Work by harshalbhakta

Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), Energy is High. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly.

Song Artist Album
Indigo Fantasy
Pip the Pansy Love Legends, Pt. I 4:00
Layin Low
Warhol.SS Free Andy 2:11
Say My Name
Sirah Say My Name 3:27
Keiynan Lonsdale Preach 3:32
Love Me Do
Mellow Mood Hemp! A Reggae Tribute to The Beatles, Vol. II 3:18
Made for Rain
Good Lovelies Let the Rain Fall 3:06
Good Lovelies Let the Rain Fall 2:57
Pilli Bebek Olsun 4:35
L auf der Stirn (feat. Deichkind)
Beatsteaks YOURS 4:16
Mayyadda Holding Space 2:20
Multiple Choice
Jade Jackson Wilderness 3:25
Hurricane Season
Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room Hurricane Season 4:18
All I Have
Charlie Barnes Oceanography 3:43
Now Or Never
Jade Jackson Wilderness 3:02
Wide Open
Raashan Ahmad Raashan Ahmad / Headnodic - Low Fidelity High Quality, Vol. 2 3:54
Kuren Melting Conceptually 3:52
Ride & Sway
The Greencards Sweetheart of the Sun 3:02
Redeye Empire Sea To Sky 2:08
Kept Clean
Innanet James Keep It Clean 3:18
Här kommer alla känslorna (På en och samma gång)
Per Gessle Mazarin 2:40
You Can Be Timeless
The Henry Clay People For Cheap Or For Free 4:16
Ashes On The Highway
David Dondero The Transient 3:10
Don't Look Back
Ellwood Lost In Transition 3:49
Innanet James Keep It Clean 2:44
The Usual
Cult Of The Damned Part Deux: Brick Pelican Posse Crew Gang Syndicate 4:15
Vilket Håll Du Än Går
Per Gessle Mazarin 3:14
Caterpillar Girl
Lou Barlow Emoh 3:35
This Ain't a Scene
The Henry Clay People For Cheap Or For Free 3:50
Boss Keloid Melted on the Inch 7:02
I've Seen the Love
David Dondero South Of The South 4:02
Me and Denver
Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room Hurricane Season 2:23
Ohmme Parts 3:17
She Comes to Me
Adam Arcuragi I Am Become Joy 4:36
The Greencards The Brick Album 2:53
Potassium Blast
Graham Wright Shirts vs. Skins 3:04
Rubies and Rocks
Thao & Mirah Thao & Mirah 4:02
I Love the Feeling
David Myhr Soundshine 3:37
Make Out
Julia Nunes Some Feelings 2:49
Everything I Need
Melissa Ferrick Everything I Need 3:59
Stare Into The Sun
Graffiti6 Colours 3:56
You Might Be Caught in Tarantella
Bryan Scary Daffy's Elixir 3:45
Melissa Ferrick In the Eyes of Strangers 3:00
Song And Dance Man
Jason Collett Song And Dance Man 3:09
Fort Hood
Mike Doughty Golden Delicious 3:12
Sam Dew Damn Sue 3:21
Nomad by Fate
Chuck Ragan Covering Ground 3:13
My Negative Friend
David Myhr Lucky Day (Deluxe Edition) 2:39
Bharathiyar (Unplugged)
IndianRaga Classic Melodies 4:18
Gathering Wood
Chuck Ragan The Flame in the Flood 3:30
Ballroom Kid
Bryan Scary Daffy's Elixir 4:01
Mourning Glory
Infantree Would Work 2:44
Violet Lens
Aaron Latke Nest-76 2:20
Tell Me When You Go
Rue Royale Rue Royale 2:32
Live In The Moment
I Self Devine Self Destruction 3:17
Paley & Francis Paley and Francis 3:36
Happy Shoes
Paley & Francis Paley and Francis 3:22
Everything Is Starting to Make Sense
Fort Frances Alio 3:50
North Carolina
Melissa Ferrick Freedom 3:56
Out Of The Woods
Smoke Fairies Out Of The Woods 4:01
These Are The Days
Jason Collett Idols Of Exile 3:00
Room to Grow
David Myhr Lucky Day (Deluxe Edition) 3:05
