Dive by aardaipek

Instrumentalness is No. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly.

Song Artist Album
Doona Waves Come Around 5:13
Ducky Hey 3:34
Elliot Minor Solaris 3:42
No One Is Innocent
Extreme Noise Terror Extreme Noise Terror 3:33
Jetson Culture 2:27
C U Around
PWR BTTM Ugly Cherries 2:55
Lucky Stars
Totally Mild Her 3:48
The Offering
DarkDriveClinic Noise in My Head 4:11
Niyə Belə Uzundur Bu Yollar
No Land Aramızda 3:49
My Life To Kill
Corporation 187 Perfection In Pain 3:43
Drum Pan Sound
Reggie Stepper 24K Gold Dancehall Megamix 1:51
New Place
Tasha Alone at Last 3:14
Sarılırım Birine
Adamlar Dünya Günlükleri 6:33
100 Million
Charlie Hilton Palana 4:49
Biopsy Cervix State Sequences 4:59
Hello, My Name Is Twin Pumpkin
Twin Pumpkin Spook Like Halloween 2:57
Youth Water
MANILA GREY Youth Water 3:33
Thursday-Night Aggression
Corporation 187 Perfection In Pain 3:06
Dance Inna Babylon
Mellow Mood Move! 3:36
BackWordz Veracity 3:50
While My Lady Sleeps
Chet Baker Embraceable You 2:50
Everybody's Down
No Age Weirdo Rippers 2:20
Willy Naessens
Gangthelabel Muzik 3:15
Love's Lost Cross
DarkDriveClinic Noise in My Head 4:59
Group Tea
Matthewdavid Outmind 1:33
Perfidious Words Hydrogen Skies 3:51
O Discordia
José Madero Psalmos 4:03
Drama Köprüsü
Can Gox Yalnızım Ben 4:27
Black Diamond
Sporting Life Black Diamond 3:13
So wurscht
Rigoros Koan Stress 3:12
E' la vita
Marco Armani I successi 4:07
Virginia Man Let Us Be 4:13
Drunk On The Mic
Mickey Shiloh Drunk On The Mic 3:42
Wasted Rock Ranger - Remastered
Great White Greatest Hits 3:06
The Rains of Castamere
Malukah The Rains of Castamere 2:15
Tom's Song
Doona Waves Come Around 3:41
I Still Believe In Love
Ducky I Still Believe In Love 3:18
Electric High
Elliot Minor Solaris 3:49
Cruise Control
No Age Snares Like a Haircut 3:31
Lingua Ignota CALIGULA 6:31
Sakura Desire
Cepheid Sakura Desire 3:53
Day By Day
The Four Freshmen The Four Freshmen Day By Day 2:00
Make It Rain
Spinifex Gum Spinifex Gum 4:45
Mama, I
Doona Waves Come Around 3:44
All My Life
Elliot Minor All My Life 4:21
Sound and Vision
Book Of Love Lovebubble 3:46
Mad Truth
The Pop Group Citizen Zombie 3:47
Cameron Sanderson Rapunzel 2:30
A Place To Rest
Ducky A Place To Rest 3:15
Thief Of Fire
The Pop Group Y 4:36
MouthBreather Pig 0:52
Partyin' with Strangers
The Vegabonds V 3:59
Part Deux
Cult Of The Damned Part Deux: Brick Pelican Posse Crew Gang Syndicate 5:45
Regulate In the Promise of Another Tomorrow 2:52
That's What Im On
Lay-Z This Is UK Grime, Vol. 4 2:49
Douse The Lamps
The Growl Douse The Lamps 2:48
Wanting More
Absinth3 Unstable 4:28
Don't Be Afraid of Love
Happy Diving Electric Soul Unity 3:40
We Are All Prostitutes
The Pop Group For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? 3:12
Twisted Thoughts
King Nine Death Rattle 2:34
House of Hits
Zach Hill FACE TAT 4:54
The Struggle Is Real
Struggle Jennings Return of the Outlaw 4:09
Richard Is A Racist
Container 90 World ChampionShit 1:55
Hei hei heinäkuu
Mokoma Sydänjuuret 3:54
Fickle Mind$
Bishop Nehru Nehruvia 3:40
Not Me
Robert Mitchum Calypso - Is Like So...! 3:02
Don't Shut Them Down
Spinifex Gum Spinifex Gum 2:08
You're Okay
Cameron Sanderson You're Okay 2:49
Scared to Death
King Nine Scared to Death 2:39
Blown Away
Billy Redfield Waiting on the Good Life 3:30
Litmus Heart
DarkDriveClinic Noise in My Head 5:27
Sweetest Honey
Halo in Reverse Halo In Reverse 3:14
Book Of Love Lullaby 3:43
I Threw Glass at My Friend's Eyes and Now I'm on Probation
Destroy Boys Sorry, Mom 2:37
I See Gold
Good Lovelies Shapeshifters 3:15
Find the Flaw
DarkDriveClinic Noise in My Head 5:13
