth Stones
Kuranes Smooth Stones 1:56
Still Woozy Wolfcat 2:54
Milkz Namikaze 1:14
If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out
Yusuf / Cat Stevens On The Road To Find Out 2:47
Still Alive
Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories Portal 2: Songs to Test By (Collectors Edition) 2:57
Orinoco Flow
Enya Watermark 4:26
Tee Shirt - Soundtrack Version
Birdy Tee Shirt 2:39
On the Low
Tove Styrke Sway 3:46
ocean floor
mommy lovely currents 1:08
Dontcry Veggie / Ciruela 1:48
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (with The B. Swanson Quartet)
Frank Sinatra Christmas Songs By Sinatra 2:35
Blue Sea, Red Sea
Billie Marten Blue Sea, Red Sea 3:53
You've Got a Friend in Me - From "Toy Story"/Soundtrack Version
Randy Newman Toy Story 2:04
King of Everything
Dominic Fike Don't Forget About Me, Demos 3:14
Rita Is Gone
The Marcus King Band The Marcus King Band 4:25
Norton Commander (All We Need)
Men I Trust Norton Commander (All We Need) 3:26
In the Mood
Glenn Miller Greatest Hits 3:31
Dancing In The Dark
Imagine Dragons Evolve 3:53
Águas De Março
Elis Regina Elis & Tom 3:34
Green Onions - 45 Version
Booker T. & the M.G.'s Green Onions / Behave Yourself [Digital 45] 2:47
Younger Years
The Milk Carton Kids All the Things That I Did and All the Things That I Didn't Do 3:49
Ramon Ayala Despacito 2:26
Poncho & Lefty
Townes Van Zandt The Late Great Townes Van Zandt 3:40
Let's Call The Whole Thing Off
Ella Fitzgerald Ella And Louis Again 4:11
Drunken Sailor
Sean Dagher Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag (Sea Shanty Edition, Vol. 2) [Original Game Soundtrack] 1:29
Mama (feat. Ellie Goulding) - Acoustic
Clean Bandit Mama (feat. Ellie Goulding) [Acoustic] 3:06
Stoner's Caravan
Weedthief Stoner's Caravan 2:01
l'amour [intro]
Nohidea home movies 1:57
Blue Skies
Ella Fitzgerald Get Happy! (Expanded Edition) 3:46
Rain in Paris
Elyts Sounds Rain in Paris 1:32
evän roomnights.2 1:36
linanthem passage 2:34
thinking 2 much
Jeremy Zucker summer, 3:49
C'est La Vie No.2
Phosphorescent C’est La Vie 3:25
Don't Check On Me (feat. Justin Bieber & Ink)
Chris Brown Don't Check On Me (feat. Justin Bieber & Ink) 3:24
Ben Webster Ben Webster's Finest Hour 3:57
Tú Sí Sabes Quererme (feat. Los Macorinos)
Natalia Lafourcade Musas (Un Homenaje al Folclore Latinoamericano en Manos de Los Macorinos, Vol. 1) 4:04
Colbie Caillat Gypsy Heart 3:44
Ex - Acoustic
James TW Ex (Acoustic) 3:41
The Pressure - Acoustic
Ryan Corn The Pressure (Acoustic) 3:38
When You Love Someone - Acoustic
James TW When You Love Someone (Acoustic) 3:30
I Revel in You
JORDANN I Revel in You 3:33
Origami Lover
Gold Spectacles Origami Lover 3:25
I Don't Care - Acoustic
Ed Sheeran I Don't Care (Acoustic) 3:58
Throwaway (with Clairo)
SG Lewis Throwaway (with Clairo) 3:00
Ela É do Tipo
MC Kevin o Chris Ela É do Tipo 3:24
Hold My Girl (Acoustic Version)
George Ezra Hold My Girl (Acoustic Version) 3:31
No no
Canserbero Give Me 5 2:08
Seamos Honestos (Mars Voice Note)
Canserbero Give Me 5 2:11
Throwaway (with Clairo)
SG Lewis Dawn 3:00
Yo Te Quiero Más
Ventino Yo Te Quiero Más 2:57
Ya Para Qué
Greeicy Ya Para Qué 3:26
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Bossa Version
Olga Chung Bossa Nova Lounge 3:24
Mrs. Robinson (Bossa version)
Marcelo Rezende Relaxing Bossa Lounge 5 4:35
The First Cut Is the Deepest - Acoustic Version
