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Instrumentalness is Yes, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), Explicit is included. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly.

Song Artist Album
Flor de Piña
BANDA TIERRA MOJADA Carnavaleando con la Tierra Mojada 3:44
BANDA TIERRA MOJADA Carnavaleando con la Tierra Mojada 2:36
Tails And Nails
Bunch of Frequencies Tails And Nails 6:02
Healing Water
Bunch of Frequencies Healing Water 7:19
Carhop - Maruis Drescher Remix
Ataneus White Balance 7:26
Breaking The Silence - Mollono.Bass Remix
Ataneus Mollono.Bass Remix Collection II 6:56
Claude Luter Violette et François (Original Cinema Soundtrack) 2:43
Maniacal 4 Carry On 4:19
Juicy J
No Thank You Jump Ship 1:28
Zofka Nice 6:27
Pirates Of Impermanence
Chacruna Pirates Of Impermanence 7:30
Our House Music - DJ Tasaka Remix
DJ Shufflemaster Our House Music 6:11
Lost In Frankfurt - Original
DJ Jace Lost & Found 6:00
Re:Weekender - Paco Osuna Remix
DJ Shufflemaster Armada Subjekt Miami Sessions (Mixed by Chus & Ceballos) 4:19
Passion In Wonderland
Paso Fino Dream Waves - Music For Relaxation 5:26
Don't Worry
Lerosa Bucket Of Eggs 3:30
Silent Jazz Case Jazzin' R&B - The Best (DJ Mixed by DJ YO-GIN) 3:21
Same Shet - Original Mix
Mr Jefferson Same Shet 6:53
Dans Masheen - Original Mix (Edit)
Dan Black SOOPA EP 3:41
Shangri-la Bateria
Chalo Eduardo Chalo Eduardo Brazilicano 2:23
Dans Masheen - DB Trippin' Mix (Edit)
Dan Black SOOPA EP 3:38
De Rumba
La Chilinga Percusion 3:10
Ready For Destruction - Lo-Fi Bitches Remix
SeDm∆ Ready for Destruction! 4:09
Discovey Light Orchestra Flauta, Vol. 1 (Música Instrumental) 3:02
andy shand More Than You Know 5:23
That Afterhours Feeling
SRJ That Afterhours Feeling 4:47
Ay Amores Hallaras
El Gato & Sus Amigos Fiesta Andina 2:45
Miami Fluor Corporation
Jason Rivas Miami Fluor Corporation 3:05
Botz & Flydrums Ultra Hot Dance Hits 6:36
Battle! (Trainer Battle) [From "Pokémon FireRed & Pokémon LeafGreen"]
Kunning Fox Battle! (Trainer Battle) [From "Pokémon FireRed & Pokémon LeafGreen"] 3:14
Pájaro Chogüí
El Colorao Timpliando 2:20
Freedom Fighter
Lorne Balfe Assassin’s Creed 3 (Original Game Soundtrack) 2:16
Keeping Out Of Mischief Now
Vic Dickenson The Essential 5:53
I Drank It All
Sunrises Weekend Depression 3:03
Blue Skies
Enroll Garner Original Hits: Enroll Garner 2:58
Temptation - Coqui Selection Remix
John Shelvin Temptation Remixes 2014 6:45
Step It - Original Mix
M.I.N.D Step It 6:25
Sweet Mama Blues
Dallas String Band Wait for Me 3:21
Part II - The Glory: Dallas Rag
Dallas String Band The Glory of Negro History 2:53
All Gone
Richard James Pictures in the Morning 4:41
Walk That Thing - Take 2
Charlie Johnson and His Paradise Band Don't You Leave Me Here - New York, Vol. 3 3:22
Old Memory
Nightfall The day that nostalgia permeates into me 2:26
Rest Assured
LT Staminize 5:49
Mr Mageeka A Little Mageeka EP 6:25
Petersky Light the Sun 9:34
Harmoob Benzin 4:46
The News
S.I. Futures The Mission Statement 5:42
