Test Smart playlist by thescott78

Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), Instrumentalness is Yes, Release Date is between Jan 1, 2019 and Feb 3, 2020. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly.

Song Artist Album
Movin' Fast (Version 2)
Lord's Child Bedroom Lofi. 2:06
Bress Underground Child in Space 5:54
Sunrize sunrize again 1:17
Paradise Sax (feat. Bruno Soares Sax) - MOSCO LEE & Nubz MusiQ's Remix
Ntsako Paradise Sax (feat. Bruno Soares Sax) 6:54
Tour de France
Ebony Steel Band Pan Machine 3:39
First Blue Sky
Placid Angles First Blue Sky 5:09
Sweetest Rain
Seeweed Mist in the Night 3:26
Grand Vapids Disjecta 3:39
Rip City
Rose City Band Rip City 3:49
Pock Pock
MC PR Pock Pock 2:30
The Streets
DLMT Alchemy 6 3:31
From Pallas With Love
Phonk D Tribes Of Shiloh EP 6:59
Lively Up Yourself (Instrumental)
The Wailers Dub Marley 3:40
Morusque OtherWordly (Original Video Game Soundtrack) 2:46
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind: Giorno's Theme: Il Vento D'Oro: Main Theme
Geek Music JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind: Giorno's Theme: Il Vento D'Oro: Main Theme 4:19
The Never Ending Groove
Sweely You Can Try This 8:23
Mr. Bort
FORQ Four 4:45
Push It
Dual Personality Los Chicos Del Arbol Vol. 1 5:19
New Car Stereo
Dope Calypso New Car Stereo 3:39
Driving Her Tears
Tina Sadie The Dungeon 4:11
Dance Nightmare
Tina Sadie The Dungeon 4:11
Modo Duro (Freestyle Version)
Azerbeats Punchline Beats 4:05
Azerbeats La Vida Es un Sample, Vol. 3 1:58
HELLO to DREAM - From "DanMachi Season 2"
Mugi Piano HELLO to DREAM (From "DanMachi Season 2") 1:23
Soul Legend 90'sheartbreak 2:13
Linwood Bell Linwood Bell, Vol. 2 2:42
Huisje Tuintje
Ottla Ottla 8:56
Midnight Snack
Linwood Bell Linwood Bell, Vol. 2 3:09
Smooth Jazzer
Linwood Bell Linwood Bell, Vol. 2 5:08
Best Control
Tina Sadie The Dungeon 4:36
Tina Sadie Horus 2:20
Tillbaks Till Det Gamla
Element Operator Low Tech Dreams (Hi Tech Reality) 7:10
Anika Nilles For a Colorful Soul 4:20
The Age
Anika Nilles For a Colorful Soul 4:14
Absence of Light
Mauritius D Man in the Dark 2:57
Cloud Nine
Mauritius D Apparatus 2:48
Death of Roses
Mauritius D Apparatus 2:48
White Flag - DJ Tool
Dea5head Groovers Chicago DJ Tools 0:33
Mauritius D Apparatus 3:17
Bajo El Sol - Pills Version
Volpe DJ Ago Relax on the Beach 0:56
Shattered Dreams (Instrumental)
IDEON Shattered Dreams 4:12
Sunyo On-Off 3:04
Beauty Center - Sync Sample
Yin Yang Theory Lounge Italia 2019 1:02
Moja Przestrzeń
Feruto Dzika Karta 2:50
Feruto Dzika Karta 2:33
Acid Anthem (Radio Edit)
Hammarsten Acid Anthem (Radio Edit) 5:04
Simon Pop - Joe Silva Mix
Hypernashion Simon Pop (Joe Silva Mix) 6:06
Palomita Blanca
Anselmo Aieta Duetos Argentinos / Tangos & Valses 3:30
