My first PLYLST by majormalfunktion

Acousticness is Likely. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly.

Song Artist Album
No Sabes Que No Puedo
Danna Transición 3:44
Evocativ Fragmented 4:12
Start of Something Beautiful
Evocativ Fragmented 3:00
Cruising with You
Heartstreets Cruising with You 3:40
Bana Gel
Myndless Grimes Bana Gel 3:13
You Light Up My Life
Judy Roberts The Judy Roberts Band 3:57
I Specialize In Loneliness
Jesus Loves You The Martyr Mantras 6:25
Anan Var Midur
Meral Azizoğlu Adres Defteri 3:07
Thaeme & Thiago Boato 2:30
Casa Pequenininha
Thaeme & Thiago Casa Pequenininha 3:02
The Way You Love
Electro Spectre The Way You Love 3:16
Can You Get To That - Live
Mavis Staples Live in London 3:18
Just Say When (feat. Jinny Kim)
Tim Be Told Mighty Sound (Deluxe) 3:47
Osman Ağa (Çıksam A Rumelin Düzüne)
Onur Şan Felek 4:45
Rola Kol El Gharam 6:14
Pra Ter Você Aqui - Ao Vivo
Thaeme & Thiago Ethernize - Ao Vivo (Deluxe) 3:19
I Can't Help It
Judy Roberts Nights in Brazil 4:17
وقت الوجع
Reda El Bahrawy وقت الوجع 2:33
Wahashtini وحشتني نور مهنا يغني سعاد محمد (feat. Soad Mohammed)
Nour Mehanna Tarab 13:50
Judy Roberts The Judy Roberts Band 5:22
Swinging Too High
Jesse Anderson Funk N Blues 2:59
Stormy Monday
Chris Farlowe Stormy Monday 6:18
Kaadhal kaditham (From "Jodi")
Unni Menon Hits of A.R.Rahman Isai Saral 4:57
Unchained Melody - Gounod
Richard Clayderman The Very Best of Richard Clayderman 3:06
Learning to Fly
Ivan Nicolas Learning to Fly 4:58
Ivan Nicolas Sicily 2:58
Heart Don't Want
Lewis & Leigh Ghost 2:39
Realist Shit I Ever Wrote
Leekjaymusic Realist Shit I Ever Wrote 2:43
Femme que j'aime
Bande à Part The Foufoune Tour 4:28
Jacary Spates Theme Song
Leekjaymusic Jacary Spates Theme Song 1:57
Top - Original Mix
Two Are String Attacks 3:42
You Are Our God
Summit Worship Broken Saviors 4:47
Olhos Nos Olhos
Chico Buarque Antologia 66 / 84 4:25
Chego Tarde Nunca Mais
Andrey Vieira Anamnese 4:37
Por Todo Tempo Que Vi
Andrey Vieira Por Todo Tempo Que Vi 3:11
Feeling You
Etienne de la Sayette Maputo Queens 3:59
I'm So Cool in Seoul
Etienne de la Sayette Maputo Queens 3:32
Lord Bougainvillard
Etienne de la Sayette Maputo Queens 4:02
Erol Köker Bölgelerimiz Türkülerimiz - Orta Anadolu 5:14
Buddha's Palm
SUKISHA Buddha's Palm 4:24
'94 Ho Draft
Warren G Regulate… G Funk Era 1:00
3alek 7abiby Kalam (عليك حبيبي كلام)
Donia Samir Ghanem 3alek 7abiby Kalam (عليك حبيبي كلام) 3:30
I Put a Spell On You
Maisy Kay A Very Jazzy Halloween 3:21
Misteriosament Feliç
Marc Parrot Refugi 3:11
Marc Parrot Refugi 3:48
Fruit Verd
Marc Parrot Refugi 3:36
Endless Dark - Animam Remix
Futura X Endless Dark 7:10
Orange Coloured Liquid
Spooky Gargantuan 5:13
Tingvall Trio Cirklar 4:48
Eli Way Wave.Wav 3:53
Tiganá Santana Vida Codigo / Meios 2:57
Klein Lifetime 3:05
Klein Lifetime 1:23
The Sardines My Favorite Kind of Soup 3:22
Just for a Minute
The Sardines Ran Out of Luck EP 3:56
daBossa Um Dois 2:26
Choro Pro Hélio / Está Tudo Escrito
daBossa Um Dois 2:23
Dazy Crown Honeydew 3:43
Cheba Zahouania Moulay tayab 4:33
Unlike Pluto Fake Smiles, Real Memories 2:55
Fade Away Within
Steve Peters Not A Leaf Remains As It Was 8:21
Steve Peters Between Noise & Silence 5:20
Auto De Fé
Steve Peters Occasional Music 6:22
Someone Like Me
Tommy Newport Someone Like Me 2:46
Gomorrha Trauma 3:44
Chuyện buồn tình yêu
Tuyết Nhung Tình lỡ trăm năm 4:28
