OZPLYLST by zrkhrmn

Valence is Negative (sad, depressed, angry). Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 25 songs.

Song Artist Album
The Misery We Make
Darkest Hour Darkest Hour 3:06
The Obstacle Is The Path
sleepmakeswaves sleepmakeswaves (USA) 3:13
Breather II
Oceana BIRTH.EATER 2:59
The Pivotal Flame
Burial In The Sky Creatio Et Hominus 6:33
Death Downwind
Light This City Terminal Bloom 1:25
In Hearts Wake Ark 3:56
In Hearts Wake Ark 3:22
You're My Fix
Scarlet Cult Classic 3:35
Swarm Manifesto
Scarlet This Was Always Meant To Fall Apart 2:24
Thy Menacing Gaze
Inferi Revenant 6:23
Reasons for Waiting - Steven Wilson Stereo Remix
Jethro Tull Stand Up (Steven Wilson Remix) 4:07
My Love Is Stronger Than Your Love
Red Riders Replica Replica 3:00
Handing Out Stones
August Landelius Float 6:03
August Landelius Float 5:14
Awaken I Am Shields and Crowns 3:40
Safe Haven
Awaken I Am Shields and Crowns 3:58
The Mess Hall Devils Elbow 4:11
FraKctured (Live in Europe, 2000)
King Crimson Heavy ConstruKction (Live in Europe, 2000) 8:46
Las Vegas (From "Rain Man")
Mark Ayres The Best of Hans Zimmer 4:23
Letra S (Parte II)
Ornatos Violeta Cão 1:04
Now We Are Free (From "Gladiator")
The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra The Best of Hans Zimmer 4:21
The Rock (From "The Rock")
The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra The Best of Hans Zimmer 5:06
Taking No More
Da Les Taking No More 3:55
To Lose a Whore
Pimp C Long Live The Pimp 4:00
Set and Setting A Vivid Memory 6:43