Krampelli Voices 4:42
Good Day Sir
El-Rocc Good Day Sir 3:22
Noks - Original Mix
Joe Luthor Best Of House, Tech House & Deep House - #10 Years Anniversary 6:30
Convextion Remix
Noah Gibson Krasch 2 8:50
Try - Original Mix
Soul Avenue Guido's Lounge Cafe Vol.3 5:02
Cool Grooves - House Nation Mix
Gemma Jay Cool Grooves 3:07
400 Drops - Rezonant Remix
Fungus Funk Fungus Funk (The Pixan Remixes) 7:09
VX - Mark Neenan Remix
Corridor Various Poisons 6:18
Corridor Various Poisons 5:09
Chakya Muna
Estray Chakya Muna 6:44
Bayleer Cosmic Dance 2:35
Easy Peasy
Bayleer Cosmic Dance 2:32
Red Director - Instrumental
Kensonlovers Pondemix 3:12
Yabculture Gold 2:30
Jon Cage 2019 Exercise Music 5:18
Aerobika - Timnumbr1 Remix
Dj Kefir Aerobika 4:40
I'm Not Going Down
LooseJaw I'm Not Going Down 6:16
Aerobika - Ritm-2 Remix
Dj Kefir Aerobika 4:56
Dj Kefir Lenivo. Soviett Chill, Pt. 4 4:58
Like a Vox - Instrumental
Sofía Rincón Like a Vox 4:02
No Bother - Original Mix
Kamorah No Bother EP 7:03
Red Stripes - Original Mix
Kamorah No Bother EP 6:12
Rock Your Body
Sunny Girls Sants-Montjuïc 4:33
Slowyo - Andy Caz Remix
Ozzie Guven Slowyo 8:42
The Barbians Sueños perdidos 5:13
Sick Kids Friends 4:24
High Heels
Charlie Sutton Primitive Songs for Modern Times 3:36
Anajunno Fuegoinvierno 3:59
Burn The House
Anajunno Fuegoinvierno 3:57
Mariano Fonrogue Minimal Versus Techno 5:57
Make Love with You
Sexy Jazz Club Relaxing Spa Music Collection 2:53
Dulce Pecado
Sexy Jazz Club Relax Girls 3:13
It Could Happen to You
Kontxi Lorente Selected Songs 5:02
01 - Loopdeville remix
Florian Meffert We are EP 7:44
sunset feeling
Pueblo Vista winter nostalgia 2:38
Galatea - Original Mix
Somelee Galatea 6:50
Smells Like Bonfire
Somelee Smells Like Bonfire 6:57
Within You
Two Wonderful Sophisticated House & Nu Disco 6:05
Jennifer Hannah-Murphy Relax with a Palm Trees 1:57
Break Your Mind
The Darts (U.S.) I Like You but Not Like That 2:29
Rumba Negro
Bennie Moten Blues & Roots Originals, Vol. 1 2:48
Scibi Always Summertime EP (Incl. Moe Turk Remix) 3:14
Damian Kaira Desert Subway 2:08
Damian Kaira Desert Subway 1:55
Damian Kaira Desert Subway 1:25
bush walk dub
Christoph El Truento peace maker dub 4:13
Ocean Romantic
Jazz Lounge Indonesia Jazz for Indonesia 1:54
Freelance Jazz Machine
Jazz Lounge Indonesia Jazz for Indonesia 1:52
Flowers And Peace
Jazz Lounge Indonesia Jazz for Indonesia 2:03
Satelite - Original Mix
Köle Köleidoscope Records Launch Compilation 6:15
San-Zo Choo-Choo 5:46
fishermans dub
Christoph El Truento peace maker dub 2:52
Jazz Noons
Afternoon Jazz Afternoon Jazz Chilling 2:16
Lone Abraxas 6:44
甲田雅人 『映画 この素晴らしい世界に祝福を! 紅伝説』オリジナル・サウンドトラック 「澄み渡る青空に希望の狼煙を!」 1:18
Quill Sineira Campustus 2:51
Quill Sineira Focamentson 2:45
Actual Job
Fernando Fernando 3:07
Beeker St.