Detroit A
Andrew Kay UK The LowerHand EP 7:22
Andrew Kay UK Futuristic 6:51
Massimo Colombo Salti ed Assalti 5:54
Beauty Slap Permastank 2:39
Bells and Trees
Antenna Correspondant Compilation 03 5:31
The After-Dark (Instrumental)
Melodywhore DarkLight 4:33
Where Do I Go - TR513
Jacq (UK) Toolroom Radio EP513 - Presented by Mark Knight 4:09
Jacq (UK) RIP 6:39
Hardcore Uproar 2009 - Lee Mortimer Remix / Kissy Edit
Together Mixmag Presents Kissy Sell Out's Blowout 2:23
Hardcore Uproar (Feat. Trigga & Sushy) - Grum Remix
Together Hardcore Uproar (Take Me Back) 6:15
The Liberty Bell
John Philip Sousa 50 American Patriotic Military Songs 3:42
I Am in Love
DJ Jace George Jetson 6:12
Re:Weekender (Mixed) - Paco Osuna Remix
DJ Shufflemaster Armada Subjekt Miami Sessions (Mixed by Chus & Ceballos) 4:05
Auf nach Hause
Andreas Ruhula Beats für die blaue Stunde Nr. 1 3:04
My Heart Is Gold
BLAXED Obscura 8:20
Los alaracos
Ernesto Cavour Grandes Charanguistas de Bolivia 2:48
Ibiza Tour
Nasca Latin Lounge Café (Smooth and Relaxing Bossa Lounge) 3:31
Indian Love
Nasca Your Holiday Soundtrack (New Zealand: Selected Lounge-Chill Out Music ) 4:18
Kick it! - Original Mix
Lo-Fi Bitches The Brotherhood of Bass 4:34
Barrack Ebola - Original Mix
Rs Eerie EP 6:24
Let Me Go - Original Radio Edit
Dj Morris Present The Deck Let Me Go 3:24
Andreas Ruhula Kotoki 6:11
Hold Off
Rob Williams State of Mind 6:33
On the Run - Remix II
Sbassship Encryptions, Vol. 1 4:36
Ivory Ade Sampler 2016 6:33
DJ H8 Andro Beta 4:07
Hamilton - David Scuba Remix
Andromo Hamilton EP 7:11
Encarta - Original Mix
Andromo Hamilton EP 6:20
Just Warming - A1
Andrew Kay UK Just Warming 7:45
Family Man - Dan Le Sac Remix
Faze Action - Aney F Remix
Eddie F Faze Action EP 6:44
Brooklyn Via Montmartre - Eduardo D'Alirio Remix
Filterwolf True School Sounds, Vol. 3 6:53
Victory March
Frank Tapp Wartime Drama 2:44
Gamblee - Figueroa & Obando Remix
Brothers In Progress Deep Reflection - Deep House Selection, Vol. 7 6:31
Extreme (X-games & Sports)
World Famous Its Time! 3:52
Jazz Swing Music Tuxedo Junction - Jazz Swing Music 3:00
Fabulous Flapper
Reg Owen Dance Crazes / Showtime 1:04
Kristoffer Modig First Snow 2:08
Manhattan Spiritual
Reg Owen Manhattan Spiritual 2:33
Got To Have Ya - Snazzy Trax Remix
Mr Mageeka A Little Mageeka EP 7:19
Scarlatti: Keyboard Sonata in G Major, Kk. 79: (Allegrissimo)
Domenico Scarlatti Scarlatti Sonatas 2:18
So Easy
Felipe Luffebo L.E.M 6:26
Spanish Fly
The Daydreamer Dream Paradise 3 4:59
Fukk Up! Midnight Stories 3:12
Epic Sax Guy - Original Mix
[email protected] Happykore Pills 5:16
Balkumbia - Original Mix
[email protected] Happykore Pills 3:14
C'est La Guerre
Teho Teardo Diaz (feat. Il balanescu quartet) [Un film di Daniele Vicari] 2:21
Le Shake Blessing 4:59
Shark - Anzo Remix
Tommy Noble Shark 5:44
Driven By You (Album Version)
The Daydreamer Driven By You 5:30
Easy Dreams
The Daydreamer Dream Paradise 2 6:12
Dernière chance
Why Mud VHS 3:56
How Long Has This Been Going On
Jon Davis Trio Jazz Dictionary H 5:38
