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Acousticness is Not at all, Valence is Negative (sad, depressed, angry), Energy is High. Uses the full Spotify catalog. Sorted randomly.

Song Artist Album
LONI Loneliness 6:00
LONI Kruv 6:41
Puppet - Oxan Remix
Pruden Izquierdo Puppet 6:46
Finish Line
Michael Emo Diaries - Chapter Nine - Sad Songs Remind Me 5:12
Olympique Chron 3:31
Drilll 4 the B.4.L. 2:53
OSCA Poison 2:32
Say Say - Extended Version
Alex Hayden Say Say 3:47
Not A Game
E-40 Blindspotting: The Collin EP 3:24
Justin Courtney Pierre In The Drink 2:21
Leone e Savana
SilverX Leone e Savana 3:04
Budva (Original Mix)
Mordax Go East E.P 7:15
What You Need - Original Mix
Acetronik What You Need EP 6:21
Expander Six
Mark Henning Expander Six 4:51
Eat That Phone Book
Coobe Caravan Sessions 8:21
All I Ever Wanted
Classik Jazz Hop #5 3:04
Dream Catcher
Mythospheric Points of View 9:18
Shackuna - Original Mix
Mythospheric Colorblind 8:14
You’ll Never See Me Cry - Ambassadeurs Remix
Ephemerals Future Disco Presents: Poolside Sounds, Vol. 5 6:51
Awake - Main Mix
Chris Taveras Awake 3:26
Chris Taveras Ecstasy 3:32
Aleksi Perälä Starlight 3 4:24
Jernade Miah Double Check 4:05
Free - Original Club Mix
Mike Polo Free (feat. Tiger Lily) [Seamless Traxx] 8:17
Clem Beatz Wabi Sabi 3:40
Say My Name (feat. Zyra) - Ambassadeurs Remix
ODESZA Say My Name Remixes 5:37
Pyramids - Original Mix
Tolk Pyramids 5:17
G.O.T - Radio Edit
Tolk G.O.T 5:06
Big Things
One Man Orchestra Turn the Crank 6:23
Deep Immersing
Abstraction Unit Deep Immersing 6:13
Niagara Don't Take It Personally 5:53
Continuous - A-Bee & Tom Vagabondo Remix
Tom Vagabondo Continuous 6:58
Lion - Teysel Remix
H. Lion 7:31
With Every Heartbeat
Davide Svezza With Every Heartbeat 5:53
Second Thought
Ambassadeurs M.O.P.E - EP 4:22
Bone Marrow
Karl Sav Bone Marrow 8:19
Bachata Que nos paso
MC Soundtracks Fran Hermosel 4:05
Hari - Yeröm Remix
Amir Telem Hari EP 6:42
The Tempest
WOLFBITER The Wave EP 4:29
I Want You There (123 BPM)
Gym Music Music for Gym Sessions 4:00
Pigalle Anymore 3:26
Pigalle Destinations 3:56
Lights On
Movement Aim High - The Revolution 4:11
Power Joint
Movement Power Drive 4:43
Bring It Back - Original Mix
Jack Nova Bring It Back 4:01
Beyond The Universe - Jack Nova Remix
Cultra Beyond The Universe 6:52
Horse Tranquilizer
The Kundalini Genie You Are the Resurrection 6:27
Makes Me Feel So High
The Kundalini Genie Makes Me Feel So High / Can't Get You Out My Mind 7:51
I See You
BVSSICS Bunny Tiger Mexico Collection 5:50
Decalculator Woodruff 7:09
In the Groove
EQ Why 3737 LowEnd Drive 3:24
Get That Feeling
EQ Why 3737 LowEnd Drive 3:00
808 Kick Drum - Spaldin's House Remix
EQ Why Loops & Loud 4 3:00
RECALL - Oscar Waves Remix
Benjamin Hamilton RECALL (Oscar Waves Remix) 4:10
Platonic - Rodion Remix
Pyrame Platonic (Rodion Remix) 6:14
Thickening Dusk
Hideyoshi Thickening Dusk 6:24
Where Are We Now? - Omer Remix
Pyrame Where Are We Now? (Omer Remix) 6:17
Phylactery [Based on Tilapia by Autechre]
John Callaghan Warp20 (Recreated) 5:35
Meant To Be - Bruno Motta Remix
GöW Meant To Be (Remixes), Pt. 01 3:16
Los De La Musica - Deaf Audio Circus Mix
Tall Rick Los de la Musica 6:39
Birth of the Storm
Nature and Rain Nature and Rain Sounds 3:30