Wish on the Moon
Chuck Ragan Covering Ground 3:32
Me And The Mountain
Leeroy Stagger Me and the Mountain 5:01
Living Proof
Infantree Hero's Dose 3:51
Hangover Days
Jason Collett Idols Of Exile 4:36
Open Up Your Heart
Leeroy Stagger Me and the Mountain 3:51
Graffiti6 Colours 4:58
Fort Frances No One Needs to Know Our Name 4:04
Settling It Off
Peter Wolf Crier Garden of Arms 4:40
Love You Babe
Jason Collett Song And Dance Man 3:01
Got It Bad
The Broken West Now or Heaven 4:25
Giovanni James Whutcha Want 3:36
Sinking Sun (Acoustic Version)
Mt Warning Sinking Sun (Acoustic Version) 3:08
Absynthe Minded As It Ever Was 4:03
Ethereal Love
Bike For Three! So Much Forever 3:21
I Quit My Job
Old Man Luedecke Hinterland 2:46
Face Without a Name
Kisschasy United Paper People 3:06
So Long
Backbeat Soundsystem Into the Light 5:13
Back To The Middle
The New Deal The New Deal 4:18
Song For The Orca
Travis Morrison Travistan 3:12
Trapx10 500Gs 2:59
Hell Yeah
San Quinn The Rock: Pressure Makes Diamonds (Collector's Edition) 3:46
Jícama - Edit
Angelica Garcia Jícama (Edit) 2:46
Famke Louise BEN JE DOWN? 2:47
Los Llayras Clásicas De La Cumbia Andina 3:58
Airplane Mode
Beacon Light Airplane Mode 3:44
Everywhere I Go
Katharine McPhee Katharine McPhee 3:48
Necessary Response Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound 5:54
Catch My Vibe (feat. Tommy Royale)
Beacon Light Catch My Vibe (feat. Tommy Royale) 3:21
Criminal Past
Motor Ace Motor Ace 3:22
Askopa Xenihtia
Helena Paparizou Askopa Xenihtia 4:02
Het Regent Zonnestralen
Acda en de Munnik Naar Huis 3:45
De Stad Amsterdam
Acda en de Munnik Acda & De Munnik 2:25
Nur Einmal
Ganjaman Das Gleiche Alte Lied 4:22
De Kapitein Deel II
Acda en de Munnik Hier Zijn 3:01
Mabel Matiz Gök Nerede 3:34
Icon Of Coil Machines Are Us 5:53
Hey Driver
Motor Ace Five Star Laundry 4:55
Next Up (feat. Tee Grizzley)
Sada Baby Next Up (feat. Tee Grizzley) 2:12
Necessary Response Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound 5:10
Trap Queen
Tremz Lifestyle Of A Pirate 2:45
Orange Flower
Angelica Garcia Medicine for Birds 4:22
Stuck in a Box
The Alchemist The Good Book, Vol. 2 2:58
Los Peces
Lhasa De Sela La Llorona 3:51
Max Giesinger Der Junge, der rennt (Deluxe Version) 3:27
Body Heat
Alicia Bridges FauxDiva XX 3:00
Angelica Garcia Medicine for Birds 5:42
Sister of Mercy
Midnight Choir Olsen`s Lot 4:13
Douglas Germano Escumalha 5:03
Aaron Carpenter Next 2:31
Zaman Yok
Son Feci Bisiklet Zaman Yok 4:14
Axolotes Mexicanos Salu2 2:19
Thodu Thoduveneve (Language: Tamil; Film: Thullatha Manamum Thullum; Film Artist 1: Vijay; Film Artist 2: Simran) - Language: Tamil; Film: Thullatha Manamum Thullum; Film Artist 1: Vijay; Film Artist 2: Simran
Hariharan Thullatha Manamum Thullum & Kadalakku Mariathai 4:45
In The Name Of Love
Alicia Bridges I Love The Nightlife 4:11
Rahatsız Vals
Son Feci Bisiklet Rahatsız Vals 2:42
Grow Up
Gloria Tells Out Of Control 3:16
Nicht so schnell
Max Giesinger Der Junge, der rennt (Deluxe Version) 3:20
Son Feci Bisiklet Vesaire 3:07
Mary, Lucy, I
Chris Buxton Mary, Lucy, I 2:50
Anchor of Love
Lindsey Ray Goodbye From California 3:15
CLAVDIO Togliatti Boulevard 5:14
Let's Talk Turkey
Ima Robot Ima Robot 3:07
