neXt by h1s000

Genres include 'retro electro'. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted by most popular. Limited to 100 songs.

Song Artist Album
Roller Mobster
Carpenter Brut TRILOGY 3:34
A Real Hero
Electric Youth Innerworld (Deluxe Edition) 4:27
In The Face Of Evil
Magic Sword Volume 1 6:49
Running in the Night
FM-84 Atlas 4:30
Future Club
Perturbator Dangerous Days 4:49
Turbo Killer
Carpenter Brut TRILOGY 3:28
Tech Noir
Gunship GUNSHIP 4:57
Le perv
Carpenter Brut TRILOGY 4:16
VHS Dreams Trans AM 4:08
M|O|O|N Particles 5:02
Ocean Drive
Miami Nights 1984 Turbulence 4:18
M|O|O|N Moon - EP 4:49
Dance With the Dead The Shape 4:19
Looking For Tracy Tzu
Carpenter Brut TRILOGY 4:17
Star Eater
Daniel Deluxe Magnatron 4:32
Daniel Deluxe Darkness 4:17
Humans Are Such Easy Prey
Perturbator Dangerous Days 4:22
Neo-Tokyo - Dance With The Dead Remix
Scandroid Dreams of Neo-Tokyo (Deluxe Edition) 5:52
66 MHz
Waveshaper 66 MHz 3:54
The Quiet Earth
Thomas Barrandon The Quiet Earth 5:30
Powercyan Covid-19 3:54
Makeup And Vanity Set Chrome 4:17
Paradise Warfare
Carpenter Brut TRILOGY 4:14
Outrun This!
Arcade High Pixel Passion 4:09
Dance With the Dead Near Dark 4:34
Efence Lost Future 3:04
Dark All Day
Gunship Dark All Day 5:27
Lazerhawk Redline 4:31
VHS Dreams Trans AM 3:34
Daniel Deluxe Desync (Original Soundtrack, Vol. 1) 2:49
Leather Teeth
Carpenter Brut Leather Teeth 3:52
Neon Artery
Sung Overizer EP 3:32
Blood Machines Theme
Carpenter Brut Blood Machines - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 3:20
Miami Disco
Perturbator Sexualizer EP 4:31
Escape From Midwich Valley
Carpenter Brut TRILOGY 6:43
Art3mis & Parzival
Gunship Art3mis & Parzival 4:47
When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies
Gunship Dark All Day 5:49
Dance With the Dead Near Dark 4:30
Fly for Your Life
Gunship GUNSHIP 4:39
Drive-by Stalking
Nightstop Drive-by Stalking 5:20
Timecop1983 Waves 5:04
Le Matos Join Us 5:39
Dance With the Dead The Shape 3:47
Fight Against Time
Waveshaper Solar Drifter 4:46
Night Patrol
Lifelike Night Patrol - Single 7:50
The Killing
Das Mörtal Hotline Miami II 3:31
Hotline Miami II
Das Mörtal Hotline Miami II 3:47
Hang'em All
Carpenter Brut TRILOGY 5:37
Power Core
Power Glove Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Original Game Soundtrack) 2:06
Venger (feat. Greta Link)
Perturbator The Uncanny Valley 5:08
Test Pilot
Stilz Starcrash 4:04
Maniac - Live
King of the Streets
Lazerhawk Skull and Shark 4:57
Pegasus Pro Ultra Fusion
Dan Terminus The Wrath of Code 5:06
She Is Young, She Is Beautiful, She Is Next
Perturbator Dangerous Days 5:04
You're Mine
Carpenter Brut Furi (Original Game Soundtrack) 6:18
Dark Prince, Pt. 3
Atrey Dark Prince 3:48
Anarchy Road
Carpenter Brut TRILOGY 3:33
Sung Auto Ran - EP 4:43
White Crows
Meteor Parallel Lives 5:08
Genesee Avenue
Gost Behemoth 3:52
Nightstop Streetwalker 4:27
Efence Lost Future 3:50
The Drone Racing League
Gunship Dark All Day 4:41
A Race Against Time
PYLOT A Race Against Time 4:06
The Mountain
Gunship GUNSHIP 4:24
Running Wild
Robert Parker Awakening 4:28
Get Out
Dance With the Dead B-Sides: Vol. 1 2:36
Woken Furies
Gunship Dark All Day 5:07
Dance or Die
Starcadian Saturdaze 3:50
Cross the Line
Lost Years Venom 4:03
M|O|O|N Moon - EP 4:49
M|O|O|N Moon - EP 4:31
Time Lapse
Kalax Kalax 4:19
Emerald Rising
Lueur Verte Crystalica - EP 5:36
Throttle Up
Dynatron The Legacy Collection, Vol. I 3:58
M|O|O|N Quixotic 5:45
Fade Away
Trevor Something Synthetic Love 3:55
Sexkiller On The Loose
Carpenter Brut TRILOGY 3:42
Beware The Beast
Carpenter Brut Leather Teeth 3:45
Night Train
Code Elektro Triads 4:17
Electric Groove
Lazerhawk Redline 4:50
After Hours Run
Mitch Murder After Hours 3:40
Mega Drive 198XAD 4:43
Lazerhawk Dreamrider 4:07
Carpenter Brut Blood Machines - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 1:35
Never Stop
FM-84 Never Stop 4:46
Dance With the Dead B-Sides: Vol. 1 5:25
Future Vision
Waveshaper Station Nova 3:13
The Way Home
Magic Sword Volume 1 4:15
Eyes of Madness
Dance With the Dead The Shape 4:38
Red Eyes
Zombie Hyperdrive Hyperion 4:34
That House
Dance With the Dead B-Sides: Vol. 1 4:46
Pink Mist
Gunship GUNSHIP 4:02
Dressed to Kill
Dance With the Dead Near Dark 4:24
Dance With the Dead Send the Signal 3:40
Arcade Summer
FM-84 Atlas 3:59
A Glowing Light, a Promise
Makeup And Vanity Set 88:88 5:33
A Monster
Waveshaper Furi (Original Game Soundtrack) 4:19
Dreams (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)
Timecop1983 Journeys 5:54