Plylst test by thehousingcrisis

Danceability is Super, Energy is High, Mode is Minor. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly.

Song Artist Album
It Don't Matter
Donavon Frankenreiter Donavon Frankenreiter 3:06
Could You Be Loved
Bob Marley & The Wailers Legend (Deluxe Edition) 3:56
Es war einmal...
Beginner Advanced Chemistry 4:41
A Long Time
Mayer Hawthorne How Do You Do 3:41
Bag Talk
Pretty Ugly
Tierra Whack Whack World 1:00
Stop That Rape
Marc Rebillet Marc Rebillet 2:08
Vald XEU 3:55
Vald XEU 3:50
Blacktop Beat
Jurassic 5 J 5 (Deluxe Edition) 1:25
Alibi Afternoon
Grant Lazlo Alibi Afternoon 4:47
Salt-N-Pepa Very Necessary 4:08
Walk On Water
A$AP Mob Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy 3:56
Zutzut Placas 3:41
Tere Naal Nachna
Badshah Top 20 - Bollywood Dance Songs 2018 2:46
In da Wind
Trick Daddy Thug Holiday (Explicit Version) 4:20
Hit That Jive Jack - Extra Medium Remix
Extra Medium One Size Fits All 4:57
Zoop One Moreno 4:19
You Me And The Silence
LOVA Scripted Reality 3:05
Bright Lights - Kiko Franco & Michael Prado Remix
Vandelux Bright Lights (Kiko Franco & Michael Prado Remix) 3:48
Private Party
Sona Private Party 2:46
Celestial Blues
Uptown Funk Empire The Empire Strikes Back 4:42
LouiVos Kikker 2:26
Forma Agradável
Dani Russo Forma Agradável 3:00
Me Puedo Matar
Héctor Acosta "El Torito" La Historia…Mis Éxitos 4:24
Djonga Ladrão 4:22
Got 2 Let U
The Knife Deep Cuts 3:58
Swing Republic Mo' Electro Swing Republic - Let's Misbehave 4:07
Issa Snack (Remix)
Travis World Issa Snack (Remix) 3:27
Never Lack
Splurgeboys Out of the Pan 3:30
cupcakKe Cum Cake 3:19
Story X
Niska Commando 2:42
Your Eyes - Original Mix
Emalaine Your Eyes 8:23
Know I'm Bad
OMNOM Goin' Dumb 5:59
Let's Get High
Ginare Womack A Chronic Tribute to Dr. Dre 2:29
You're Brave
Sleaford Mods Divide and Exit 2:46
You're Brave
Sleaford Mods Divide and Exit 2:46
O Gigante Acordou
Mc Daleste O Gigante Acordou 2:26
Islands - Original
Javier Carballo Underyourseat 7:44
Repete (feat. Minz)
Dj X Repete (feat. Minz) 3:06
Chama Sua Amiga de Nojenta 2
MC LB Chama Sua Amiga de Nojenta 2 2:22
Bakers Groove - Money Mix
Disco Incorporated Funky Summer Grooves, Vol. 1 5:11
BassRaketen Signal 4:21
Knocking - Tujamo Remix
Boogie Pimps Knocking 5:35
JPelirrojo Sin miedos 3:30
Strawberry Bubblefunk - Grid Division Remix
Megan Hamilton Photosynthetic: Remixed 4:12
No Joke - Gardener of Delight & Zouzoulectric Remix
Jojo Effect No Joke 3:37
Love Confession
Miss Lady Pinks Gangster Love, Vol. 4 3:56
Jive Baby On A Saturday Night - Radio Edit
The Jellies Jive Baby On a Saturday Night 3:19
Depuis que j'fume plus d'shit
Karl Zéro Songs for Moonlight Swim and Otros Tipos de Ocupaciones 3:17
Bang The Buck - Fractious Remix
Luca M Bang The Buck (Remixes) 6:25
Bezniq Gold 3:16
Fat Freddy's Drop Blackbird 7:20
Keep The Freedom
Sebb Junior Café del Mar ChillHouse Mix 10 5:47
Standing In His Way
Owen Gray What One 'riddim' Can Do 3:44
Carl Bryan Come Back Darling 2:18
Night Train
Koyote Midsummer Tales 5:38
Techno Demon - Technolog Remix
Technolog Techno Demon 6:32
Bom Bom - Erba Remix
Dirty Palm Bom Bom 5:16
Hkmk Flex 1:54
Ung Spiller Fra Kongo
Vnko Ung Spiller Fra Kongo 2:08
J.M.N Eliten 2:13
Slow Down