Badak Maleoun Seneh
Melhem Barakat Badak Maleoun Seneh 7:42
L'hymne de nos campagnes XXV
Tryo XXV 3:05
Qry Bolało 2:26
Them Clones Love.Hate.Heroes 4:27
Will You
BrotherSu Will You (From "Don't Dare To Dream" Original Television Soundtrack) 3:41
Đôi ta bên nhau
Kenny Thái Love Songs - Everlasting Romantic 3:43
Sehabe Güneş Serisi 3:27
Ryan Downey Running 3:24
Techno Dolls
Ryan Downey Running 5:49
A Thousand Reasons Why
Coldsteeze A Thousand Reasons Why 2:27
Static Brown Noise
Fortuna Baby Sleep Noise 2:49
River Close
Shaman 3D Audio Textures of the River 1:48
All We Do
Stuart Mavis Stuart Mavis 4:00
Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica Canzoni da spiaggia deturpata 1:54
Kůň Bílý
Marie Rottrova Ty, Kdo Jdeš Kolem 3:07
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You - Live At Sydney Stadium, Australia / 1961
Frank Sinatra World On A String (Live) 3:46
Onda (Intro)
Bruno Souto Valsa 2:31
[ocean jams] Wastelands 2:45
Somebody Find Me Trouble
Bola Johnson Man No Die 3:00
Paper Player
Pinetree Way ASMR Textures vol. II 1:32
Weary Boots Homeward
Pinetree Way ASMR Footsteps (Binaural Audio) 0:49
He Stopped Loving Her Today
George Jones Super Hits 3:15
For Coloma
Biel Ballester Trio Django Festival 2 3:36
River Tranquility
Shaman 3D Audio Textures of Waters 2:52
One Last Message
Owlist Slides 1:36
Pantalon moriba
Jean Baron Comme un... 4:59
Lost Stories Uncomplicated 3:25
Washing Hands
Pinetree Way ASMR Textures vol. II 0:28
Velvet Dreams
Slowheal Velvet Dreams 2:30
Jobii Vortex 2:18
Chashni Reprise
Neha Bhasin Bharat 3:59
Har Surat Vich (Bulleh Shah)
Barkat Sidhu Har Surat Vich Tu 9:52
Love You Simple
IX Ixtape 3:04
Medicine for My Brain - Mahogany Sessions
Sam Johnson Medicine for My Brain (Mahogany Sessions) 3:32
Üçüncü Durak
Beyza Doğuç Üçüncü Durak 3:33
Charged Up
Phuture Noize Pursuit of Thunder 3:24
Take Everything
Young Mister Soft Rock 3:51
Kiss Me
Ed Sheeran + 4:40
Miditerranean Pads
Klaus Schulze Miditerranean Pads 14:14
Faixa 3 - Ao Vivo
Bruninho & Davi Bruninho & Davi ao Vivo no Ibirapuera 3:21
F*** With Me
PT Dopamine 3:54
Nobody Else - Radio Edit
Full Crate x Mar Nobody Else 3:37
I'm His Girl
Friends I'm His Girl 2:52
White Christmas
Iggy Pop A Very '80s Christmas 3:27
Go Your Own Way
Audiomachine Trailerized: Covers and Originals 3:58
Into The Wind
Blue Wednesday The Great Escape 2:41
It's My Turn
Bobby Glover Bad Bobby Glover 4:57
Flashdance...What a Feeling (Re-Recorded)
Irene Cara A Very '80s Christmas 4:06
El Enmascarado De Latex
El Tri Medio Siglo Rocanroleando 3:59
Il Divo Ancora 4:14
Ach wie nichtig, ach wie flüchtig in A Minor: II. Part 2
Georg Böhm 500 Years of Organ Music, Vol. 2 1:04
The Bear
Shred Kelly In the Hills 4:34
Instant Karme
Brother Groove Package of memories 5:54
It Goes (Uh Oh)
Jackie Onassis Holiday EP 3:43
All the Beauty
Jani R Collision 6:32
Take Care My Baby
Matthew E. White Fresh Blood 5:31
It's Not Clear
Dr Rubberfunk Jalapeno Funk, Vol. 2 4:22
Invisible Cities
Beat Connection The Palace Garden 4:26
No More Blues
Irit Dekel Last of Songs 4:47
Temporary Insanity
Deb Ryder Enjoy the Ride 3:32
Salmon Arms (Acoustic)
KASHKA Bones EP 2:53
Immortality, Pt. 2
All India Radio Moviestar EP 2:23
Hot Air (feat. As_1s)
Karma Knows Sugar 3:48
All I Want for Christmas Is You
The Motels A Very '80s Christmas 4:02
Che male c'è - Remastered