For Real
Amel Larrieux Bravebird 3:46
Amel Larrieux Bravebird 4:28
Öyle Kolaysa
Mabel Matiz Maya 4:40
With Me
Leowi With Me 2:43
Jordan Bratton YOUTH 3:31
Manillio Kryptonit 3:37
Whorey Heart
TeaMarrr Whorey Heart 3:04
All I Wanna Do
A. Sinclair Catpaws 3:11
Psychopomps Industrial Goes Metal 4:55
Allt cool
AKI Skokartongen 3:25
CLAVDIO Togliatti Boulevard 3:56
Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit - Oktoberfest Wiesn 2017 Festzelt Mix
Zillertaler Zipfiklatscher Wiesn 0:32
Don't Love Me
Remedy Roll Model 2:57
Blue Pill
Marc Goone Blue Pill 3:45
CLAVDIO Togliatti Boulevard 3:05
Where Did We Go Wrong
Dondria Dondria vs. Phatfffat 4:01
Enthaiyum Thaayum
Srihari Kanavu Meippada Veandum Bharathiyaar Recited 1:16
Quadry Malik Ruff 2:35
Gills And Tails
Amel Larrieux Morning 4:59
Gotta Have Him
Emily Hearn Promises 3:19
Need Your Love
Josh Middleton Never Give Up 3:18
Swim Team
Cornelius Plus Swim Team 2:32
I've Got Your Fire
Jenn Grant The Beautiful Wild 4:07
Staring at the Sun
Daffodils Staring at the Sun 4:31
Sleepy Brown Margarita 3:44
Laura White Heartbreaker 4:08
Just Clownin'
WC The Shadiest One 3:59
Amsterdam - Original Mix
Marlon Asher Amsterdam 4:15
Grow in Love
Londrelle Grow in Love 3:55
Missing Piece
David Choi Forever and Ever 3:19
Oya Noire Bad 3:16
Mais Que Nada
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 I Shot Andy Warhol (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture) 2:37
Don Campbell Sons Of Jamaica, Vol. 2 3:47
Promienie Słońca
Young Igi Promienie Słońca 2:56
My Black Ass
Shellac At Action Park 3:00
I Heard Your Voice In A Dream (SMASH Cast Version) [feat. Katharine McPhee & Jeremy Jordan]
SMASH Cast I Heard Your Voice In A Dream (SMASH Cast Version) [feat. Katharine McPhee & Jeremy Jordan] 2:33
När Pistolerna Pratar
AKI När Pistolerna Pratar 4:18
Red Roses
AJ Rafael Red Roses 3:23
For The Time Being
Edie Brickell The Way Way Back - Music From The Motion Picture 3:28
Un Error De Apreciación
La Dama Se Esconde Música De Los 80 En Español 4:47
Into the Green
Cane Garden Quartet Solanos Presents Bar Chill Out Collection With Friends 5:12
Go Try It
India Sweeney India Sweeney 3:41
Fuck That
Tieran I'm Serious 2:23
Maria Villalon El Insólito Viaje de una Gota de Lluvia 3:27
Krzysztof Zalewski Zelig 3:11
Atlanta Lady (Something About Your Love)
Marty Balin Balin 3:48
Man Alive
Six Market Blvd. Running on Seven 3:32
Przyjdź w taką noc
Krzysztof Zalewski Zalewski śpiewa Niemena 2:12
Dream About
Trupa Trupa Of the Sun 3:43
I Can't Tell
India Sweeney India Sweeney 3:27
Femme Fatale
Twin Temple Twin Temple (Bring You Their Signature Sound.... Satanic Doo-Wop) 3:26
Prodigal Son
Alan Power Prodigal Son 4:46
When I Die
Stitches I Need Rehab 3:03
Chow Mane SIMMERING 3:51
Mary Jane
Judy Blank Morning Sun 3:55
Pussy Strut
The Waitresses Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? 4:13
Wanna Be Balla
Fat Pat Greatest Hits 5:57
Song of the Minerals
Shellac At Action Park 4:24
Tiger Eye Stone
Judy Blank Morning Sun 2:30
Gimi A Little Break
Love I Shot Andy Warhol (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture) 1:59
Chow Mane Mooncakes 3:04
Get Used To It
Roger Voudouris The Super 70's - Vol. 1 3:00