Jan Ketel Another Place 5:44
Tail Light - Refix
Lady Lava Tail Light (Refix) 2:41
Zombie Ragga
Rude Kido Rap Caribe 4:13
All That - Natural Self Remix
Lizzy Parks Shapes 10:01 3:47
Top Of The World
Kanary Diamonds As Heard On TV 4:55
Berlin Berlin - Extended Mix
Talstrasse 3-5 Lalaland (Club Mixes) 5:31
Janine the Machine High Places 3:33
Land Of The Free
Jaqee Kokoo Girl 4:20
Brain Soup
Nasty Cherry Season 1 2:28
Chinko Ekun Mafo 3:08
Paula Douglas Fauxpas 2:51
Something Made Me - Werkshy Remix
Saison No Fuss Remixed, Pt. 1 5:50
TibyBop Bones 4:47
Read Between The Lines
Van Morrison Three Chords And The Truth (Expanded Edition) [Deluxe] 3:41
Read Between The Lines
Van Morrison Three Chords And The Truth (Expanded Edition) [Deluxe] 3:41
La Blanca
Pierrii Overdosis 2:25
KM Mamacita 3:14
That's All Folks
Interplanetary Criminal Move Tools 5:16
Osiris Marshall Wait 3:16
Dom Pérignon
Bahar Candan Dom Pérignon 2:47
Write a Song
Fabio Fusco Write a Song 7:08
Breath - Animals In Cage Remix
Inphasia Clubbers Culture: Massive Techno Sampler 7:57
Land Of The Champions
DJ Bravo Land Of The Champions 2:07
Impossible Is Nothing
John R Andes Sunrise 5:45
Cocaine - IL Leprotto Remix
Ickarus Dj Aderlass - EP 4:09
Don't Touch
Carlostella Don't Touch 5:59
Mandingo - G Duppy Remix
Bluntskull The Peppery EP Remixes 2:37
Me Re Cabio
El Dipy Close de Ort! 3:09
She Got Me
Acizzy Acz 5:33
The Block
Acizzy The Block 6:01
Name No Names
The Bas Lexter Ensample Truncate It Right 3:57
Liên khúc: Cánh bướm vườn xuân Khúc nhạc mừng xuân Bức tranh xuân Xuân Yêu Thương Người tình Nam Mỹ
Lynda Trang Đài Hollywood night 12 - In San Jose (Hollywood Night 12) 6:21
So Called Life
Dub Taylor Back to the Boutique 002 (Mixed Live by AFFKT) 7:58
That Hard
Limaçon That Hard EP 8:28
Crank That Razorblade
A-LOW Rx Regret 2:11
Another Tuesdays Gone
Luke Mitrani Live It Up 3:02
Weekend (feat. Moneybagg Yo)
Yo Gotti Untrapped 3:08
Certain Men
Negativland True False 4:59
ZOEY 808
Vem Cavalga
Mcpc Vem Cavalga 2:22
Chase & Status Brand New Machine (Deluxe Version) 4:38
City Lights
Woolfy City Lights 3:46
Stereo Luchs LINCE 3:47
Was It You?
Spoon Gimme Fiction (2015 Remaster) 5:02
Della Reese Swing, Slow & Cha Cha Cha 2:41
For Real
Mallrat For Real 3:10
Desmond Dekker Rude Boy Ska 3:00
Monster Rally Flowering Jungle 2:05
Could You Be Loved
Bob Marley & The Wailers Gold 3:57
Small Axe Version 2 (Aka Shocks '71)
Dave Barker I Am the Upsetter - The Story of the Lee "Scratch" Perry Golden Years 3:16
Flaggin A Ride
Divine Fits A Thing Called Divine Fits 3:47
Everything I Know
Chinx CR5 2:39
Sean Paul De Maxx Long Player 24 3:38
Question réponse
Larry Question réponse 3:03
I met This Girlie
Esham Judgement Day 3:13
Gold - Mord Fustang Remix
Fussy Boy All Eyes On Mord Fustang 5:02
Gold Stove
Lajan Slim Hood Olympian Mixtape 2:43
Mann Oder Maus
Blumentopf Großes Kino 3:56
Shark City (Tropico X)
Niki & The Dove Everybody's Heart Is Broken Now (Deluxe Version) 4:52
Mouth of Ancients
Midnite Assini 5:03
Es el Amor - Remix
Systema Solar Es el Amor (Remix) 3:09
C'est Pas Cher
Hamza H-24 4:04
J'ai la mort
Jul La zone en personne 3:08
Rhye Alternative Sugar 4:34
Nothing for Christmas
RuPaul Slay Belles 3:08
Better In The Morning
Little Boots Working Girl 3:22
