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Danceability is Moderately, Energy is Medium, Valence is Positive (happy, cheerful, euphoric), BPM is greater than 4. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly. Limited to 100 songs.

Song Artist Album
Hamza H-24 2:51
Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir
Mi Sonora Cumbias - 20 de Coleccion 4:08
Colours (Twza Remix)
Summers Sons Colours (Twza Remix) 3:20
Sang et poussiere
Ganafoul T'as bien failli crever ! 3:01
F.U.N. Song
Spongebob Squarepants SpongeBob's Greatest Hits 1:24
Gutter Rich
That Dude AJ Gutter Rich 4:18
Todrick Hall Forbidden 0:48
The Reasons Before You Knew
Circulatory System Mosaics Within Mosaics 1:05
Amit Kilam Katiyabaaz (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 3:57
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
Aretha Franklin The Very Best Of Aretha Franklin - The 60's 3:16
Merry Happy
Kate Nash Made of Bricks 5:26
Of Minor Prophets And Their Prostitute Wives
Pedro The Lion It's Hard To Find A Friend [Remastered] 2:53
Long As I Can See The Light
Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle: 20 Greatest Hits (Ecopac) 3:34
Sun Brother - Excerpt
Portugal. The Man Church Mouth 2:11
Devotion and Desire
Bayside Acoustic 3:54
Good Old War Good Old War 0:57
João Gilberto Chega De Saudade 2:16
Ordinary Day
Todrick Hall Forbidden 2:05
Paisagem Da Janela
Lô Borges Clube Da Esquina 2:58
Ana De Amsterdam - Live
Chico Buarque A Arte De Chico Buarque 1:49
Bim Bom
João Gilberto Chega De Saudade 1:16
Ray Collins' Hot Club High Life 3:28
That's Enough
Ray Charles The Best of Ray Charles: The Atlantic Years 2:47
La Pour Ca
Nada Surf Let Go 3:17
Gone To The Movies
Semisonic Feeling Strangely Fine 3:52
Friendship (01-11-47)
Louis Jordan Complete Jazz Series 1946 - 1947 2:23
Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo)
The Andrews Sisters The Songs of Wasteland: Music as heard in Fallout 3 - EP 3:03
I Am A rock
Simon & Garfunkel Greatest Hits 2:50
Playing Favorites
The Starting Line Punk Goes Acoustic 4:03
Nothing's Too Good For My Little Girl
The Mamas & The Papas All The Leaves Are Brown The Golden Era Collection 3:08
Midnight Voyage
The Mamas & The Papas All The Leaves Are Brown The Golden Era Collection 3:15
Minutemen Double Nickels on the Dime 2:00
Watermelon Man
Herbie Hancock The Best Of Herbie Hancock 7:11
Trapito (Toc-Toc)
KYNE Trapito (Toc-Toc) 2:38
Maria, Maria
Quarteto Em Cy 20 Grandes Sucessos De Quarteto Em Cy & Mpb-4 3:28
Shining (ungekürzt), Kapitel 99
Stephen King Shining (ungekürzt) 4:23
Romeo und Julia - I. Akt, 1. Szene, Teil 1
Reclam Hörbücher Shakespeare: Romeo und Julia (Reclam Hörspiel) 1:26
Ein fast perfektes Weihnachtsmenü - Teil 81
TKKG Ein fast perfektes Weihnachtsmenü 1:37
These Days Are Over
Overnight These Days Are Over 4:41
Barbarito Diez La Rondalla Venezolana … y sus Amigos 3:01
That Old Black Magic
Louis Prima & Keely Smith Mob Hits III: Even More Music From The Great Mob Movies 2:53
Splendid The Good Life 4:06
Was solls
Tua Narziss 1:02
King of the Highway
Luke Morris King of the Highway 5:55
Tua Narziss 2:55
Head and Heart
America 50th Anniversary: The Collection 3:49
¿Y Tu Que Has Hecho?
