180bpm by genemillerjr

BPM is between 178 and 182. Uses only songs I've liked. Sorted randomly.

Song Artist Album
Injur / Gutted Two-Track
Set Fire To Flames Sings Reign Rebuilder 2:49
Relax Ambient Stress Relief (Alpha Isochronic Tones)
Binaural Beats Isochronic Tones Lab Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones Brainwave Entrainment 9:58
if you came this way - Pt. 3
Max Richter Sleep 1:29
Let Go Like Leaves of Fall
Lustre Still Innocence 5:04
Squarepusher Theme
Shobaleader One Elektrac 6:14
To The Teeth
Young Heart Attack Mouthful Of Love 2:08
Sick Of Doing Time
Young Heart Attack Mouthful Of Love 2:40
Flight to LAPD
Hans Zimmer Blade Runner 2049 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 1:47
How Far I'll Go - Alessia Cara Version
Alessia Cara Moana (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Deluxe Edition) 2:55
Amateur Cartography
Obfusc Monument Valley (Original Soundtrack) 3:42