Sinne missä aamu sarastaa
Mokoma Elävien kirjoihin 3:46
Apathy & Good Books
Pip the Pansy Apathy & Good Books 3:51
Begin Againers
Scott Mulvahill Himalayas 4:08
Sertab Erener Kırık Kalpler Albümü 4:47
Se Va
Armand Pena Se Va 3:15
Whole Wide World
Dismantled Dependence 2012 5:22
Lingua Ignota CALIGULA 7:24
Big Dick Energy
Mickey Shiloh Been Awhile 2:44
Skold Never Is Now 4:31
Kimse Bilmez
Mehmet Güreli Zamboni Sokağı 3:25
Joyful Mind
Hejira Thread of Gold 4:50
Whittled To An Edge
Halo in Reverse Halo In Reverse 4:17
Spinifex Gum
Spinifex Gum Spinifex Gum 4:15
How High
Bad Rabbits How High 3:28
We Can Roll
Bad Rabbits American Love 3:15
Kid Indigo Fire 2:57
Believe in Dreams - Xtm Mix
David Pop Believe in Dreams (Xtm Remix) 3:34
Sad Planet
Happy Diving Big World 2:54
Dream Baby Dream
Spinifex Gum Dream Baby Dream 5:08
The Promise - Club
Seabound When Black Beats Blue [Rarities] 5:27
Kid Indigo Cali 3:29
Mickey Shiloh Try 2:59
Forces Of Oppression
The Pop Group For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? 2:34
Haydar Haydar
Can Gox Yalnızım Ben 3:22
The Time Bender
Becoming The Archetype I Am 3:22
Sıla meşk 3:07
Lingua Ignota CALIGULA 6:30
Elliot Minor Solaris 4:25
MANILA GREY No Saints Under Palm Shade 3:39
Fools Rush In
The Four Freshmen Day By Day 2:36
Backhouse Bounce
MANILA GREY Backhouse Bounce 3:20
Elliot Minor Solaris 4:18
Mickey Shiloh No Titles 4:05
Taking to Myself
Perfidious Words Hydrogen Skies 4:04
Tahdon ihmeet takaisin
Mokoma Hengen pitimet 3:41
Hejira Thread of Gold 5:36
Tots Els Colors
Maria Coma Magnòlia 3:38
José Madero Psalmos 2:56
Adamlar Dünya Günlükleri 3:54
Take Care
Tasha Alone at Last 1:37
ohGr Welt 3:47
Discover (Why The Love Hurts)
Elliot Minor Solaris 3:27
Outlaw Shit (feat. Waylon Jennings & Yelawolf)
Struggle Jennings I Am Struggle 4:21
better in my head
Mickey Shiloh No Titles 4:00
Nexilva Aseity: I 4:34
Kiss Me Better
Cameron Sanderson Kiss Me Better 2:37
Mokoma Hengen pitimet 3:46
The Phoenix
Twin Pumpkin Spook Like Halloween 3:27
You Make Albert Fish Look Like Magikarp
Twin Pumpkin Spook Like Halloween 3:05
Let Me In
Beatsteaks 23 Singles 3:32
Tenacious D Post-Apocalypto 0:44
Drum Pan Sound
Reggie Stepper Dancehall 101 Vol. 6 3:11
Ogün Sanlısoy Akustik 2012 4:07
Veil of Secrecy
Perfidious Words Spreading Silence 5:43
Without You
Seabound Poisonous Friend 4:23
Tu dimmi un cuore ce l'hai
Marco Armani Le cose che vanno lontano 4:02
Conjurer Mire 3:14
Child Of Entertainment
Diorama Cubed 5:28
Pagoda Pagoda 2:55
Destroy Boys Make Room 2:53
Carry On
Elliot Minor Solaris 4:14
Colours Fading
Cepheid Lost. Forgotten. Shattered. 4:21
Royal Flush
Bad Rabbits American Love 3:05
Crystal Garden
Comodo Crystal Garden 3:12
Come and See the Lights
Flashguns Passions of a Different Kind 3:46
Gift of Life
King Nine Death Rattle 3:16
Book of Love
Book Of Love Book Of Love 4:35
Plural Siendo Singular
José Madero Carmesí 3:30
Bishop Nehru wait... 2:32
Zero Cool
WRONG Feel Great 3:57
Warhol.SS YSL 2:48
Xiuhtezcatl S.W.Y.M. 2:26
Electric Soul Unity
Happy Diving Electric Soul Unity 2:14
Mokoma Elävien kirjoihin 4:06
Small World
Skold Never Is Now 4:56
Her Ballad
Bishop Nehru Nehruvia 3:18
Zor Kadın
Sertab Erener Sertab Erener 3:48
Silver Skies
MANILA GREY Silver Skies 3:02
Friends of Friends
MANILA GREY Friends of Friends 2:31
Ice Raid
Nico Flasher Ice Raid 2:27
MANILA GREY Raindance 3:16
Sin Ampersand
José Madero Psalmos 3:56
Statism (feat. Craig Mabbitt)
BackWordz Statism (feat. Craig Mabbitt) 4:19
Love Is All Around
R.E.M. I Shot Andy Warhol (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture) 3:02