Barbarito Diez Barbarito Diez Con La R. Venezolana 2:56
Juke Box Hero - Unplugged
Foreigner The Hits Unplugged 4:59
I'm A Chicken Head (Skit)
Cam’ron Purple Haze 1:26
Chapel of Love - Re-Recording
The Dixie Cups The Wonderful World of the 60's - 100 Hit Songs 2:51
trabbey COLLECTION I 3:00
Serenity Prayer
Ohtis Curve of Earth 1:49
Siyah Remix
Ohash Siyah 2:04
The Police Walked in 4 Jazz
The Clash London Calling (Legacy Edition) 2:19
Chevy Bars (feat. Chevy Woods)
Wiz Khalifa Fly Times Vol. 1: The Good Fly Young 0:55
Did For The Streets
Lil Durk Signed To The Streets 3 2:45
206 - Achtung, UFO-Kult! - Teil 36
TKKG 206/Achtung, UFO-Kult! 1:42
Shining (ungekürzt), Kapitel 83
Stephen King Shining (ungekürzt) 7:14
Shining (ungekürzt), Kapitel 42
Stephen King Shining (ungekürzt) 7:06
Ein fast perfektes Weihnachtsmenü - Teil 57
TKKG Ein fast perfektes Weihnachtsmenü 1:32
Shining (ungekürzt), Kapitel 51
Stephen King Shining (ungekürzt) 4:28
Ein fast perfektes Weihnachtsmenü - Teil 33
TKKG Ein fast perfektes Weihnachtsmenü 1:21
Shining (ungekürzt), Kapitel 9
Stephen King Shining (ungekürzt) 5:19
207 - Doppelte Entführung - Teil 16
TKKG 207/Doppelte Entführung 1:24
206 - Achtung, UFO-Kult! - Teil 11
TKKG 206/Achtung, UFO-Kult! 1:38
Diabolus, Kapitel 4
Dan Brown Diabolus (Ungekürzt) 7:55
She's Between
George Fields Beyond Realm 2:49
Weed Greed
Bushman Weed Greed 3:38
Aucun Stress
Vinci Aucun Stress 2:51
Sons of Slaves
Matana Roberts Sticks and Stones 4:44
Caught Up - Acoustic Version
ALIUS Caught Up (Acoustic Version) 3:02
El Amor Si Va
Ovy On The Drums El Amor Si Va 2:53
Diabolus, Kapitel 31
Dan Brown Diabolus (Ungekürzt) 2:14
The Victory Polka - 1996 Remastered
Glenn Miller & The Army Forces Training Command Orchestra Operation: Build Morale 2:46
Kapitel 09: Mami spielt verrückt (Folge 130)
Bibi Blocksberg Folge 130: Mami spielt verrückt 1:34
On the Sunny Side of the Street
His Orchestra Fortissimo! the Combo Recordings 1954-57 3:14
Zgubiłem Flow feat. Kuba Knap
Cywinsky Wracam na Ląd EP 3:36
Crazy Feet
Ray Noble The Hot Sides 2:44
With All Your Friends
The Elwins With All Your Friends 3:41
Cantaloupe Island
Roman Smirnov Reflections 5:56
Não Precisa de Palavras
Silvinha Grita Coração 3:50
This World Will Remember Me (feat. Jeremy Jordan & Laura Osnes)
Original Broadway Cast Recording Bonnie & Clyde 2:10
In the Sky - Simon De Jano Remix
Boys At Work In the Sky (Remixes) 5:38
Diabolus, Kapitel 39
Dan Brown Diabolus (Ungekürzt) 5:54
Refined Enlightenment
Howard Harper-Barnes To All the Glory 2:23
Lost in Los Angeles
Love You Later Lost in Los Angeles 3:22
Jokes on You
Love You Later Jokes on You 4:03
Ora et la Joda - Fantasna Remix
Shmiks Ora et la Joda (Fantasna Remix) 8:30
Victor Lopez The Auburn University Marching Band 2000 Season 1:12
Parabienes Al Reves
Violeta Parra Éxitos Chilenos 2:03
Last Time
Saint Raymond A Light That Blinds 3:14
Diabolus, Kapitel 68
Dan Brown Diabolus (Ungekürzt) 5:54
Der Onkel aus der Südsee - Kapitel 01 - Der Onkel aus der Südsee, Der große Streichewettbewerb, Rollentausch, Der Schatzkistentag
Katja Grübel Der Onkel aus der Südsee, Der große Streichewettbewerb, Rollentausch, Der Schatzkistentag 1:30
My Pistol Make Ya Famous (feat. Chief Keef)
Fredo Santana Plugged In 3:30
Camine Pa' la Casa
La Ñapa Camine Pa' la Casa 3:42
Love on My Plate
Lucy Loone Looney 3:18
Piensa en Mi
Ricao Spanische Gitarre, Vol. 2 4:21
Stormy Weather
Ed Whicher Stormy Weather 3:17
Clown Motel (Loca Freestyle)
Lucy Loone Looney 3:18
My Favorite Things (Minecraft)
Pedro Esparza My Favorite Things (Minecraft) 2:11