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Track Name contains 'trump'. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 10 songs.

Song Artist Album
Troublesome Trumpet (Murder on the Blue Notes) [Radio Edit]
Bart & Baker Introducing, Bart&Baker 3:27
Trumpsta - Djuro Radio Mix
Contiez Trumpsta (Remixes) 2:39
3 MOB Stucke, Op. 20 (version for trumpet and chamber orchestra): No. 2. After Heine: Medium beat
H.K. Gruber Gruber: 3 MOB Pieces - Busking - Schwertsik: Divertimento Macchiato 3:24
Trumpet Concerto in E Flat Major, Hob.II/1: II. Andante
Franz Joseph Haydn Favourite Trumpet Concertos 3:21
L.A. Trumpets
Naive New Beaters Wallace (new edition) 1:34
I Wanna Fuck Donald Trump
Princess Vitarah I Wanna Fuck Donald Trump 3:24
Final Trumpet
Everlast More Songs of the Ungrateful Living 2:27
Anywhere You Go (Audiorockers Remix) [feat. Timmy Trumpet]
NERVO Anywhere You Go (Audiorockers Remix) [feat. Timmy Trumpet] 3:26
Trumpets - Extended Mix
Sak Noel Trumpets 3:55
Trumpet Tune in C major, ZT 697 (arr. for brass ensemble and organ)
Henry Purcell The Ultimate Wedding Album 2:34