Esperanza - Sean Bay's Hypnotic Mix
Sean Bay Esperanza EP 10:22
Hyp-Hop Sells Lost Art 4:00
Helluva Night
Hyp-Hop Sells 1983 3:17
Forever & ewig
CHILDREN Forever & ewig 3:38
Off Planet
Steady State Sonder EP 7:12
Dub Dub
Tap Tap New Tones 2:39
Tap Tap New Tones 2:38
There Will Come A Day
G Spice There Will Come A Day 7:53
Free from Desire
G Spice Free from Desire 6:24
Andrea Glasskår 3:36
Giorgio Gigli Erosion EP 10:13
Iron Heart - Aurean Remix
Aneesh Gera Iron Heart - The Remixes 3:56
L'Imperfezione Della Vita
Elodie Un'Altra Vita 3:57
Pandamic Archer 4:14
We Are One
Argus Winter 8:38
The Time Before
Argus Pure Love, Pure Chill-Out, Vol. 1 7:27
I Believe In Magic
John Networq Son Of Merlin Vol. 2 3:21
This Road
James Blundell This Road 3:47
Meteor - Original Mix
Gizeh - Keith Carnal Remix
SLV Gizeh EP 6:50
Aotearoa - Organikismness Remix
Minuit Aotearoa (The Remixes) 5:40
Aotearoa - Funk'n'SloCuts Remix
Minuit Aotearoa (The Remixes) 6:22
Warten - Conrad Van Orton Remix
Héctor Oaks CRS//029 6:01
Howie Day Alternative Moments 4:07
Tears & Tantrums - Kbubs Remix
XYLØ Tears & Tantrums 3:39
Ylli E Hana
Genc Prelvukaj Ylli E Hana 3:36
Bryan Adams Anthology (set - UK) 4:03
Declaration of Silence - Addex Remix
Addex Declaration of Silence Remixes Part I 6:40
LIONT 100% 3:19
Change Of Heart - Original Mix
Analog Effect Midnight EP 6:46
Manu le coq
Niska Mr Sal 2:56
Saqmadeeq - Original Mix
Analog Effect Aspartaam EP 7:17
Bury a Friend
Kim! Bury a Friend 2:56
I'm A Liar
Justin Courtney Pierre In The Drink 4:27
Lil Pote Lil Pote 2:28
Lil Pote Lil Pote 2:09
Don't Dream
TOMC Yesternow Once Now 1:39
Summertime Sadness (Remix Version)
DJ Nation No. 1 Dance Anthems 2013 3:37
Chilli Heatwave
Mattik Lengerz, Vol. 3 4:08
Sound of Water - Mark Slee's Shinjuku Rain Dub
Mark Slee Sound of Water 6:31
Sound of Water - Original Mix
Petros Odin Sound of Water 7:34
Pour le plaisir (chanson thème)
Herbert Léonard Pour le plaisir 3:51
Fuzzy Reactor (with Michio Kurihara)
Boris The Limits of Control (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 3:42
Jumanji - Jack Essek Remix
Lemurian Luz Del Sol 8:26
Jarilo - Jack Essek Edit
Percival World Without End (Compiled by Serge Kraplya) 8:46
Miami Hustler
BVSSICS Winter Selection 2016 5:56
Dat Trump - Original Mix
Loutaa Dat Trump 3:30
Theory of You and Me (Backing Track)
Don Smith Nashville Tracks (The Sony Sessions) 3:09
Check This Out - Loutaa Remix
Hot Shit! Check This Out (Remixed) 6:07
Lost My Voice - German Version (Mixed)
Pierre Bucci WE ARE KATERMUKKE: Niconé (DJ Mix) 9:32
Deep Sax
Tonystar Deep Sax 4:26
Red Robin Metro Gold 9:28
Da dou ron ron
Les Petites Canailles Chantent Salut Les Copains 2:37
Piece of My Heart
Taryn Negro Blue 4:04
Let's Make A Night To Remember
Bryan Adams Anthology (set - UK) 6:19
The Hell - Original Mix
DJ AD!X Windigo 7:16
Babel - Espen Remix
Daniel Merlino Babel 7:28
Retrato Na Estante
Tom Freedom Fodamental 3:37
Another Side
Sasha G Velvet Side EP 8:00
Beyond Time - Dark Soul Project Remix
Kaanturker Far Waters, Vol. 5 7:44
Ultimate Love - Dark Soul Project Remix
Eryo Electric City, Vol. 4 10:55
KTRL Detached 3:05
Here We Are
Eric Carter Hits 3:05
Oriental Dreams - Nahuel Lucena Remix
Facundo Ignacio Oriental Dreams 6:04