Flesh Lights Never See Snow 2:37
Tina Sadie The Dungeon 4:11
Night Lights
Linwood Bell Linwood Bell, Vol. 2 3:00
Ibarra y Medina Mi Discoteca - Lo Mejor de Popular 2:56
lost.mind sleepless 1:45
Lost Civillizations - Psy Chill Progressive Trance 2019 Dj Mixed
Illegal Substances Psy Chill Progressive Trance 2019 (Goa Doc DJ Mix) 3:59
Riverside Drive
Darren Lucas Productive Work 2:47
Charles Laurent Danse 1:10
Dessert in the Night
Rippley Rivers of Despair 2:46
Acid Anthem
Hammarsten Acid Anthem 7:35
Heartbeat Dance
Tina Sadie The Dungeon 4:36
Dabritz Dabritz 2:27
Feruto Dzika Karta 2:44
Untitled One
LouCatz Untitled One 2:18
Dj Kefir Aerobika 4:46
Hammarsten Wasteland 6:27
Midnight Dreams
Bayleer Cosmic Dance 2:32
Giallo - Muriel Mix
Geff Yallow Buddha Songs (Meditation For Heart) 3:11
Travel To Siwa
Rumme Lab 6:36
Kontxi Lorente Selected Songs 4:16
Glam (with LUMEN)
WHYTHO Glam (with LUMEN) 3:08
Chakra Six - Sync Sample
Lounge Serenity Project World Chillout 1:04
Olvidar Mi Nombre
Sexy Jazz Club Relax Girls 3:05
Federico Riva Simplicity 5:58
Lucho Silva Punch Musical: los Tres Campeones en Quito (Vol. 1) 2:32
Kamorah MEDELLIN MUSIC WEEK 2019 6:15
7th Day - Psy Trance Fullon Power 2020 DJ Mixed
Subivk Psy Trance Fullon Power 2020 Top 40 Chart Hits V2 DJ Mix 3Hr 5:51
Be Fearless
M5H Be Fearless 3:41
Pueblo Vista winter nostalgia 1:53
2000 and Back
Resoe Voyage Incognito 7:13
Apollo - Mike Spirit Remix
mikkelrev Apollo Remixes 6:41
Apollo - Dave Pad Remix
mikkelrev Apollo Remixes 7:17
Fifty-Five Degrees
Saint Romain Thin Ice 1:56
Fifth Generation
Christfive Fifth Generation 3:46
Sumerian Secret - Andrei C Remix
Joseph Mancino Sumerian Secret 7:06
Sevillanas de la caña
Los Hermanos Toronjo Ecos de Andalucía 2:08
Amazing God (Remix) Instrumental
Dav Risen Amazing God 6:18
Filtered Rhodes - Original Mix
Jennifer Hannah-Murphy A Cocktail Lounge - Jazz Music For Romantic Moments 2:26
Saint Romain Y2K 1:57
Rec - Original Mix
Caravaca Illusionists, Vol. 4 (Ade Edition) 5:53
vlog type beat
Fleeky cherry blossoms, Vol. 2 2:12
Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 36 "Enigma": No. 9 "Nimrod" (Arr. Elgar for Piano)
Edward Elgar Piano Book (Deluxe Edition) 4:18
where we first met
Fleeky cherry blossoms, Vol. 2 1:17
Quift Arrived 2:18
Drop It
Drum Invaders Space Waves 4:35
El Que Se Rie Pierde
Enfabeats Instrumentales Dem Battles 2019 4:50
Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman Pyramids 2:47
Dustycloud Mad World 3:36
Round 1 (Instrumental)
Enfabeats Round 1 (Instrumental) 4:58
l o k a Earwax Headspace 1:22
Kevin Hays Aziza 4:48
Danza De Sombras - Instrumental
Gizmo Varillas Danza De Sombras 3:43
The Comes No Side 2:18
Nah Nanah
Enfabeats Cannabeats 4:15
Peer Du Gateway 5:04
Bring it on - Instrumental
RayGlanZ Readyyy! Project 4th 3:38
The Comes No Side 1:13
House Nation
Havoc & Lawn Ride 6:46
Devil's Advocate
Amaia Falcone Crazy Eyes 2:26
The One - Funkerman Refix
Funkerman The One (Remixes) 2:37
Saludos (Tango)
Domingo Federico 25 Tangos, Valses y Milongas 2:33
My Name (Naruto SoundTrack)
Nico Bellisario My Name (Naruto SoundTrack) 2:10
Beautiful Green Beast
Nico Bellisario Beautiful Green Beast 1:58
Beanz N Kornbread Nawfside 7 1:19
I Miss You Today
Shook Music for City and Nature 3:25
Rush Hour
Shook Music for City and Nature 2:52
One Nation Under a Format
Calibro 35 MOMENTUM 3:44
Marlos Nobre Saudades 1:53
Damba Di Dada
Midnight Runners Nusantara Disco Club 4:19
Slawische Popmusik
Pyrictus Slawische Popmusik 2:55
Otis Noir New Born 2:40
Free Mind
Otis Noir New Born 2:08
The Low
Unown The Low 4:15
Do the Damn Thing