Pino Daniele Dimmi cosa succede sulla terra (Remastered Version) 4:06
Into My Own Thing
Sly & The Family Stone Life 2:13
Ultimo Chiave 4:00
Arbour Luv Songs B Sides 1:56
Ar baradoz
Anne Auffret Sonj (Sacred Music from Brittany - Celtic Music from Brittany -Keltia Musique -Bretagne) 4:59
River Kwai Marsch
Deutsche Militärkapelle Internationale Marsch-Perlen 3:31
Jenny Bohman Coming Home 3:51
Nick & Samantha On The Beach 4:32
The Promise (Studio 1987 Version)
When In Rome A Very '80s Christmas 3:36
Bilo 503 Arecibo 1:05
Ice Pick
Albert Collins 70s Blues 3:08
Brrr!!! (Take It Easy)
Mbongeni Ngema Laduma 4:55
Palov Troubles 5:30
C'est la vie
Coralie Clement Toystore 2:28
Oh My Baby Josephine
Bola Johnson Man No Die 2:40
Lost and Found
CloudNone Lost and Found 4:17
Ark Patrol Ark Patrol 6:11
Stablemates (Take 4)
Milt Jackson Bags Meets Wes [Keepnews Collection] 5:48
The Cape Verdean Blues - Remastered
Horace Silver The Cape Verdean Blues 4:59
Jannie Moolman Life is Beautiful 4:25
I'm Here to Stay
Sharrie Williams I'm Here to Stay 3:19
Peggy's Blue Skylight - Edit
Charles Mingus Jazz in Detroit / Strata Concert Gallery / 46 Selden - Edits 5:33
Preludio con Fuga in A Major: II. Fuga
Johann Gottfried Walther 500 Years of Organ Music, Vol. 2 3:51
Symphony No. 5, Op. 42, No. 1: V. Toccata
Charles-Marie Widor Widor: Toccata 5:39
Dance Monkey - Acoustic
Kurt Hugo Schneider Dance Monkey (Acoustic) 3:30
Cariad (feat. Guy Garvey)
J-Walk A Night On The Rocks 3:38
Convite para a Vida
Giovanni Mirabassi Out of Track 4:30
Why Can’t You Be Nicer To Me
Aluminium Aluminium 2:54
Chipololo - Live
Mario Salazar Performance at Cergy, Vol. 2 (Live) 3:13
Eklo Blue 3:58
Puro Teatro
La Lupe Greatest Hits 2:59
One Way (feat. T-Pain) - Bonus
Şehrin Işıkları - Live
Ozbi Rakılı Live 1. Seri 4:49
Tom's River
Samuele Vivian Mediterranea 4:28
Nick & Samantha Milchbar - Seaside Season 8 4:22
Infinite Scale Sound Sensor 4:32
Goodbye, For Now
Adam Tell Goodbye, For Now 4:00
Thierry La Fronde
Jacques Loussier Thierry La Fronde (Bande originale du feuilleton télévisé de Robert Guez) 2:15
I Have A Dream
Lily James Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 4:24
Poor Little Fool - Remastered
Ricky Nelson Ricky Nelson (Expanded Edition / Remastered) 2:33
Patty Cake Polka
His Orchestra Global Sounds: Music from Around the World 2:35
Joseph LeMay Seventeen Acres 4:52
No Question
Cyn Santana No Question 3:38
Automobile Polka
Jimmy Sturr Orchestra Great Polkas With The Jimmy Sturr Orchestra 2:15
You Should Be Hated Here
Carissa's Wierd They'll Only Miss You When You Leave: Songs 1996-2003 2:37
R.K.M & Ken-Y Masterpiece: Nuestra Obra Maestra 3:45
Fare i camerieri
Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica Canzoni da spiaggia deturpata 3:35
Loco De Amor
David Byrne Rei Momo 3:45
Darkest Hour
Low Roar Darkest Hour 2:59
Ruben Gonzalez Introducing... Ruben Gonzalez 9:50
Falling Water
Kento Masuda Globesounds 7:27
Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica Canzoni da spiaggia deturpata 3:49
The Calvary Cross
Still Corners Live in Studio 5:06
Primrose Hill (Notes from California)
Max Jury Primrose Hill (Notes from California) 3:28
Paddy Hanna Underprotected 3:39
A New History
Epic Mountain Kurzgesagt, Vol. 3 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 6:57
Noi e il mattino
Dente Canzoni per metà 3:34
Mejor Morir de Sed Que Ir a Lo Fácil