Sheryl Crow Music From The WB Television Series One Tree Hill (change in 1 track bundle status) 3:50
Dirty Work
Steely Dan Can't Buy A Thrill 3:08
Don't Speak
Sarah Menescal Bossa N' Essentials 4:13
Crazy in Love
Rio Bossa Trio Crazy in Love 3:38
Sh-Boom - Single Version
The Chords Atlantic 60th: At The Hop 2:24
All Shook Up
Elvis Presley Elvis' Golden Records 1:57
Mrs. Cold
Kings of Convenience Declaration Of Dependence 3:06
Me In You
Kings of Convenience Declaration Of Dependence 3:08
Boat Behind
Kings of Convenience Declaration Of Dependence 3:40
Till There Was You - Remastered 2009
The Beatles With The Beatles (Remastered) 2:13
Melody Noir
Patrick Watson Melody Noir 3:14
The Harder They Come - From "The Harder They Come" Soundtrack
Jimmy Cliff Essential Festival: Jimmy Cliff (International Version) 3:39
Jack Johnson All The Light Above It Too 4:00
The Dress Looks Nice on You
Sufjan Stevens Seven Swans 2:32
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Pentatonix A Pentatonix Christmas Deluxe 2:29
What Do You Mean? - Acoustic
Justin Bieber Purpose (Deluxe) 3:23
You Sigh
Charlie Cunningham Lines 2:58
I Will Remain
Matthew And The Atlas To the North 3:26
Je ne t'aime plus
Manu Chao Clandestino 2:02
Día luna...Día pena
Manu Chao Clandestino 1:30
El viento
Manu Chao Clandestino 2:28
Aos Pés da Cruz
Gilberto Gil Gilbertos Samba 3:15
Supertramp Crime Of The Century (Remastered) 3:33
Tempo de Pipa
Cícero Canções de Apartamento 3:42
Pete Josef Colour 5:39
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Nouvelle Vague Nouvelle Vague 3:18
Mania De Você
Rita Lee Rita Lee 4:55
I Walk the Line
Johnny Cash I Walk the Line (Original Soundtrack Recording) 2:56
Meu Esquema
Mundo Livre S/A Por Pouco (Bit Box) 4:19
Pueblo Nuevo
Buena Vista Social Club Buena Vista Social Club 6:06
De Camino a La Vereda
Buena Vista Social Club Buena Vista Social Club 5:03
Buena Vista Social Club
Buena Vista Social Club Buena Vista Social Club 4:52
Feel Like Makin' Love
Roberta Flack Feel Like Makin' Love 2:55
I'll Follow The Sun - Remastered 2009
The Beatles Beatles For Sale (Remastered) 1:48
Mi Negrita
Devendra Banhart Mala 3:24
Mistério do Planeta
Novos Baianos Acabou Chorare 3:37
Distant Sures
The Cave Singers No Witch 3:11
Up to Me
Sera Cahoone Up to Me 3:13
A letter to my younger self
Ambar Lucid A letter to my younger self 2:18
A letter to my younger self
Ambar Lucid Dreaming Lucid 2:18
NAKED KOALA Reasons 2:53
Bak Pak
Lunchmoney Bak Pak 1:25
Bluedoom Dreams 1:14
Coal Miner's Daughter - Single Version
Loretta Lynn Coal Miner's Daughter 3:00
Devil Woman
Marty Robbins The Story Of My Life: The Best Of Marty Robbins 1952-1965 2:52
Coat of Many Colors
Dolly Parton Coat Of Many Colors 3:03
Pistol Packin' Mama - Single Version
Bing Crosby Bing-His Legendary Years 1931-1957 3:02
Flowers On the Wall
The Statler Brothers Flowers On The Wall: The Essential Statler Brothers 1964-1969 2:18
Pancho and Lefty
Merle Haggard The Essential Merle Haggard: The Epic Years 4:47
Big Iron
Marty Robbins Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs 3:55
Begin (feat. Wales)
Shallou Begin (feat. Wales) 4:02
Free Form
Alex Lustig Wave002 2:47
God's Gonna Cut You Down
Johnny Cash American V: A Hundred Highways 2:38
Highway Blood
John Craigie No Rain, No Rose 4:26
Universal Sound
Tyler Childers Purgatory 3:41
The Giver