何思穎 犀利人妻。幸福秘笈 (音樂圖文原聲帶) 2:58
On the Sea
Black Forest Amsterdam Chill House Sensation 7:34
Interstate (75s Microdose)
313 Acid Queen 313 Acid Queen 3:55
After One
frankclear Clearthoughts 0:56
Slice Open The Day
The Accidental There Were Wolves 2:22
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free
Ken Watanabe I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free 3:51
Belle Belly
Eddie Sheik - Kochak Ya Habbibi! - Exciting New Sounds of the Middle East 2:14
Mediterranean Fantasy
Eddie Sheik - Kochak Ya Habbibi! - Exciting New Sounds of the Middle East 2:51
What Drop? - Original Mix
Lo-Fi Bitches Black 3:34
My Damage - Original Mix
Lo-Fi Bitches Inglorious Basslines Vol. 3 3:58
Clock Tower - Original Mix
Mana' Ramble Ball EP 8:18
Aaron Drake The Godfathers Of Hardcore (Original Motion Picture Score) 2:14
U Got The Love - Earnshaw's Instrumental
New Mondo feat Morrisson U Got The Love (incl Richard Earnshaw Mixes) 6:16
BLAXED Castor EP 7:44
BLAXED Obscura 8:00
Olympyc Olympyc 2:23
Lets Go
Dropkillers Lets Go 4:33
Peppa Pig (Music Inspired by the Serie "Peppa Pig ")
Children's Choir Peppa Pig 1:03
Zio ronzio
Amos DJ T violento - ep 2:52
Elkano Browning Cream Elkano Browning Cream 2:55
Sexy Chick - Vocal Extended Mix
Nu Disco Bitches Disco Is Not Enough 3:09
Oil and Water
Mitchell Marlow Action Rock 2:22
My Family
Kim Mary Lee Doo 4:26
Got To Have Ya
Mr Mageeka A Little Mageeka EP 8:25
Chop of a Brick (feat. Vic Rippa) - G&S Remix
THK Chop of a Brick (The Remixes) (feat. Vic Rippa) 4:14
Walk That Thing
Charlie Johnson and His Paradise Band Don't You Leave Me Here - New York, Vol. 3 3:22
What's Your Emergency
J. Worra Downtown Diva EP 5:40
Oh I Know - Original Mix
BOT Oh I Know EP 6:13
The Sound of Speed
Mitchell Marlow Action Rock 2:37
Humble Boutique - Original Mix
Eddie F Humble Boutique 7:44
Marion Hayden Visions 4:02
Ryusenkei TOKYO SNIPER 4:35
Dalas Rag
Dallas String Band Before The Blues Vol. 2 2:57
Andrew Kay UK Fascination EP 5:55
Lateral - Folevski Remix
Modulador B Shortcut 7:40
Final edition ドラグランザー・ダークレイダー - カラオケ
Naoki Takao Last Message 仮面ライダー龍騎 コンプリートCD-BOX 4:07
Yellow Dream
Nasca Kolbert - Lounge 3:26
Nasca Lounge - R&b - Happy House 6:09
Loki Loki
Nasca Lounge - R&b - Happy House 3:04
3. Gymnopédie
Johannes Cernota plays Erik Satie 2:45
Interstellar - Original
UIU Interstellar 6:56
Mike Sarkissian Armenian, Greek and Turkish Songs (1958 USA Oriental Recordings) 2:55
313 Acid Queen The Record Shop EP 8:35
Salvar al Mundo - Bacalar
Ari Brickman Canciones para Pantalla 3:50
Moon Shadow
Carlos Garnett Moon Shadow 7:17
Driven By You (For Your Mind, Body & Soul Version)
The Daydreamer Driven By You 7:24
Driven By You
The Daydreamer Dream Paradise - Wonderland 5:31
Mr Mageeka A Little Mageeka EP 6:23
Year After (feat. Meighan Nealon) - Alex Frolov Remix
Chephren Blake Dusk 2 Dawn 2 (Unmixed) 6:07
Deadly Cause
53 Hz Nasty Groove 7:13
Wan Trio Nicola Conte presents Viagem 3 3:09
Reg Owen Bmlp 70 3:00
Lady Laura (Guitar)
