trial by ardaensari47

Energy is High, Acousticness is Likely, Mode is Major. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 10 songs.

Song Artist Album
Tancredi Alba 2:56
Run From Me
Katie James Respirar 3:04
Morning Person
Gray Fox Bloom 4:07
The convertability of lute strings - Extract
Michael Nyman Minimalism for the Mind 4:47
Thank You Song
Su Lee Thank You Song 2:48
Mere Vaali - Acapella
Jeet Chahil & Shin DCS feat. Jeeti Mere Vaali 2:59
Come Back to Me
The Need Wish 3:49
Silver Lining
Cade Roth and the Blacksheep 74th St. Sessions 4:17
Craftal Lullabytes 2:55
Ryodan Pajikake 3:38