DABJ Jail the Lot 6:26
The Dining Rooms Art Is a Cat 0:40
Happiness - Damien N-Drix Remix
Dada Life Happiness (Damien N-Drix Remix) 3:35
DJ ADRONX Skeletor 2:57
Waiting in the Car (Interlude)
Orion Sun A Collection of Fleeting Moments and Daydreams 1:22
Department Head
Froth Duress 4:50
Froth Duress 5:46
Pirámides Posnatural 4:26
Bad Feeling
Say Sue Me We've Sobered Up (Remastered 2018) 3:49
Sling It Back
Sorley Sling It Back EP 3:30
Emotional Valet (Promises)
18 Carat Affair Spent Passions 2 1:30
Damian Lazarus Crosstown Rebels present SPIRITS III 7:11
Young Wind
DJ JEDY Young Wind 4:04
Golden Bell - Alex Kentucky & Ivan Garci Remix
Gadi Mitrani Golden Bell 7:36
Tratame Igual - Sax Mix
L.C Luis Car Angola 6:43
Really Want U
Ant Brooks Really Want U 2:29
Villa Mercedes
JFR Army of Passions 6:56
Believe Me - Aaron Lewis Remix
Thorsten Hammer Believe Me 7:51
Skyscrapers - Praveen Achary Extended Vocal Edition
Carl Jurgens Skyscrapers {Praveen Achary Extended Vocal Edition} 11:16
Balance Board - Etwas (IT) & Stefano Parenti Remix
Jacopo Ferrari Balance Board EP 6:39
Bloody Tears
Vily Vinilo Bloody Tears 5:52
Everyone Has Inside
Victoria Little The Summer Is Magic 2:59
I Wanna Be U - Fizzikx Remix
Punk Rock I Wanna Be U 7:12
Look Into My Eyes
No Messin Senses EP 5:07
No Idea - Ryan Wallace (UK) Remix
Rondevu No Idea 7:22
Starfish Cluster - Chipzel Remix
Keiji Yamagishi The Retro-Active Experience 4:02
Oslos Beats de Hip Hop Oslo 3:06
Illusion of Love
Mr. Pepper Illusion of Love 7:54
Klindo Alpha 6:00
Bukusher khusid
Joseph Moskowitz Yiddish Klezmer Music, Vol.2 2:55
Ping Pong 1:50
1111 - Jorge Savoretti Born On 1111 Remix
Nektar Agu 1111 7:12
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Jesse Nielsen Lullabies on Harp Vol 1 1:08
Nektar Agu 1111 7:44
Panic is a Pheeling
William Djoko Whiplash EP 5:01
Summer in Barrancoueu
Daniel Zimmermann Dichotomie's 7:13
Nothing About It - Tobus & Aiuko Remix
Carlo Lio Nothing About It 7:05
Work That Bass - Original Mix
Tanori Work That Bass 5:40
Monyq Marimba 3:50
I Was Wrong
Cynic Drug Soul 2:00
Little Helper 359-2
Da Lex Dj Little Helpers 359 5:18
Real Love (Extended)
Syerse Real Love 5:54
This Is Me - Kid Massive Remix
Vidojean X Oliver Loenn This Is Me 4:44
Matter Trails / Nosedive 7:36
Camel's Dream
Camel Sopworth 1969 Recording Session 2:36
Boby Samples Beladonna 6:21
Love You Joe
Jennifer Gentle Jennifer Gentle 2:00
Stop the Record
Pinco Shut the Mouth 6:28
Push Through
DROELOE A Promise Is Made 3:52
Abser El Noor
Gutenn Iota 6:16
Changes - Mixed
Callvin Blissmag presents Grooveland (DJ Mix) 4:21
David Lettire Time After Work – Friendly Evening 3:49
Hurting - VIP Edit
Just Kiddin Hurting (VIP Edit) 3:29
Oliver Dollar Soundcheck 5:07
If Only - Radio Edit
Lemon Stadium Anthems Vol.8 (Radio Edits) 3:10
Delayed Sunrise (feat. Mai Lan)
DEVOTED Delayed Sunrise (feat. Mai Lan) 3:22
Una Tequila En Africa
Patrice d'Angelo Get to Dance 8:54
Fabio Fortissimo Workout: Fitness 2019 4:07
Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Derek Brookshire Have You Ever Seen the Rain 2:30
Qucamber The Vanishing World 5:09
Joshua Espinoza Journey Into Night 4:27
The Dining Rooms Art Is a Cat 2:12
Cavaz (Mixed)
Patrick M Subliminal Summer Sessions 2019 (Mixed by Erick Morillo) 5:11
Distant Planets - Yuriy From Russia Remix - Mixed
Alberto Blanco 3rd Avenue Essentials 010 (DJ Mix) 8:23
Chester Watson Instrumental Tape 1:55
Chester Watson Instrumental Tape 1:17
Crimson Butterfly Oxides 1 9:21
Malawixx Ocean 2:52
Lofi Coffee Favela 2:08
Diamond In The Rough - Instrumental
Napoleon Epiphany (Instrumental) 3:43
Jerro The Fool 4:41