Domi de Angeles Spanish Guitar, Guitarra Española 2 4:23
Quando quando quando - Instrumental version
Francesco Digilio & His Small Orchestra I migliori anni, Vol. 4 (Italian Style Music Instrumental) 5:03
Gin Tonic
BLAXED Gin Tonic EP 7:13
Driven By You (Single Version)
The Daydreamer Driven By You 3:25
Jeepers Creepers
Vic Dickenson The Essential 12:06
Dream Waves
The Daydreamer Dream Waves - Music For Relaxation 5:31
Driven By You (Alternative Dance Version)
The Daydreamer Driven By You 3:50
Russian Lullaby
Vic Dickenson The Essential 9:21
Phat Boi BFF 2:29
Radio Brazil - Johan Dresser & Juan Ddd Remix
Alex Young Radio Brazil Remixes 6:28
Freestyle Disco
S.I. Futures The Mission Statement 5:53
Walk That Thing
Charlie Johnson and His Paradise Band Harlem Big Bands 3:31
Gibberish - Jared Love vs Joel Armstrong Dub - Mixed
Microlot Visceral 073 6:16
Uprock Citizen Brigade
Arcsin Uprock Citizen EP 5:19
The Challenger
Ji Ben Gong The Challenger 5:31
I've Been Working on the Railroad
Pierre Cavalli Folk and Western Guitars (Evasion 1971) 1:54
Juggling Dub
Russ D Calabash Dub, Vol. 2 3:46
Theme of Swift Rock - Remix
Sbassship Encryptions, Vol. 1 7:21
Luktek Funker 7:13
Up Is Down - Original Mix
Eleven Five Assignment 16 EP 7:56
Muita Firmeza
Bateria Nota 10 One Love Brazil: Rhythm Party Compilation - Football 2014 We Are One - 120 Best Hits and World Anthems 4:05
Mr. Kenyatta
Marion Hayden Visions 4:32
Concert Kickout
Mindless Bender 1:47
Body Trhrill
Daniel Curley Funky Bar 3:54
Peter Philips Robin Hood - Elizabethan Ballad Settings 2:06
Skywalker UK's Most Wanted Drum 'n Bass 5:53
Nikolay Cranner Celebrate 4:49
Soavi concenti di sonate musicali, Op. 4: Allemanda (1)
Giovanni Battista Granata Rome - Paris - Madrid: European Baroque Guitar Music 2:03
Little Friend - Original Mix
UAP Majorine EP 6:44
Thinking Makes a Mistake - World Famous Remakin'
9dw Rmx 3:44
Zack Sekoff Remnants of a Winter Sun 2:54
Gry Bagøien Phantom Power EP 4:11
All About You and I
Ahmet Burak Kahraman Breakfast Music! (The Best Playlist to Pop Up the Morning) 2:13
Good Seeds - Instrumental Mix
Eclectic Roots Ensemble Good Seeds 3:31
Destino: La Musica
Niño de Pura Pozo y Caudal 4:30
Concerto No. 1 in A Minor for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 77: IV. Burlesque: Allegro con brio - Presto
Dmitri Shostakovich Classical Violin 4:45
Nadie Untitled Mind 6:04
More Warriors - Dub
Rasiyah More Warriors 3:54
Mental Disorder
Eddison 357 4:40
Cristofori's Theme (Intro)
James Cole Pablo Special Piano 2:56
Let It Roll (Soul of Man Mix)
Doug Lazy Let It Roll 2k - Single 7:26
Surgical Changes - Original Mix
Craig Richards Sleeping Rough 6:06
Trying To Sleep - Remix
Craig Richards Sleeping Rough 7:17
Encroachment - Original
Brooks Mosher Get Ready EP 5:24
After Midnight
Acid Acid 3:44
Mythologia - Faskil Remix
Faskil Mythologia 9:39
VENUS (Instrumental)
y0c1e VANQUISH 4:35
何思穎 犀利人妻。幸福秘笈 (音樂圖文原聲帶) 3:14
Presence - mixed
Lrusse DJ-Kicks (Will Saul) [Mixed Tracks] 3:51
Top Secret - Original Mix