I'm Aquarius - Claptone Remix
Metronomy Arte Vida - Tarifa Beach Hotel 7:09
Something Good
UGK The Essential UGK 5:27
My Party
Kero Kero Bonito Intro Bonito 2:47
Whatever Makes You Happy - Soulworks Remix
DJ Roland Clark House Legends: DJ Roland Clark Presents Urban Soul 7:11
Line Me
Casanova Line Me 2:56
Perfect World
Allen Stone Radius 3:15
Comin' Thru
Chali 2na Fish Outta Water 3:29
Nice Girl, Wrong Place
Gang Starr The Ownerz 3:33
Up Hygh The Venus Album 4:17
Control (People Go Where We Send You) - Part I
The First Family The Singles: Vol. 9 1973-1975 3:46
A Long Time
Mayer Hawthorne How Do You Do 3:41
Histoire a Suivre
The Honeymoon Killers Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel 3:05
Eu Sou Funkeiro
Mc Tarapi Eu Sou Funkeiro 4:24
Bone Bame
10LEC6 Bone Bame 3:56
Mind Fair Mind Fair 3:21
Should Be Workin
XJN House Is A Home, Vol 2 7:00
Little Bug
Nôze Songs On The Rocks 4:13
kLap Kamu 3:16
Curved Dreams 4 Teens
Perfume Advert Agave Res 5:55
Biffty Souyon 3:46
Broke In A Minute
Tory Lanez Broke In A Minute 2:12
No Emotions
Lil Breeze What's to It 2:28
Family Reunion Song (feat. Shirley Murdock)
Bigg Robb Jerri Curl Muzic=(The Latest) 5:22
Capoverde - Radio Edit
Alidiana Silverkin Sensual Chill Out Vibes 3:03
VV ЮЗАО 2:30
Reload (Originally Performed by Wiley and Chip and Ms D) - Karaoke Version
Sing King Reload (Originally Performed by Wiley and Chip and Ms D) [Karaoke Version] 3:55
Tony the Tiger
Suicide Rascal I FUCKED 2 BITCHES FOR $60 2:26
Melodic Ryde
Gil Small Jr Brighten, Vol. 6 3:06
Tram 23
Jesse Hoefnagels Tram 23 2:31
I Know That You Know
Kansas City Five The "Kansas City" Sessions 3:06
Rolie Polie Olie
Tainted Flavor Great TV Themes (Cartoon Theme Songs) 1:17
Boogie Down - 2009 Remaster
Al Jarreau The Very Best Of: An Excellent Adventure 4:03
She Just Wanna Party
Spose Good Luck With More Life EP 4:12
Boogie Down
Al Jarreau Groovy Soul 4:03
Boogie Down
Al Jarreau We're In This Love Together 4:03
When It Comes To You
Dirty Disco Stars The One Hundred 4:44
On Me
Quality Control On Me 3:36
BowLand Floating Trip 5:43
Loaded Lean
Lil Loaded 6locc 6a6y 2:18
Bem Gostosinho (Mulher Solteira) - Original
Doctor Silva Bem Gostosinho (Mulher Solteira) 3:55
Koolism The 'Umu 3:32
RealMind Unstable 4:36
Rap In Da House - Dirty Secretz Remix
Daniele Dovico Rap In Da House - Remix Pack 1 6:07
Dim Dim Bounce 2:05
NET NIMBA Непоправимо 2:44
Lesson To Be Taught
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth Funky Technician 5:00
J'ai un gros nez rouge
Rémi Guichard En totomobile avec Rémi 1:06
Plenty Peace
Mikeythefist Plenty Peace 2:02
South Coast Rocks
Chali 2na Adventures Of A Reluctant Superhero 1:50
Mojo Jojo
Gorangutang Sounds from the Gorabitat 2:59
They Made A Mistake
Afrika Bambaataa Planet Rock: The Album 5:31
Dooky Booty - D-Man Remix Version
Billy Boy Dooky Booty 5:13
Back It Up - original Mix
James Nasty Back It Up 3:34
Ela Olha Diferente
MC Willy Ela Olha Diferente 2:12
Hristina Anagnostopoulou Straight 3:34
Hard Hittin' (Coach)
WWE WWE: Wreckless Intent 4:06
Janice Rumba 3:02
In Luv With U
Los Amigos Invisibles Comercial 4:05
In Luv With U
Los Amigos Invisibles Commercial 4:05
Mal Amazin Life Of Amazin 2:16
Smashproof Liquor 3:59
Hátt Enni
