asdqwe by serhattbeyaz

Energy is Insane, Valence is Negative (sad, depressed, angry). Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 15 songs.

Song Artist Album
A Writer's Reference
Halifax A Writer's Reference 4:07
Snow In Hollywood
Halifax The Inevitability Of A Strange World 3:47
A History of Bad Men
Melvins A Senile Animal 6:42
California Poppy
David Douglas Moon Observations 4:04
Sell My Head
Tancred Out of the Garden 2:33
Mouth Of Ghosts
The Dillinger Escape Plan Ire Works 6:49
Stam1na Taival 3:30
Drink Alone
Kudu Blue Shaded 3:48
Kuudet raamit
Stam1na Elokuutio 3:32
Late Night Alumni Low 3:54
Housemeister Stand Up! 6:18
The TVC A West Coast Vision 3:22
Purple Stuff
Vibe Street Throwbacks 4:55
What Time Is It?
Spin Doctors Pocket Full Of Kryptonite (Anniversary Edition) 4:50
Transcend The Mundane
Contrarian To Perceive Is To Suffer 4:37