The Cut Song
Slimm Calhoun The Skinny 4:17
Nobody's Body
Monifah Moods...Moments 5:30
Sleepy Brown Mr. Brown 4:47
Ever Since
Chow Mane SIMMERING 2:04
Me Llama Todavia (feat. Towy)
Super Yei Me Llama Todavia (feat. Towy) 3:51
The Fat Boys Are Back
Fat Boys All Meat No Filler: The Best of Fat Boys 4:25
Kłapią Gębą
Tymek Kłapią Gębą 3:57
La tierra de los sueños
La Dama Se Esconde El mejor Pop español de los 90. Memory Park 3:03
La Forma en Que Me Miras
Super Yei La Forma en Que Me Miras 5:07
In My Heart
New Limit Grandes Exitos 6:08
Vuelve a Llamarme
Super Yei Euphoria 3:11
Zeamsone SPORT 3:20
Bada$$ Bitch
India Sweeney India Sweeney 3:36
Lord, Help Me
Ramaj Eroc Lord, Help Me 2:35
Brittle Bones Nicky
Rare Americans Brittle Bones Nicky 3:22
Room Full Of Greats
Skatta Flavourz 2:22
Say It
Six Market Blvd. Shake It Down 3:42
He Could Be the One
Josie Cotton Convertible Music 2:48
Pamiętnik EX
Young Igi Pamiętnik EX 2:50
Tymek 80's 2:18
My Song
The Northerners Virginia 3:00
Tymek Radość 3:06
School's In
Josie Cotton From The Hip 2:33
You've Got My Heart
Monifah Moods...Moments 4:42
Don't Blame Yourself
The New Deal Gone Gone Gone 4:50
Choppers In The Sky
Skatta Flavourz 2:09
Still My Baby
Tim Stop For the Birds 2:55
K. J. Yesudas Kanmadam 5:20
I Miss You (Come Back Home)
Monifah Moods...Moments 3:53
No Guilt
The Waitresses The Best Of The Waitresses 3:45
Si Nos Dejan
Ximena Sariñana Un Mundo Raro: Las Canciones de José Alfredo Jiménez 3:41
Alice - General Midi Remix
Moby Last Night Remixed 6:22
Fuck You World
Rare Americans Rare Americans 2:49
Marty Balin Count On Me 4:24
Around Me
Are you leaving
SASSY 009 Are You Leaving 3:04
Shota Shimizu Umbrella 5:52
One Last Dance
Diamond In A Lotus Maya 4:41
Garbage Day
Rare Americans Rare Americans 2:51
Writing on the Wall (St. Elmo's Fire) - 2-4 Grooves Club Mix
2-4 Grooves Writing on the Wall (St. Elmo's Fire) 5:51
Cicada Roulette 4:30
Cocaine Country Dancing
Paul Cauthen Room 41 4:16
Sell Me The World?
Monster Florence Sell Me The World? 4:03
Sad Penny Addison 3:47
Lay It On Me
Kevin George My Darlings A Demon 3:05
Sad Penny Slacker 3:14
Touch (feat. Jackie Pember)
Floduxe Touch (feat. Jackie Pember) 2:40
I'm Comin' Home
Royal Southern Brotherhood The Royal Gospel 4:25
I've Seen Enough to Know
Royal Southern Brotherhood The Royal Gospel 5:00
Great American Canyon Band Only You Remain 3:55
Nothing's Gonna Slow Me Down
CRMNL Trouble 2:47
Ho Ho Ho
Sia Everyday Is Christmas 3:25
Big Velvet
Paul Cauthen Room 41 3:25
Pedacito de Mi Vida
Celina Y Reutilio Cantos de Cuba 2:57
The List
Cool Calm Pete Lost The Album 3:26
Forever Yours (feat. Stacy Epps & Toby from Inverse)
Hidetake Takayama Right Time + Right Music 3:58
Drugs & Liquor
The Copper Children Copper Child 2:38
Edge of My Heart
Jason Barrows Electric Infinity, Pt. 2 3:40
Ray Bop Chee$eburger Wallets 2:26
I Got You
Raiche Drive 3:47
I Know I Know
Paranoid Castle Welcome to Success 3:25
Rising Tide
Lynx On the Horizon 3:50
Wish You Were Here
Kevin George My Darlings A Demon 2:47
Weed Man
Paranoid Castle Champagne Nightmares 2:42
On an Island
E.B. The Younger To Each His Own 3:37
Daisy Jane
Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear Skeleton Crew 3:32