Háski Hátt Enni 1:52
Terrivel T T O 2:22
Мальчик - Красавчик - R&B Remix Al Solo
Yolka Remixes 3:34
Прада 2
dorydory Звёздная болезнь 2:55
Lady Cab Driver (7" Edit) - 2019 Remaster
Prince 1999 (Super Deluxe Edition) 5:05
Alphabet Song
Tanlines Presents 2:10
J-E-T-S Zaps 2:39
Lay It On Back
Kurupt Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey (Digitally Remastered) 3:59
Funk You up (Long Version)
The Sugarhill Gang Rapper's Delight 10:55
A Barata Diz Que Tem
Carochinha Vamos Brincar Vol. 2 1:35
Apples and Bananas
Lingokids English Songs for Kids:, Vol. 1 4:38
Suggar Mami
Osky Suggar Mami 2:38
Unknown Beauty
Makebo Unknown Beauty 9:05
Love Thang - Bottom-Up Mix
Banji Boys Love Thang 4:30
La Vida
Zantzo La Vida 4:15
When It Comes To You
Dirty Disco Stars When It Comes To You 4:44
2013 Smoke (Feat. Big Capone, Mr. Sancho)
O.G. Playboy Cronica 2013 Vol.2 3:09
Funky Planet (From "Space Mission Nr. 12")
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Plays Lost TV Themes 2:45
Lounge All Stars The Best of Chill Out Jazz - A Relaxed Trumpet Session 4:03
Piña Colada
Gianluca Zanelatto Piña Colada 2:51
Freaky Stuff - Sex Sells Remix
Eskuche Freaky Stuff 5:54
Il Katalicammello
Letizia Turrà Il coccodrillo come fa? 3:21
Thunder Top DJ Compilation, Vol. 2 (Radionumber1ne: Selected By Marco Marzi e Tony Cau DJ) 3:10
As You Are
Sam von Horn Zone 3:49
ExLord Food for Thot 3:47
The Long Way
Matt Lucas The Long Way 5:00
Dinamita Bailable Coleccion Privada 10 Exitos Originales 3:27
S.O.S. (Shoot Or Get Shot)
Young Lyric S.O.S. (Shoot Or Get Shot) 3:49
Waiting Mean - Original Mix
Model Style Waiting Mean 5:42
Eu Vou Pegar - Original
Doctor Silva Eu Vou Pegar 4:02
A Beautiful Goodbye - Tristian Armes Remix
Hidden Tigress A Beautiful Goodbye 6:14
Bruno Mattos Ca$h 4:44
I Don't Care
Max Urban I Don't Care 3:17
Angel De Mota Endless Summer 2:22
Shotas Compton 2:57
Love Shortage
Discognosis Discognosis 3:50
Break Yourself
Xzibit The Greatest 3:11
Bokoesam Solo 3:01
Swing 'N' Swung
The Poor Knight Cabinet 13 6:29
Mr. Madden a Bawl
School Boy Dancehall Pressure 4:13
Capitol A - In The Mix - Slope Original Mix
Slope Slope Is Dope 4:54
Gotta Go
Nuno The Takeover: Aggressive Expansion 3:10
Positive Vibe
Beats And Styles Two White Monkeys 5:00
For You
Ago Fulltime Production: Disco Classic, Vol. 1 5:53
Kim Theme
Rod Lee The Best of Rod Lee From K-Swift's 1st 4 CDs 1:23
A Big This, a Big That
Rod Anton Angel 6:12
Playa Like Me
Nuno The Takeover: Aggressive Expansion 3:57
DJ Assault Porno Music 3:27
Blues Party
O.B. Bryant Thank You 4:35
French Latino Guarda la Esperanza 3:29
Aerobic El Drac
Los Ganglios Lubricante 1:31
Como Yankee
One Path Siempre Parriba 2:18
Pa calor
Rosana Luna nueva 3:05
Phineandroides y Ferb-robots
Phinedroids and Ferbots Phineas Y Ferb 1:09
Puttin' On the Ritz (D.Mark'J & Angel See Remix)
Tolemada Project Electro Swing V by Bart & Baker 5:21
For You
Ago The Best Of Disco 70-80, Vol. 1 5:53
Where Is Mi Colega?
Mambo Mambo (Música Original de la Serie) 2:03
I Told You I Was Freaky
Flight of the Conchords I Told You I Was Freaky 3:14
Mujer De Miel
Manifiesto Urbano Zanate 3:36
Voy a Hacer Plata
Guerrilla Seca Voy a Hacer Plata 4:18
Chapelier Fou Darling, Darling, Darling... 3:36