Ricardo Vicente Mutanciones para Niños Mutantes 4:47
El Infierno
Russian Red Mutanciones para Niños Mutantes 2:41
La Leyenda Del Tiempo
Camaron De La Isla El Legado De Camarón 3:39
Only Love
Ariela Jacobs Only Love 4:12
Major Hope
Gerald Clayton Bond: The Paris Sessions 6:14
Enjoy Yourself
The Larry Chesky Orchestra The Larry Chesky Orchestra 2:43
Ema Jean Solace 3:22
Thelma's Theme
Torgny Thelma (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 0:46
Morning Train (Nine to Five) - Edit
Sheena Easton Take My Time 3:20
I Like It Like That
Pete Rodriguez Fania Latin Boogaloo Essentials 4:25
No Agreement
Aphrodesia Frontlines 10:23
From My Own True Love (Lost At Sea)
The Decemberists Picaresque 3:42
Soweto String Quartet Invictus 4:01
Swann - feat. Noni
Maga 15º Aniversario 4:06
Oyebi Bien
Kékélé Congo Life 4:44
Roger Kellaway New Jazz Standards Vol 3 3:41
You Are
Jack Bennett In This Moment, You Are Everything 2:21
Symphony No. 5: IV. Adagietto. Sehr langsam
Gustav Mahler Mahler: Symphony No. 5 10:34
Lemon Haze
emune SP-Ecials 1:14
Love Is Love
Starley Love Is Love 3:29
Mosaico a Billo
Almendra Orquesta Mosaico a Billo 7:15
Out In The Parking Lot
Steve Earle GUY 2:39
Suavecito, Suavecito
Laura Leon 20 Tropiéxitos 3:46
The Franklin Electric Ghost 3:14
Raven J Leave 2:31
Remembrance And Regret
Brian Tyler Into The Storm (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 1:50
J-Walk Off Beat 4:39
J’veux pas me casser la tête
Alex Roy J’veux pas me casser la tête 2:25
Mercury & Lightning
John Mark McMillan The Mercury Sessions 3:32
Sad March
Carmell Jones The Remarkable Carmell Jones 5:48
Blue V
Yves Jarvis The Same But By Different Means 2:20
Jelly Jelly
The Allman Brothers Band Brothers And Sisters (Super Deluxe) 5:46
Frameworks Monday 4:48
Black Light
BJ Nilsen The Short Night 4:16
Falcons DAYDRIFT 4:08
Jack Bennett In This Moment, You Are Everything 2:42
Autumn in My Heart
Mura Kami Embre 2:28
The Titus
Brian Tyler Into The Storm (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 1:45
You & I
kennedi You & I 3:16
Cuzco Sketchbook 6:12
Half Colored Hair
Black Belt Eagle Scout At the Party With My Brown Friends 4:44
A Lannister Always Pays His Debts
Ramin Djawadi Game of Thrones (Music from the HBO® Series) Season 3 2:50
Attack On Murron
James Horner Braveheart - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 3:00
Midnight Inn
Homebody Inn 2:35
So Fresh
Cospe LBL 3:26
Falling Up
Isles Fractal Beach 1:50
La lotta armata al bar
Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica Canzoni da spiaggia deturpata 3:39
Legend of the Brown Goat
Ewan Dobson Ewan Dobson III 5:14
Lontana da me
Coez Non erano fiori 3:43
Grifon Çıkmaz 3:29
Teach Me How to Dance with You - Acoustic
Causes Under Bridges EP 3:11
Something Good
alt-J An Awesome Wave 3:38
My Way - Live at The Honolulu International Center, Hawaii January 14, 1973
Elvis Presley Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite (Legacy Edition) 4:01
IAMDDB Vibe, Volume 2. 2:37
İyi Ki Doğdun Sevgi
Fikriye Karaca İyi Ki Doğdun Sevgi 0:43
Blowin' In The Wind
Alain Clark Beste Zangers Seizoen 11 (Aflevering 5 - Hoofdartiest Glen Faria) 3:24
Down (Remix)
RKM Masterpiece : Commemorative Edition 3:47
Night Life
Reniss Express, Vol. 1 3:39
Midnight Seduction
Nuit Oceān Midnight Seduction 3:15
Touhu no kado-Instrumental
NARISK NIMAIME-Instrumental 1:20