Crocodile Skin
Cepheid Lost. Forgotten. Shattered. 5:29
Meursault I Will Kill Again 5:08
Chambelán (Nunca Fui)
José Madero Psalmos 4:38
Subway Cup
AKIRA A 2:19
Can't Fool Me
Bad Rabbits American Love 3:10
José Madero Psalmos 4:21
Lesson Learned
Pagoda Pagoda 3:23
Inna Jamaica
Mellow Mood Twinz 4:41
The Bereaved
Khemmis Absolution 9:01
Blues Stay Away From Me
The Notting Hillbillies Missing... Presumed Having A Good Time 3:50
She Is Beyond Good And Evil
The Pop Group Y 3:22
Aramızda Dinozor
No Land Aramızda 5:00
Bye Bye Bye
BackWordz Bye Bye Bye 3:34
Sour Cream
Stam Goody If Anything Happens... 3:41
Collections Of Colonies Of Bees HAWAII 5:19
Lava Walk
MANILA GREY Lava Walk 3:05
I Love You All
Michael Fassbender Frank (Music and Songs by Stephen Rennicks) 2:54
Summer Girls
Pip the Pansy Apathy & Good Books 3:49
Pagoda Pagoda 5:07
Three Gates
Khemmis Hunted 6:37
Fall In Love
Bad Rabbits American Love 3:08
Destroy Boys Make Room 3:10
Waiting for You
Good Lovelies Burn the Plan 3:34
Hey Hey Yeah
RavenEye Breaking Out 3:37
In Hell
Dead Bronco In Hell 2:13
Exit The Grey
Diorama A different life 5:19
Kind of Love
Tasha Alone at Last 4:38
Sound of a War
Mellow Mood Large 3:21
Death Knell for a King
Satan Cruel Magic 3:53
Cult Of The Damned Civilised 5:44
Better the Devil
Skold The Undoing (Deluxe) 4:40
The Pop Group Y 3:20
Dangermuffin Olly Oxen Free 3:15
Fighting for the Wrong Side
Scott Mulvahill Himalayas 4:00
Bu Böyle
Sertab Erener Rengârenk 4:46
Spreading Silence
Perfidious Words Spreading Silence 6:40
Lit Right Now
DeCarlo Lit Right Now 3:38
Old Highway
Good Lovelies Let the Rain Fall 3:30
Dabs Ouloulou 2:58
We Are Time
The Pop Group Y 6:29
Benden Bana
Adamlar Dünya Günlükleri 4:57
Good Lovelies Let the Rain Fall 3:58
Cut Loose
Rock Eupora Twirlin' 2:37
Feathers & Lips
KEN Mode Loved 2:30
José Madero Psalmos 3:53
Adamlar Dünya Günlükleri 4:31
Mavi Ekran
Adamlar Dünya Günlükleri 3:12
Pilli Bebek Olsun 4:37
Destroy Boys Make Room 2:35
True Life (VNV Nation Remix)
Lights Of Euphoria True Life 6:56
Cameron Sanderson Love/Hate 2:56
The Misdirection of God
Nexilva Eschatologies 4:21
Ballad of a Lonely Construction Worker
Cuff the Duke Life Stories for Minimum Wage 5:23
Destroy Boys Make Room 2:23
Mutoid Man War Moans 2:28
Second Wave Goodbye
War On Women War On Women 2:55
Kuu saa valtansa auringolta
Mokoma Kuoleman laulukunnaat 4:19
If I Die Make Me Famous
Cameron Sanderson If I Die Make Me Famous 2:49
Warhol.SS Hooch 2:48
Khors Beyond the Bestial 6:09
José Madero Noche 4:19
Kepeät mullat
Mokoma Hengen pitimet 4:27
Apologetic Breakfast
WINSTON ViSTA Apologetic Breakfast 3:25
Yan Benimle
Sıla Mürekkep 4:43
Seabound No Sleep Demon 4:56
Good Life
Keiynan Lonsdale Good Life 3:00
Legions Hellbound
Satan Cruel Magic 5:00
Born to Die in Suburbia
Night Birds Born to Die in Suburbia 1:55
Above the Water
Khemmis Hunted 7:22
Dangermuffin Olly Oxen Free 4:03
Nexilva Aseity: I 4:21
Wilco I Shot Andy Warhol (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture) 2:33
Pray for Me
L-FRESH The LION Become 4:55
Show The Way
David Wilcox Big Horizon 3:44
Kiss The Boy
Keiynan Lonsdale Kiss The Boy 4:21
Pagoda Pagoda 3:42
High Towers
Fifth Dawn Duality 4:12
This is a Love Test
KEN Mode Loved 4:38
Asgard's Shining
Khors Return to Abandoned 6:18
Indigo Fantasy
Pip the Pansy Love Legends, Pt. I 4:00
Scott Mulvahill Himalayas 3:47
KEN Mode Success 5:51
Layin Low
Warhol.SS Free Andy 2:11
Say My Name
Sirah Say My Name 3:27
Bloodshot Dawn Reanimation 4:35
Pagoda Pagoda 3:57
Melt Your Mind
Mutoid Man War Moans 2:10
My Cossack Way
Khors Night Falls Onto The Fronts Of Ours 7:46