Roter Tanzmusik 7:09
Bad Habits - Curses Remix
BDHBTS Bad Habits 8:00
Little Boy
murmurmur murmurmur 3:35
I Can't Stop Thinking About All The Time It's Taken From You
murmurmur murmurmur 4:50
Fabian Reichelt Circle 7:21
Constellations - X6Cta Remix
DJ Deep Noise Constellations 8:36
Lirinha O Labirinto e o Desmantelo 3:18
This Is Sparta! - Krazii Cal Remix
Dreum This Is Sparta 5:06
Kötünün İyisi
Aslı Hünel Rengarenk 3:25
Black Note
Floyd Lavine Watergate XV 7:49
Break Through
Gumz Beach Club del Mar, Vol. 8 - Café Chill House Playlist Compilation 2018 3:01
The Cut - Marc De Pulse Remix
Eating Snow Deep As Hell, Vol. 3 5:55
Back in Zantiago Live - Marc De Pulse Remix
Marc DePulse Back in Zantiago Live 7:08
Bohemian Groove
Temple Hedz Between Worlds 8:18
Ich wollte nie erwachsen sein (Nessajas Lied) - MTV Unplugged
Peter Maffay MTV Unplugged 4:42
MC Kajo Tää on vast alkuu 3:28
Intro - 190 bpm
MogliCore Moglice & Friends 6:11
Apartment Zero - Massimo Cassini Remix
Shaf Huse Total Zero 7:19
The Flow
Electronic Grind Progressive Textures 8:36
Gloomy Sunday
D.Miller Gloomy Sunday 6:58
Mr Pink
D.Miller Alliance 9:05
Hyper A
Nylon Union Sine Sine 4:08
SUNYOUL Ms. Ma, Nemesis Pt. 3 (Original Television Soundtrack) 3:34
Flower Instrumental
SUNYOUL Ms. Ma, Nemesis Pt. 3 (Original Television Soundtrack) 3:34
O Cinza
O Terno O Terno 3:24
Voice of Ella - Felipe Michan Remix
Nishan Lee Voice of Ella 8:36
iDeep - Felipe Michan Remix
Soulkeys iDeep 8:23
You Never - Felipe Michan Remix
Felipe Michan You Never 7:38
Lado Obscuro Lado Obscuro 4:10
Dia Após Dia
Lado Obscuro Lado Obscuro 3:56
Love Is Dark - Original Mix
Thomas Courribet Love Is Dark EP 11:12
In the Air 2 Night - Original
Derek Marin Redo Remake Remix EP 5:45
The End Of The Earth - So Get Up Full Vocal Mix
Derek Marin I Am The Operator 6:56
Some Will Seek Forgiveness Others Escape
Whisper Some Will Seek Forgiveness Others Escape 7:32
Kira Desu
Frawsty Kira Desu 3:40
MEIRLIN Horizon 4:27
Remember Me - Scott James Remix
Escadia Figura Trax, Vol. 30 7:24
Scott James Seduction 6:56
Higgins Detox / Rehab 7:26
Drop Off
Higgins Dear Higgins 3:59
De Dhakka
Ajay Gogavale Me Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy 7:25
Phosphene 02 - Bad_Mix Remix
Subismo Phosphenes 8:10
Marlenita - DkA's Acid Drumconstruction Remix
Fabrizio Marra Marlenita 6:53
Djedi Priceless 4:00
With You
Monti Music With You 3:22
Ready to Go - Yes I Am Remix
Monti Music Ready to Go (Yes I Am Remix) 3:08
Dirty Chai
Kermode Dirty Chai 4:50
Kermode Universe 3:48
I'll Save You
Matt U Mont I'll Save You 3:00
Tofiq (IE) Burn 6:15
JJensen JJensen - Sound Sampler, Vol. 1 3:16
Changed Me
iamCDM Changed Me 3:29
American Trash
Innerpartysystem Never Be Content EP 4:50
Vilan Trax Dance 5:16
Vilan Trax Drop 4:05
Taranteiro - Radio Mix
Doctor Keos Taranteiro (feat. Scream, Francesca Cittadino) 3:19
Don't Touch That Stereo - Tomorrowland Mix
Doctor Keos Don't Touch That Stereo (Tomorrowland Mix) 4:57
Perfect Wrath - Radio Edit
Abrupt Gear Perfect Wrath 3:33
In Common
Gina Brinn 2016 Club Hits, Vol. 5 3:32
S.S.Kumaran Poo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 5:25
Lirinha O Labirinto e o Desmantelo 3:08
Preeminent 2019
Nicho Foss Preeminent 2019 3:07