The Dead Tongues Unsung Passage 3:15
Steal My Girl
Hearts & Colors Steal My Girl - Single 3:28
Still Got Time / There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
Megan Davies Still Got Time / There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back 3:13
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) [by Talking Heads]
Kishi Bashi 7" Singles 3:26
Ice Cream & Cigarettes
Million Miles Ice Cream & Cigarettes 2:52
Diving Duck Blues
Taj Mahal TajMo 4:28
Dil Mere
The Local Train Aalas Ka Pedh 3:31
Tous les garçons et les filles - Slow
Françoise Hardy Françoise Hardy (Tous les garçons et les filles) 3:07
One Day
KIM MIN SEUNG Terius Behind Me Pt. 3 (Original Television Soundtrack) 3:16
Esa noche
Café Tacvba Re 3:26
Cross Road Blues
Robert Johnson King Of The Delta Blues Singers 2:29
Tracy Chapman Crossroads 4:11
7 Years
Jasmine Thompson 7 Years 3:58
Jeena Jeena (From "Badlapur")
Atif Aslam Jeena Jeena (From "Badlapur") 3:48
Being With You
Smokey Robinson Being With You 4:06
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song)
Helena Bonham Carter Cinderella (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 1:22
I Can't Be Satisfied
Muddy Waters The Best Of Muddy Waters 2:42
Idealism rainy evening 1:49
Via con me
Paolo Conte Paris Milonga 2:46
Catch & Release
Matt Simons Catch & Release 4:00
Wildflowers - 2015 Remaster
Dolly Parton Trio (Remastered) 3:36
VAX Fireproof (feat. Teddy Sky) 3:11
Polaroid - Acoustic
Jonas Blue Polaroid (Acoustic) 3:37
Walking On Sunshine
Gardiner Sisters Walking On Sunshine 2:31
Stay and Wander
Tom Doolie Field Notes 1:52
Ol' Chip
Casiio Ol' Chip / JayJay 1:17
Call It What You Want
Travis Atreo Call It What You Want 3:24
Slaughter Beach, Dog Birdie 5:16
Flughand EXPEDITion Vol. 7: Moonloops 1:33
mt. fujitive honshu island 1:11
pettersson smoothie 1:39
my heart flutters when i see you
biosphere Summer Festival 2:10
A L E X Growing Up, Vol. 2 2:20
On Hold
Ziggy Alberts Laps Around The Sun 3:09
Lo Que Construimos
Natalia Lafourcade Hasta la Raíz (Edición Especial) 4:39
Horse With No Name
America A Horse with No Name 3:37
I've Never Been There
Yann Tiersen Cascade Street 1:35
Blue Moon
Billie Holiday Solitude 3:27
Come and Be a Winner
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Soul of a Woman 2:56
Long Espresso
o k h o La Caffetteria 1:35
O Pato
Gilberto Gil Gilbertos Samba 4:02
Shady Grove
Jerry Garcia Shady Grove 4:19
Softly, Pt. 2
Psalm Trees Autumn Turned Winter Bonus Tracks 1:24
Si facile
Casseurs Flowters Comment c'est loin 3:56
Jamie Woon Mirrorwriting 3:48
mndbd LA FAMILIA PT. 1 1:47
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
Doris Day With A Smile And A Song 2:31
Still Alive
Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories Portal 2: Songs to Test By (Collectors Edition) 2:57
The Wheels On the Bus
Nursery Rhymes 123 11 Nursery Rhymes and Songs 1:07
I Don't Wanna See You Cryin' Anymore
Adam Melchor Plan On You 3:43
moow I Can't Tell You How Much It Hurts 1:54
The Lazy Song
The Shady Ukulele Band Hawaiian Ukulele Hits 3:12
Pepe Aguilar MTV Unplugged 5:05
El Disgusto
Ramon Ayala Baraja De Oro 4:04
Un Puño de Tierra
Antonio Aguilar Con Tambora, Vol. 2 3:08
Ando Que Me Lleva
Antonio Aguilar Con Tambora, Vol. 2 3:22
¿Qué Se Siente Que Me Gustes Tanto?
Daniel, Me Estás Matando Suspiros 3:04
Una Loca Como Tú
Nanpa Básico Una Loca Como Tú 3:55