High by 11146403692

Energy is High, Instrumentalness is Yes, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric). Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 50 songs.

Song Artist Album
No for an Answer
Movement Machina 10 YEARS of MA / Contemporary 7:06
Higgins (Live)
Umphrey's McGee Back at the 'Nac (Live) 16:54
Santa Cruz - Stygmalibra Remix
Anselmo Torres Neruda The Best of 2018 5:34
Everything Counts
David Axelrod Heavy Axe 6:56
Ann Annie Atmospheres, Vol. 2 2:05
Traveling to the East - Kralbies Remix
Jago Alejandro Pascua The Best of 2018 5:09
Vanishing Point - Original Mix
deadmau5 Vanishing Point 6:59
Origins - Phot Remix
Traveltech Project Techno, Vol. 14 6:27
The Unseen
Bluepint Psy-Trance Festival Anthems, Vol. 14 9:36
The World Is Dub Enough - Live (Victor Rice Remix)
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill Live in Dub 3:22
Matilde Lina
Fabian Quiroga Colombia Chill 3:47
Under The Red Mound
Soil & "Pimp" Sessions 真夜中のハリネズミ Music from and inspired by ハロー張りネズミ 4:05
Colors of the Energy Construct
The Chronicles of Israfel A Trillion Lights, Tome II 2:06
Two Years Too Late/Babe, It Ain't No Lie
Andru Bemis Rail to Reel 4:15
Flower Revolution(orchestra Version)
Rude Enough
Aapo Heinonen Quintet Healing Flows 7:15
Punavuori Nights
Sumsuch Middle Of Between (On The E18) 5:46
Lights & Music - Superdiscount Remix
Cut Copy Lights & Music 7:04
Delagruf - Original Mix
Dennis Cruz Delagruf 7:55
She's My Lady - Instrumental Version
Rick De Moore She's My Lady 5:27
Need Your Lovin - Dub Mix
Tensnake Coma Cat 6:20
Funk Me Fender
Alberto Rigoni Bassorama 2:44
The Alien
Alberto Rigoni Bassorama 3:47
Backside - Extended Mix
Playin' 4 The City Backfire 7:30
Mind Rotter
PIST Hailz 4:53
All The Ways - Original Mix
Rishi K. All The Ways 6:56
My Name Is Caleb Widogast
Autumn Orange Sad Wizard Vibes 2:37
Fuck Or Not - Original mix
Mario Valente Fuck Or Not - Single 7:44
Wake Up Dreaming
Leo Hall Thinking of You 4:07
Paulo Carrizo Hipotálamo 8:25
Come On Over
Anthony Collins Come On Over 10:33
The Diogenes Club All Aboard The Mulletship Vol. 1 5:34
Johan Söderqvist Battlefield V (Original Soundtrack) 2:44
Cut More Cheese - Supercheese
Waldeck The Night Garden Reflowered 4:00
Flat Beat
WhoMadeWho Satisfaction/Flat Beat 5:41
Piano Power - Original mix
Mario Valente Piano Power - Single 5:46
Wild West Tekk
LMC Chapter 1: Premier 2:09
Marlon Brando - Original Mix
Jody Barr Marlon Brando 7:07
Sirocco Mambo
Roger King Mozian Music in Colorama 2:42
Harem Dance
Roger King Mozian Music in Colorama 2:40
Dilate Cyclos 9:05
Dueling Banjos
Anthony the Banjo Man and Musicale Mark & His Pedaling Piano Songs From the Boardwalk 2:15
Kissed In Shadow
Fat Jon Repaint Tomorrow 3:26
La Spirale
Phreek Plus One La Spirale 7:32
Caribbean Party
Chamonix Around the World in Music 0:48
We Are More
Erin McKeown We Will Become Like Birds 4:15
IHF Big Beat Ignition: Denver 2:57
Next To You - Keys Snow Remix
Luka Next To You 8:27
Perfume de Gardenias
Banda Municipal de Tampico Banda Municipal de Tampico 125 Años 3:34