Playlist Minor, Negative, Danceable, med Energy by 129491102

Mode is Minor, Valence is Negative (sad, depressed, angry), Danceability is Very, Energy is Medium. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 50 songs.

Song Artist Album
Herhangi Gecer 7:19
What You Not
J-Ryz notJøhn 3:18
Lads Eli 8:58
Little G Fresh Pink Dreams 3:44
Gang Shaomi
Prates Gang Shaomi 1:32
Afterhours In Space - Original Mix
Tyco Afterhours In Space 5:38
I Want To Break Free
Demetrio Bossa And Rock 3:40
Bad Romance
Bashh Bad Romance - Single 5:49
Tropic Love - Johnne Lemand Remix
Lean Butler Clubbers Culture: Prepared Deep House 6:34
Misirlou - Lips Trap Remix
Leonardor Misirlou 5:29
Spanish Fly Resurrección 3:19
Getting Better - Newtonez UPC Remix
MKR Music Getting Better (Remixes) 6:08
Crazy na Vibe
Familia 3um3 Crazy na Vibe 4:14
Bad Girl
Tunji One & Only Me 4:10
Scary Haloween - Alessio Gnizio Remix
Alessio Gnizio Move It 4:44
Why Don't We
Leo Stannard Notions EP 3:27
London Asylum
Miss Jools London Asylum 7:21
Peter Fish 龍柒飄財 2:04
Celestial Sunrise
Lomez Plus One 7:04
Too Shrill
Hank Dance Your Pants Off 4:31
All Night Love
Sandeep Patil All Night Love (feat. Zarom) 5:40
Moon Embrace - Remix By Jabaro
Taste of dream Grapes of Grace 5:19
Laurent Chanal Sand 6:34
The Great C.T. (to Clark Terry) [feat. GeGè Telesforo & Seby Burgio]
Fun Slow Ride FunSlowRide 4:11
Notelba - Original Mix
Alfonso Bz Notelba 5:47
Think + Love + Like
Jazz Ingram Idk, I Love U. 3:40
Timboletti Dhunche 7:45
Hear Me Out
Brad Hart Innersellar Ep 6:09
Água Viva
Jaya Não Foi Tempo Perdido 2:55
Slick Glam Love
Frederic Auger French Indie Club 3 2:46
Voor Mij
Max Wallin' Voor Mij 2:28
Something Freaky
Mosey Something Freaky 3:16
Spank Me
Groove Inspektorz Progressive Equation (Compiled by Tilt) 6:57
My Secrets
Ira Ange My Secrets EP 7:00
Another Day in Paradise
Wala Another Day in Paradise 1:42
Theory of I
Significant Other Rhythm Art 2:20
Suck It Up
Madison Suck It Up 6:30
Joel Lirica Solo 3:16
Kassen Gold
Rasar Bauchgefühl 8:39
Cabrxn y Medio
Gumsnrxses Cabrxn y Medio 5:02
Tiny Dancer - (deadmau5 Remix)
Marco Demark deadmau5 - The Remixes 7:20
Maũ Sighcle 3:57
Maũ Phase II: Interlude 3:29
Uppbeat Enter Aquarius 3:15
Lemonah System32 2:21
Steph Curry (feat. 2Crucial)
Street Bud Steph Curry 2:41
Dance - Louie Vega Funk House Dub Instrumental
3 Winans Brothers Dance 11:53
Alex Stein Ruthless / Berzerk 7:40
atm atm 1:26
U Make Time
Billa Joints Evolve 1:20