Barrio Fino Blue Sky Ep 7:27
Black Dog Kashmir - Stadium Marching Band Version
Instrumental All Stars Instrumental Gold: College Fight Songs 0:38
Forever Lonely
Noblemen Dirty Robber / Forever Lonely 2:45
Spirit in the Sky - E39 Instrumental Mix
Martin Degville Spirit in the Sky (Part 2 Remixes) 5:00
After Life 2
DJ H8 Andro Beta 5:58
Vibe Mountain Volume 5: 2018 0:56
Deutsch 5e
Vibe Mountain Volume 2: 2012-2014 3:20
Common Mistakes
Soligen Beautiful EP 6:06
Dark Circle - Instrumental
Cocosori Dark Circle 3:08
Lost - Pornbugs Remix
Markus Homm Voyage 7:04
Pierre Cavalli Folk and Western Guitars (Evasion 1971) 1:23
Rinky Dink
Sounds Incorporated 100 Rockin’ Instrumentals - ‘50s & ‘60s 2:06
Black And White
Chris Cowie Best Behaviour 7:07
This Feeling Dub
Russ D One Way 3:54
I Never Felt This Way Before (feat. Fruity) - Dub Mix
Damond Ramsey I Never Felt This Way Before (feat. Fruity) 7:20
Les moutons de panurge
Daniel Zimmermann Dichotomie's 2:49
Land of 1000 Devils - Original Mix
Chompa Ghosts of the Dead 4:24
Cepa Jerezana (Bulería)
Pepe Justicia Sólo Agua 5:24
Palmtrees On Pluto
Defib Portalis EP 7:53
Sierra Mágica (Rumba)
Pepe Justicia Sólo Agua 3:12
National Anthem of Finland - Maamme (Finnish National Anthem)
Instrumental All Stars National Anthems Around the World 0:32
Elementary Cbs Tv Show Theme
Instrumental All Stars Instrumental Gold: Ultimate Hits, Vol. 13 0:33
Share This Love (Soulshy Remix) - Soulshy Remix Instrumental
Beat Rivals Share This Love (Soulshy Remix) 7:55
Live Your Life - Live Groove Instrumental
Beat Rivals Live Your Life (Live Groove Remix) 7:38
Morning Chill
xPanda Morning Chill 3:19
xPanda Show 2:51
1994uv Sick
xPanda 1994uv Sick 2:33
Mindless Bender 1:41
You Liking - 16 Bit Remastered
Daniel Curley Funky Bar 2:59
Body Thrill - 16 Bit Remastered
Daniel Curley Funky Bar 3:02
Patched Memories
Mindless Bender 1:41
Shadow Dancer - Original Mix
Dj Shinobi DJ Shinobi 5:44
Flux - Pornbugs Remix
Mihai Popoviciu Flux EP 6:51
Flux - Pornbugs Remix - Mixed
Mihai Popoviciu Toolroom Miami 2019 (Mixed) 4:35
Kimeteyo Good Choice! - Karaoke
A. Arthur Jitsuzai-Sei Million Arthur Britain Music Vol.1 1:18
It's Feeling - Leechy Alexej Remix
Min-O-Taur Min-O-Taur 6:59
Pwm Depth
Arcsin Welcome to the Neo Golden Age a Sound Exposure, Vol. 1 4:54
Activate - Original Mix
Claudio Freri House Music DJ Zone (40 Legends of House Music, Electronic Dance Music Tunes) 5:12
Flauta I Tambor (Castella)
Alberto Jambrina Encants (Vol. 2. Instruments Tradicionals Aeròfons) 2:27
I Love Her More in Summertime
Chill Out Beach Party Ibiza Sunset Chill out Ibiza 3:50
Bang - The Cube Guys Mix
UAP Bang (The Cube Guys Mix) 8:00
Seven of Nine - Lrusse Remix
Addison Groove Dance Trax, Vol. 17 5:59
Extra Time
Lrusse Part Of The Plan 7:11
Lrusse Part Of The Plan 5:59
Doce De Coco
Jacob Fischer Trio Black Orpheus 3:58
When I Fall In Love (feat. Sybil) - Quentin Harris Bring Back The House Dub
Klub Family When I Fall In Love (feat. Sybil) 6:32
Shit Is Crazy - Original mix
Dj Lessi Shit Is Crazy 6:36