SAX FUNK by chrcon

Danceability is Super, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), Instrumentalness is Yes. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted by most often played. Limited to 20 songs.

Song Artist Album
Zdot Instrumental World 3:59
Fly Life - Flashmob 2018 Remix
Basement Jaxx Fly Life (Flashmob Remix) 7:34
Not So Much
Axel Boman Holy Love 4:06
Don't Turn It Off - Greg Wilson Edit
40 Thieves Permanent Vacation Classic 02 6:27
Don't Turn It Off (feat. Qzen) - Greg Wilson Edit
40 Thieves Don't Turn It Off Remixes 6:27
Livio & Roby Desolat X-Sampler 8:22
Bionic Cosmos
Ranko Fluesseviertel 3:24
La bataille de neige
Domenique Dumont Comme ça 3:54
ufo catcher
BROCKBEATS Mr. lo-fi chill pop 1:58
Strike Back
Tino Kirstan Airwalk 7:39
Sammy Virji Spice Up My Life 5:05
Normal Position
Jeppe Wolmer Broken District 01 6:43
Andrew Applepie This Amount Of Songs Almost Broke The Internet, Vol. 4 2:10
What I Tell Ya
Anzola Caracas 3:46
Oliver Helden Only the Best TecHouse 3:35
Acid Mode - Original Mix
Julian Barcelo Acid Mode 6:18
Volko Throw Thy Round Box EP 7:02
Club Love - Jay Mosley Remix
Mike Techh Club Love 7:17
Canon in D Major Techno I
Mozart Techno Band Techno Classical 5:12
Rude (Originally Performed By Magic!) - Acoustic Guitar Karaoke
Sing2Guitar Rude (Originally Performed by Magic!) [Acoustic Guitar Karaoke] 3:44