Muertito De La Pena
Recycled J Milagro 2:42
Recycled J Milagro 2:42
Sebas Ramos Mota 9:16
Schlaflied - Otz Remix
Liedfett Laufenlassen 3:24
Otz Tabloid / Coin Dub 4:35
Otz Percept 3:47
Otz Percept 3:46
Transformation - Extended Mix
Rudy Transformation 8:56
I'm Your Man
Holly Miranda I'm Your Man (Instant Love) 4:50
Transformation - Martin Roth Extended Remix
Rudy Transformation 9:58
Dark Past - Original Mix
Deep Calm No Need To Rush: Coffeeshop Anthems 7:11
Naked - Original Mix
Kai Anschau Naked 7:32
Black Walls
Kai Anschau Black Walls EP 6:34
Tioan Circulation 7:30
Get Money - Original Mix
Niko Freij First Year Of Welcome 6:14
Hagel - Imran Khan Remix - Mixed
Lads Visceral 072 Past Forward VI 6:07
Arabiata - Fire @ Desire Mix
Satin Sound System Nightflight Dubai...22 Premium Downbeat & Lounge Trax 6:02
Bad Girls - Schema Remix
Jay Cunning Bad Girls & Bad Man 'The Remixes' 4:12
Bullet Proof
The Goo Goo Dolls Dizzy up the Girl 4:37
Oblast Art Feast & Friends, Vol. 1 5:47
Oblast Compass 5:42
If I'm Wrong
King Zē Limited Presents: City Of Stars 4:21
Svona eru jólin
Björgvin Halldórsson Bestu jólalög Björgvins 3:10
Kill Em With Kindness
Megan Mills Hiking Fitness Hits 3:36
Ryan Wallace (UK) Talamanca 6:41
Blue Ruin (Wide Awake Remix)
Ren Phillips Blue Ruin (Remixes) 3:04
Death Dream
Witch of the Vale Changeling 4:25
Makelloser Look
MC Bomber Topstory Tape 2:39
Take Me Back - Hexlogic Remix
Alexander Turok Take Me Back (The Remixes) 5:31
Loslassen - Beatamines & David Jach Remix
Fabian Reichelt Loslassen (Beatamines & David Jach Remix) 8:20
Sara, sag was
Judith Holofernes Sara, sag was 3:38
Left Handed Books
Steve Cobby Café del Mar By Afterlife (Playlist Sampler) 7:52
3 Stains
Eclectic Inauguration 6:28
The Way Back
Roy Shakked Know Nothing 3:07
Fatih Evranos Heaven 7:56
Heaven - Niceshot & Armando Guerrero Remix
Fatih Evranos Heaven 6:47
Distractions - Original Mix
Anna Distractions 6:13
Roy Rosenfeld Meeting Point 7:18
Unique - Original Mix
Anna Unique 7:26
Stjärnan I Min Hand
Elise Ryd Raskasta Joulua IV 4:40
On the Road Again
EES On the Road Again 4:10
EES Sharp, Sharp! 4:05
Doneyck Like 6:48
Melodica - Rudy Crystal Remix
Joel Giannini Melodica 8:57
State Your Name - Remix
Essentials Crew Legends Of South London 8:01
We Are Together - CJ Peeton Radio Edit
Planet Of Sound We Are Together (CJ Peeton Remix) 3:14
Лица моих пацанов
Darom Dabro Лица моих пацанов 3:18
Rien ne va plus
Juleschka Rien ne va plus 5:59
Stronger - Kevin Sunray & Dimi Phaze Remix
Just Fine Best Of Electro 2015 8:00
Incredible - PMX Soundz Remix
Herrenschnitt Dark Forrest 7:20
Astro - Sascha Ciccopiedi Remix
Jorge Ciccioli Astro 8:32
What You Lookin' At
RageMD What You Lookin' At 3:08
Hater Get Ya Weight Up
Dutch Schultz Hater Get Ya Weight Up 3:01
The Barking Dogs Mamarracho / Linked In 6:09
Linked In
The Barking Dogs Mamarracho / Linked In 5:41
Pedro Bromfman Narcos - Deluxe Edition (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) 1:07
Mandingo (Feat. Joeflame) - AJFP Unda Mix
Aron Prince Mandingo 6:50
Emerald Eyes
Petyr Emerald Eyes/Wasted Soul 5:14
Pity City
Harry Judda This Ain't Bristol - More Selections 5:42
O Terno O Terno 4:10
Filtre-Me (feat. Céu)
Lirinha O Labirinto e o Desmantelo 3:46
Paskal Lux 4:29